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Leaders of RavenClan

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Leaders of RavenClan Empty Leaders of RavenClan

Post  Minnowstar on 3/19/2016, 9:48 pm

Leaders of RavenClan FzQpmyi

Minnowstar: Jet black tom with pale yellow eyes. Minnowstar is a shadow. No, not his appearance, well, yes that, too, but his personality, his presence. Mate to Foxstorm. Lives Left: 3. (Tom)

Squirrelclaw: Dark ginger she-cat. Your average she-cat. a bit spacey, likes to play with kits and apprentices. somewhat close-minded when it comes to loners and rogues. Mate to Shadeclaw. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat(s):
Fuzzyfur: Black tom. Usually serious, and very loyal to the clan, but he can take a joke. Adores kits and young cats. Parents are Smallfur and Dustcloud, Littermate to Pinepaw, Thrushpaw, and Larkkit. (Tom)

Leaders of RavenClan Dy9Ba1j

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