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Former SunClan Cats

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Post  Doefur on 8/5/2013, 2:58 pm

Former SunClan Cats D15QkLB

Hillfoot: Gray she-cat. Hillfoot is a gentle, caring she-cat. She has the uncanny knack of seeing the good side of anyone she meets. (She-Cat)
Dewfeather: Dark gray tom. Dewfeather is a very sweet tom that will always be there for anyone. He is loyal to SunClan and doesn't care what others think about it. Dewfeather is a shoulder to lean on when anyone is feeling depressed. Dewfeather will keep his head high and ignore any retort thrown at him and can always keep a secret. One thing about him many know is that he is passionate. Once he becomes passionate about something, there's no stopping him. (Tom)
Sunstar: Brown tabby tom. Let's begin with the fact that he is funny, clever and creative. The three sides that mostly describe him the best. At some point he is still kit-like, although works harder, and is much braver and more loyal. Mate to Whispertail. Deputy: Gingerpelt (Gingerstar) (Tom)
Ebonytail: Very pale gray and white tom. Ebonytail is a gentle, nurturing tom. He is loyal to his Clan, and his friends. He does not consider himself to be overly good-looking, or at all attractive. He is satisfied by the smallest things, and finds beauty in everything, and everyone, no matter their simplicity or complexity. Mate to Poppywhisker. (Tom)
Gingerstar: Black tom. Gingerstar is kind, and thoughtful, and generally stays out of trouble. He instantly dedicates himself to any task given to him, and can generally focus on his work. Not much phases him, except for water and fire. Mate to Raincloud. Deputy: Moonclaw. (Moonstar) (Tom)
Dreamflight: Silver and black tabby tom. Dreamflight is rather stubborn. He likes having things go his way, and is not at all soft-spoken. He speaks his mind quite easily and doesn't mind at all if others feel a different way. Other's options don't really matter to him - as he is always right, and doesn't mind telling cats so. He can be rather arrogant, and sassy yet it is also one of his many flaws, and charms. Dreamflight doesn't take well to newcomers yet he strangely makes friends very easily. Those who know Dreamflight best, say he is quite funny, charming, and outgoing, and can be shy around someone he likes where his charm doesn't quite work. In other words, Dreamflight is mysterious and can be a bit two faced, unless you stay on his good--or bad-- side, where you will see the good, or bad in him. Parents are Gingerstar and Raincloud. (Tom)
Mushroomfeather: Dark brown tabby tom. Mushroomfeather is very sly and witty, complete with a very sharp tongue and a large vocabulary. Parents are Sunstar and Whispertail, Littermate to Boneclaw. Mate to Redtail. (Tom)
Moonstar: Gray and white she-cat. She doesn't usually pick fights with other cats. She has a very short temper. Moonstar may sometimes lash out for no reason. She does enjoy a good battle. She has always been very fond of eating mice. But, for some reason, she absolutely LOVES water. Deputy: Sandytail (Sandystar) (She-Cat)
Amberfur: Ginger tom with white paws. He's a faithful, selfless tom who seldom breaks promise, always going out of his  way to make others happy, even if it doesn't end well for him. He enjoys feeling free, walking through the forest as he stalks prey, feeling the earth pass under his pads. He is very difficult to anger, usually keeping calm and focused. But be warned, if he gets angered, you best stay out of his way, for he will get his revenge. He doesn't enjoy the limelight that long, but doesn't mind the occasional fifteen-minutes-of-fame. He puts the Clan high above anything else, always thinking of whats best. He sticks to the Warrior code strictly, not letting it bend or break for any reason. He places loyalty to your Clan as the best trait any cat could have. Mate to Robinstrike. (Tom)


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