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Elders of RavenClan

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Elders of RavenClan Empty Elders of RavenClan

Post  Minnowstar on 3/19/2016, 6:40 pm

Elders of RavenClan FzQpmyi

Longfeather: Light gray pelt with darker spots flecked all over. Longfeather can hold a grudge for a severely long time, but barely has the chance to do so, he forgives and forgets, though usually makes the offending-or-not subject pay with guilt for a while. He knows his place, and the aggressive, crisp side of him is more likely set on those he dislikes, while his intelligence is something he tries to grow with success. He hates to be new at something and to have one of equal importance of him explaining the unknown, for he much prefers to learn from listening than asking. (Tom)
Mousebelly: Small dusky brown she-cat. Mousebelly is easily exciteable, with lots of pizzazz. She loves to lance around and jump about, limbs flailing behind her. She has never thought twice about the fact that she's not clanborn, and takes life as it comes. (She-Cat)
Shadeclaw: Brown tabby tom with white paws. No one really has any idea of what goes on in Shadeclaw's head. He's a very quiet, shy cat, without the ability or the need to make friends. Mate to Squirrelclaw. (Tom)
Raintail: Thick-pelted chocolate brown tom with amber eyes, completely blind in one eye. He temporartily trained as a medicine cat before insisting that it was his path to be a warrior. (Tom)
Tinyflower: A very large, beautifully pelted cat; a long white undercoat makes her black overcoat look a lot lighter in places. She has large orange eyes set in a wide face, small ears topping the visage. Her paws are quite large, as well as her very long tail. Sharp claws hide in those paws, if they need to be used. Incredibly gentle, motherly and careful around sick cats. However she does have a strong centre, so if another cat is threatened or she is being argued with she can quite easily stick up for herself and put that cat in their place! Better suited to waiting for her prey than chasing after it, she has learnt to have a lot of patience. (She-Cat)
Silvercloud: Golden brown tabby tom. This cat is like superman, fighting for justice. All those bad kitties in the world, but what happened to the good ones? He's on a search to find those good little cats. Will all this, 'I'm superman!' stuff get to his head? Always trying be the best cat in the world. Some think that it's great, we'll have a loyal warrior in the clan, others think it's horrible, cats have to have some bad qualities! Some just think all of his hopes will just crumble. Hopefully they won't. With the love of his family at his side, he can do anything! Or can he... Mate to Brookheart. (Tom)
Mousetail: Tiny black tortoiseshell tom. Sometimes, if he was close enough to a lost cat, he will go into depression and distract himself for his duties for a bit. Mate to Snailpelt. (Tom)
Ashfire: Small pale brown tabby tom. A very kind and caring softie. He is shy and quiet, and is very sensitive. He can be rather pessimistic and upset a lot of the time. His voice is high pitched and spoken softly. Mate to Ravenstripe. (Tom)
Birchsight: Gray and white tom. Hmmph, like you could give this cat a personality, you'd be lucky if you get him to speak. He only speaks to those that he likes; a best friend or a crush. If you do get the chance to talk with him, he is very calm and quiet, hardly ever getting worked up over something. When he falls in love, he's head over heels. Overall, he's just a pretty quiet cat. Can you get him to speak up? Other than that he likes to play around and explore. Mate to Froststorm. (Tom)
Lemonpelt: Ginger and white tom. Very strict about the warrior code, friendly and caring. Parents are Ravenfire and Rosewind. Littermate to Sparkpoppy. (Tom)
Cottonstorm: Chocolate tabby she-cat. Energetic and playful, but with good leadership qualities. Cottonstorm is smaller and more wiry than most of her clanmates.  She loves to hunt for her Clan.  Parents are Ashfire and Ravenstripe, Littermate to Minkpaw, Rubypaw, and Coralfeather. (She-Cat)

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