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Post  Mintstar on 3/14/2015, 3:26 pm

Elders of SmokePride SmokePride

Orchidflower: Orange female tiger. Orchidflower is a very sweet tiger that loves to help others. She has always been the motherly type. (Female)
Swantail: Orange male tiger. Swantail is a gruff character. He's usually quiet and thoughtful, patient and loyal. He's got a quiet, commanding power to him, although he's willing to let others (that he see fit) to lead. He's not particularly ambitious, though won't say no to power. He can be quite blunt and rude at times. (Male)
Foxfur: Orange female tiger.  She has a polite demeanor, but can be easily annoyed at times. She likes to help others but wont show it often. She is proud of her pride and will fight to defend it. She is very playful, and sometimes takes things to far. (Female)
Steamtail: Orange male tiger. This is one cocky tiger. He's very bold and seems to not have any regards for limitations or sometimes even rules. While he has perfect control over his limbs and body, his tongue is another story. He will say the first thing that pops into his head and usually back it. He's quick to sarcasm and is very daring. He's social and friendly. (Male)
Jasminefur: Orange male tiger. First and foremost, Jasminefur is a free spirit who doesn't like to be contained. If he is, he makes his unhappiness known by lashing out. Although a peaceful tiger at heart, he will use his claws if need be. Second, Jasminefur is a heartbreaker. (Male)


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