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Former ViperPride Cheetahs

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Former ViperPride Cheetahs Empty Former ViperPride Cheetahs

Post  Whitecub on 11/20/2015, 9:34 pm

Former ViperPride Cheetahs 3qXJjuu

Glowstripe: Golden male cheetah. Glowstripe is a bit of a show-off when he is around friends. (Male)
Strawberrywhisker: Golden male cheetah. Sweet, friendly, outgoing, helpful. (Male)
Viperstar: Golden male cheetah. He can be described as a gentle yet shy and anxious soul, however his heart is in the right place. Deputy: Rushtail (Rushstar) (Male)
Strawberryheart: Golden female cheetah. Strawberryheart is usually friendly cheetah who loves chatting and doing her best to get herself known with the rest of her pride, she understands when someone wants to left alone without them actually being told so. She usually calm with most things expect death and especially death of a loved one. She's loyal to both her pride and friends, but doesn't normally mingle outside of ViperPride. Strawberryheart is very gentle with younger cheetahs and cubs, trying her best not lose her temper with them when they become stubborn. (Female)

Former ViperPride Cheetahs Pbucket
StarClan: Viperfur
StarPride: Viperstar
StonePride: Whitecub


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