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Leaders of TalonClan

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Leaders of TalonClan Empty Leaders of TalonClan

Post  Mangostar on 5/25/2014, 9:33 pm

Leaders of TalonClan NNNfU1t

Mangostar: Long-haired white tom. He always wants to appear to be fierce and strong at first sight. However, if you really get to know him, you see his fun and sensitive side. He is very bold at most times. Since he has that secret soft part, he is very protective. Mate to Shadestorm. Lives Left: 1. (Tom)

Silverfall: Light brown tabby tom. Silverfall is a soft, gentle cat, with enough compassion for a whole Clan. He tends to give in most of the time, but don't think he's a pushover. He'll stand up for what's right in his opinion. Silverfall is also very sensitive to comments about himself. When he hears anything insulting to himself, he'll come to you and give you a scolding, which given his ability and wisdom, can make you scared. Mate to Hilltail. (Tom)

Medicine Cat:
Silverfeather: Gray tabby tom. Happy and jolly most of the time. He likes to play and hunt with his companions. (Tom)
Brackenfall: Pale brown tom. This cat can only be described by having a...big personality. He is very loud and bossy, not to mention aggressive when the time calls for it. Parent is Gingercloud, Littermate to Muddyfur. Mentor is Silverfeather. (Tom)

Leaders of TalonClan HRiwb4C

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