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Former BlizzardClan Cats

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Former BlizzardClan Cats Empty Former BlizzardClan Cats

Post  Blizzardstar on 8/14/2014, 5:56 pm

Former BlizzardClan Cats LeiRjr0

Lilyleg: Long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly. He is innocent and vulnerable.  He hasn't been exposed to the knowledge of an "enemy" yet.  Lilyleg has a strong mind and looks can be deceiving.  He may be innocent and vulnerable, but she is adventurous and brave. (Tom)
Tigernose: Cream tom. Tigernose has a very murderous personality. He is unknown to others, always on the hunt to cause some trouble and by trouble he means killing. This cat isn't the kind to be giving mercy, heck he could be killing a kit and he wouldn't give a rat's tail! Tigernose is also very short-tempered and tends to challenge anyone that gets in his way. (Tom)
Whisperfall: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Whisperfall has a somewhat rocky relationship with her clanmates; she's not exactly the most trusting cat, for the last thing she'll do is trust you wholeheartedly. Of course, not until you've proven yourself to her. (She-Cat)
Hareclaw: Dark brown tabby tom. Hareclaw is a bit rough around the edges and is practical for the most part. His temper can easily flare if he's in a mood, but usually he is calm and quiet, watching everything around him and seldom holding his tongue when he doesn't like what he sees. Mate to Larktail. (Tom)
Sagelight: Pale gray she-cat. Sagelight enjoys spending time with her friends. She also likes the warmth of the sunlight on her back, and most of all, the company of her clan. Parent is Wrencloud, Littermate to Petalwing. (She-Cat)
Aquafur: Golden brown tabby tom. Aquafur is a cat that enjoys attention, and specially loves to be praised, and because of this, he does his best to impress older peers of his that he has respect for. Mate to Applepool. (Tom)


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