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Post  Mintstar on 3/14/2015, 3:29 pm

Leaders of SmokePride Pbucket

Mintstar: Pale orange male tiger. Mintstar is very kind toward all of the pride, though he can be too open to outsiders. He is soft-spoken and because of that, he feels often ignored. Lives Left: 2. (Male)

Redfur: Orange male tiger. He has a polite demeanor, but can be easily annoyed at times. He likes to help others but won't show it often. He is proud of his pride and will fight to defend it. He is very playful, and sometimes takes things to far. (Male)

Medicine Tiger(s):
Eclipsesong: Orange female tiger with dark stripes. Eclipsesong is a quiet tiger, so quiet many think she is mute until she speaks. She has a soft, warm voice that is very reassuring. (Female)
Emberstripe: Orange male tiger. Stubborn, judgmental, insensitive. Parents are Smokestar and Stormcloud, Littermate to Hazelear and Antfang. Mentor is Eclipsesong. (Male)


StarClan: Cardinalkit
SmokePride: Mintstar

Leaders of SmokePride Mintstar

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