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Former StonePride Tigers

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Former StonePride Tigers Empty Former StonePride Tigers

Post  Rockthistle on 2/20/2016, 8:01 pm

Former StonePride Tigers It2bC2o

Minnowcub: Orange male tiger. Parents are Stonestar and Kestrelfrost, Littermate to Spidercub, Swallowcub, Birchcub, and Mistcub. (Male)
Stonestar: Pale orange male tiger. Stonestar is easily thought of a tiger of few words which is definitely the truth. Deputy: Silentclaw (Silentstar) (Male)
Cinnamontail: Orange female tiger. You couldn't get a more bubbly, happy tiger. (Female)
Gentletail: Orange male tiger. He is a clever, curious, relaxed, and energetic tiger.  He loves to share tongues with others, and learn more about them. (Male)

Former StonePride Tigers Pbucket
StarClan: Hawkstar, Stonefoot
StarPride: Stonestar
CheetahClan: Rockthistle

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