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Former SmokePride Tigers

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Former SmokePride Tigers Empty Former SmokePride Tigers

Post  Wolfboulder on 3/5/2015, 5:12 pm

Former SmokePride Tigers Pbucket

Smokestar: Bright orange male tiger. Smokestar has a very varied temper. Most of time he is a quiet tiger who is willing to lay down his life for any of his pridemates. He prefers to listen to other's problems than to talk about his own. For the other 25% of his life, Smokestar is vicious. His claws leaving marks on other pelts. Deputy: Mintclaw (Mintstar) (Male)
Raincub: Orange female tiger. Parents are Mintstar and Lightningtail, Littermate to Jaggedcub, Windcub, Fallingcub, Firconecub, and Distantcub. (Female)
Brightpelt: Orange male tiger. His strengths are good at swimming, fighting in heavily forested areas, and is a really fast runner. (Male)
Robinclaw: Orange male tiger. Robinclaw is a gruff character. He's usually quiet and thoughtful, patient and loyal. He's got a quiet, commanding power to him, although he's willing to let others (that he sees fit) to lead. (Male)
Blackwhisker: Orange male tiger. Blackwhisker is a hotheaded one. He is able to react with stunning quickness at any horrible comment or insult. He spits things back at them that are so filled with fury, you'd think they murdered someone and he is trying to get revenge. (Male)
Hazelear: Orange female tiger. The one word used to describe Hazelear would most likely be mature. She is formal and serious in a beautiful way, with a natural elegance. She handles all matters evenly and calmly; it would take much to truly disturb her. The problem with Hazelear would be her lack of empathy; she thinks for herself and although she cares deeply about her pride, she feels that she's on a different level than her pridemates. Perhaps she is self-absorbed, perhaps it is simply beyond her abilities to perceive the emotions of others. Either way, the tiger is intelligent and loyal; both traits of a good warrior. Parents are Smokestar and Stormcloud, Littermate to Antfang and Emberpaw. (Female)
Russetfur: Orange male tiger. Russetfur is a very energetic tiger but he likes to hide it. He is always trying to impress, so he shows his calm side. However, he doesn't hold back when it comes to defending his pride as he is very confident and bold. (Male)
Redclaw: Orange male tiger. Redclaw is an intermediate runner, he loves running and desires to become faster than a cheetah, which he can't. (Male)
Redfur: Orange male tiger. He has a polite demeanor, but can be easily annoyed at times. He likes to help others but won't show it often. He is proud of his pride and will fight to defend it. He is very playful, and sometimes takes things to far. (Male)

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