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Former CrowPride Ocelots

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Former CrowPride Ocelots Empty Former CrowPride Ocelots

Post  Shellkit-SunClan on 12/10/2015, 6:11 pm

Former CrowPride Ocelots V9YbtEC

Shaletail: Golden male ocelot. In reality I am a blank slate. I can ever so easily, however, fake a personality just to get my way. I have learned to become a fake by testing it on various ocelots I knew. I can be the biggest sweetheart in the world and then in a heartbeat I can get nasty and dominant. (Male)
Twilighteye: Golden female ocelot. Twilighteye is rather dark and mysterious, but once you get to know her, she's quite witty, funny, and nice to be around. (Female)
Goldenwind: Golden male ocelot. A secretive heart is the key to this male. It's hard to tell what his opinions may be about anyone. Getting a simple reply out of him is even harder, honestly. (Male)
Spottedfur: Golden female ocelot. A secretive heart is the key to this ocelot. It's hard to tell what her opinions may be about anyone. Getting a simple reply out of her is even harder, honestly. (Female)
Crowstar:  Golden male ocelot. This ocelot is not afraid to stand up for himself or fight for his friends no matter how big his opponent may be. In other words, you could say that he was courageous. However, it would seem that he doesn't know how to back down from a fight without being pulled away from it by his pridemates or friends. Truth is, he does know how to, but he won't. Deputy: Ravenstorm (Ravenstar) (Male)
Russetwhisker: Golden female ocelot. I am very nervous and always twitching with anxiety, but I am a very good judge of character. Parents are Crowstar and Fallface, Littermate to Loudflight, Falconwing, Birdivy, Nightingalepaw, and Nightpaw. (Female)
Bronzefern: Golden female ocelot. She is an adventurous ocelot who takes risks. Bronzefern is very loyal. (Female)

Former CrowPride Ocelots Pbucket
StarClan: Crowfur
StarPride: Crowstar
SunClan: Shellkit


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