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Post  Flowerpup on 5/26/2014, 5:06 pm

Former AirClan Cats YNl5YU5

Rosefur: Small dusky brown she-cat. Rosefur is an outgoing cat that is always willing to share. She is very friendly and tries to never be rude. Sometimes Rosefur can be a bit snappy with younger cats and get annoyed easily. The calm she-cat always does the best for her clan and doesn't care about the cost. Rosefur never expects to receive stuff in return when she does a good deed. (She-Cat)
Stalliontail: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Stalliontail may seem like an innocent prissy princess on the outside, but that will get you a hard clout over the head with unsheathed claws if you ever say that to her face. She is quite independent and quiet, but has a bit of a temper if pushed. Stalliontail despises authority that she does not trust [ which is most ] and will most likely do the opposite just to irritate them. Stalliontail is a solitary cat and dislikes large amounts of cats and attention-seekers. She sometimes may have bouts of seemingly illogical anger. But, Stalliontail "cracks" under too much stress and releases that stress through her bouts of anger, she strikes out at everything nearby, injuring anyone whether she wants to or not. (She-Cat)
Sandfall: Bright ginger tom. Typical of any decent Clan cat, Sandfall is very loyal. Though that trait does not sum him up. He has one fear that he cannot control, fire. (Tom)
Brackentail: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Brackentail is a calm she-cat who is forgiving to most mistakes. She is very loyal to her clan but sometimes will go against the leader's word at times, although she does this it rarely occurs. The she-cat is passive and charming although she doesn't seem to be in a hurry to be leader. She is quiet at times but she isn't shy in any matter, she is not afraid to speak up for what she thinks or believes. When Brackentail gets irritated or very angry her voice is like a boom of thunder and her eyes are the striking lightning. (She-Cat)
Echostripe: Long-haired gray tom.  Echostripe seems very shy at first, rarely talking but as he becomes closer to his clanmates he opens up. He is never afraid to break rules as long as it doesn't put his clan in danger. The quiet tom always puts his clan first, even if it means giving his own life up. Echostripe can be very stubborn, never changing his opinion, despite the actions of the cats around him. Mate to Lilypelt. (Tom)
Olivepaw: Black and gray tabby tom. Spoiled, vulgar, rude, angry, whiny, arrogant, vulgar, stuck-up. Parents are Silentstripe and Duskfoot, Littermate to Sneezepaw, Mallowpaw, Stripepaw, and Copperpaw. Mentor is Bluewind. (Tom)
Airstar: Red-brown she-cat. Airstar is a kind and gentle she-cat, although she can be stern at times. She can be very flirty and loves the idea of falling in love and having kits. Deputy: Rubycloud (Rubystar) (She-Cat)
Duskfoot: Pale ginger she-cat. I am rude, and I suppose if I am going to be honest about everything I tend to think I'm better then everybody else and pfft I know I'm prettier so don't even get me started on that. Mate to Silentstripe. (She-Cat)

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