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Former BreezeClan Cats

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Former BreezeClan Cats Empty Former BreezeClan Cats

Post  Moonkit-SnakeClan on 10/7/2013, 11:44 am

Former BreezeClan Cats Z9FaEzQ

Breezestar: Slender orange tom with white paws. Breezestar is charming with his clanmates, but can be brutal and unforgiving with other clan cats. He follows the warrior code and is quite wise. Mate to Mudsun. Deputy: Seabreeze (Seastar) (Tom)
Shadeleap: Brown tabby tom. Shadeleap is a kind-hearted tom that only cares about others. Mate to Bluemoon. (Tom)
Seastar: Silver-gray she-cat. Overall, Seastar is an upbeat and personable she-cat. She does her best to serve her clan by any means necessary: caring for kits, hunting patrols, border patrols, training apprentices (even if she'd rather adventure on her own).  She also likes to balance her free time between personal time and time with others -- sometimes she likes to enjoy warm days in the summer with friends, other days she needs quiet reflection in the woods, alone. However, Seastar tends to over think most aspects of her life and can end up ruining relationships that way. She doesn't like to sit still, she likes to get up and go go go! She is not a leader, she is definitely a follower. Deputy: Violetpoppy (Violetstar) (She-Cat)
Tawnyeye: Black and white tom. Tawnyeye isn't easily vexed, unlike the majority of cats. As far as temperament goes, he comes across as diffident, and yes, shy. He has a proclivity of growing far too attached to one individual, and allows his heart to be trampled too conveniently. He is exceedingly compassionate, and though he is a cat of little words, enjoys having someone to divert him. Parents are Lilaclightning and Sunsetriver, Littermate to Spiderfeather. Mate to Blueheart. (Tom)


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