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Leaders of BrookClan

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Leaders of BrookClan Empty Leaders of BrookClan

Post  Wildstar on 9/23/2015, 4:21 pm

Leaders of BrookClan PJvciIU

Wildstar: Light brown tabby she-cat. Although quiet amongst those that she does not seem familiarized with, she can be very loving to those that share the peace of mind that she desires to live with. Lives Left: 1. (She-Cat)

Cometberry: White she-cat. Cometberry is quite jumpy and playful, but at times can be shy. She is more active in the night and is confident around those she knows well. She is often bullied by the older and larger cats. She has a bottomless appetite with energy to match. She is generally kind and compassionate, but can be a mischievous prankster. All around, she has an amazing personality. Mate to Minkleg. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat:
Foxwater: Gray and white she-cat. I like to have friends and lay out on days that are not too hot or too cold. I'm very playful and don't mind playing every once in a while. If i am given a task I will go and do that task to the best of my abilities. I try to make the cats in my clan laugh. (She-Cat)
Thunderpaw: Brown tabby she-cat. Thunderpaw has always been a rather shy and quiet she-cat. She would rather sit back and watch the things going on around her without having to be involved. This doesn't mean she wont jump into a fight to protect her clan. Parent is Stormswim, Littermate to Nutwing, Lizardflight, Tornadotail, Calmcloud, and Waveheart. Mentor is Foxwater. (She-Cat)

Leaders of BrookClan UHQsmmN

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