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Former EaglePride Tigers

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Former EaglePride Tigers Empty Former EaglePride Tigers

Post  Witheredpelt on 4/6/2016, 6:48 pm

Former EaglePride Tigers QQsuglv

Hamsterclaw: Burnt orange male tiger. Hamsterclaw is a large, intimidating, and generally bad-tempered tiger. He has low self-esteem and struggles in social interactions with his fellow pridemates. He loves EaglePride dearly and would proudly die in battle in defense of it. He just struggles talking to other tigers. He hides behind his intimidating persona. He does have a soft spot for cubs though. (Male)
Eaglestar: A darker orange male tiger with a white chin. Eaglestar is extremely loyal to his pride, and puts his loyalty above all else. He loves to listen to the elders when they tell stories, and enjoys bringing fresh-kill to them. Deputy: Servaltail (Servalstar) (Male)
Stonecub: Dark orange male tiger. Parents are Eaglestar and Boafur, Littermate to Raggedcub, Smallcub, Shellcub, and Ripplecub. (Male)
Sunwind: Dark orange male tiger. Sunwind is a solemn tiger, never really playing and always working- some say that he has never even played as a cub. But of course, those are only rumors that are spread around behind his back. You know, gossip? (Male)


StarClan: Eaglewind
StarPride: Eaglestar
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