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Leaders of LightningPride

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Leaders of LightningPride Empty Leaders of LightningPride

Post  Lightningstar on 3/12/2015, 12:29 pm

Leaders of LightningPride Pbucket

Lightningstar: Golden male cheetah. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Lives Left: 1. (Male)

Flickertail: Golden male cheetah. Ruthless and angry. That's all he seems to be. In the midst of a battle, he won't have mercy for his opponent, and most likely wouldn't stop fighting until the opponent is dead, or he is satisfied with the damage he has done to them. Along with this, he is rather rude, throwing insults as he pleases, no matter who they are directed to. (Male)

Medicine Cheetah(s):
Robinpelt: Golden female cheetah. I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything, but I would never intentionally hurt another without a reason. (Female)
Hotblossom: Golden female cheetah. I am always blabbing and cannot keep a secret, but I never tell a lie. Mentor is Robinpelt. (Female)


StarClan: Bluekit, Lightningclaw
LightningPride: Lightningstar

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