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Apprentices of BlizzardClan

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Apprentices of BlizzardClan Empty Apprentices of BlizzardClan

Post  Blizzardstar on 2/24/2014, 11:03 am

Apprentices of BlizzardClan LeiRjr0

Specklepaw: White tabby she-cat. Calm and collected. She only lashes out when she is cornered, and the only way out is to fight. Parents are Coppertail and Sparkwing, Littermate to Swiftpaw, Snowpaw, and Sagepaw. Mentor is Grassthorn. (She-Cat)
Swiftpaw: White tabby tom. While not truly the "silent" type, Swiftpaw finds himself very reserved with his words and would rather save the sanctity of silence than pollute the air with his snarky remarks. Because if Swiftpaw is found by another individual or another conversation then you just know there are a long list of snarky remarks lined up in their mind, but all that is visible on the surface is the snide look and unimpressed expression that merely suggests a judgmental mind. It does not discriminate, it is unconditional; family and friends are not immune the snark, no matter how much Swiftpaw loves them. Parents are Coppertail and Sparkwing, Littermate to Specklepaw, Snowpaw, and Sagepaw. Mentor is Wildfall. (Tom)
Snowpaw: White she-cat. Snowpaw typically has a very good grip on her emotions, very very rarely ever having anything that could be considered an emotional outburst. Snowpaw's only flaw in this aspect perhaps has to be her lack of control on her self-disappointment. Others could literally step all over Snowpaw's body and the cat could keep a stony expression, if Snowpaw has messed up for the fifth time this day then god save your soul. This anger and aggression is never directed elsewhere then herself, but property could easily be destroyed if kept too close to the cat. The red anger of Snowpaw matches and rivals the passion that Snowpaw radiates. Parents are Coppertail and Sparkwing, Littermate to Specklepaw, Swiftpaw, and Sagepaw. Mentor is Clearstorm. (She-Cat)
Sagepaw: White tom. Diligent, empathetic, passionate, warm-hearted. Parents are Coppertail and Sparkwing, Littermate to Specklepaw, Swiftpaw, and Snowpaw. Mentor is Tawnycloud. (Tom)


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