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Former SnakeClan Cats

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Former SnakeClan Cats Empty Former SnakeClan Cats

Post  Nettlekit-MistClan on 10/17/2010, 8:48 pm

Former SnakeClan Cats ChJ9Tm8

Snakestar: Large white and gray tom with a bobtail. Snakestar was a bit of a loner, choosing his clan's place in a less than desirable territory from the other clans. Other founders thought it was odd that a cat with so much white on him would be willing to get dirty. Deputies: Darksong, Lilyfur, Goldensky, and Blizzardhail (Blizzardstar). (Tom)
Stormcloud: Thick-pelted gray tom, formally of RavenClan. Was traded between the clans to cement a peace treaty, killed only a pawful of moons afterward when a war broke out between both clans. (Tom)
Blizzardstar: Tall and elegant white she-cat with bi-colored eyes. A strategist, ferociously independent cat, bold in battle. Lost her last life in a battle she started with the other clans. Deputies: Spidertail and Ivyfur (Ivystar). (She-Cat)
Midnightfur: Small black tom. Selfles, caring, desperate to help his Clanmates with any problem. Weakened himself by working tirelessly. Realized that rats from the dump were a source of infection. Died from a rat-borne illness. (Tom)
Ivystar: White and gray tom. Proud and cunning, failed to see the treachery in his own clan before it was too late. Defeated many rats that came out of the twoleg dump and into his territory. Deputies: Fireblaze, Copperclaw, and Riversong (Riverstar). (Tom)
Deathclaw: Black tom. Nervous and quiet. Lived long enough to retire and become an elder. (Tom)
Riverstar: Pale gray tabby tom. Cold, ambitious, heartless, murderous, and cruel. Killed the previous leader, Ivystar. Weakened clan by focusing is energies on war, apprenticing kits too early, and forcing Clan to eat crow-food instead of fresh-kill. Deputy: Bluehawk (Bluestar). (Tom)
Mintstorm: Gray tom. Compassionate and devoted to his calling. Close friends with a LionClan medicine cat, after his life was saved by them. (Tom)
Bluestar: Light brown tabby tom. Brave, yet frail in battle. Died from sickness not long after being made leader. Deputy: Dawnbreeze (Dawnstar). (Tom)
Tanglepelt: Multi-colored she-cat. Tanglepelt had a terrible temper, short with every cat except for her own apprentice. Broke one of the key rules to being a medicine cat and will go down in history for it. Retired as an elder, but still fought in the battle with ClawClan, where she was killed. (She-Cat)
Dawnstar: White and pale ginger tom. Ambitious, crafty, charismatic, and a brilliant fighter. Exiled by birth clan after an attempt on their leader's life. Allied SnakeClan with RavenClan, costing many cats their lives. Eventually killed by the twoleg place cats when trying to extend his territory there. Deputy: Thunderfur (Thunderstar). (Tom)
Thunderstar: Muscular ginger tom. Arrogant and defensive towards the other clans, never trusting. Deputy: Spottedpelt (Spottedstar). (Tom)
Spottedstar: Dark black tom with hidden spots through his pelt. Not a trusting cat of many others, amazingly took a she-cat from LionClan as his mate. Only allowed dark-pelted cats to go to the Gathering, as he wanted the element of surprise in battle. Deputies: Brighttalon, Leopardnose, Icebreath, and Hawkclaw (Hawkstar). (Tom)
Hawkstar: He is very kind to his friends and family, and he will challenge just about anything that he sees as a threat to them. It takes awhile for him to warm up to another cat, and he is very shy in the beginning. But once you get to know him and he starts to trust you, Hawkstar will be very nice. Deputy: Poppyfox (Poppystar) (Tom)
Sageflower: Tortie she-cat with green eyes. Sageflower is a very level-headed medicine cat. Her memory is fantastic, and she's always trying to push herself to her limits. She's adapted some of her former mentor's sass, but usually reserves it to close members of the clan. (She-Cat)
Smudgecloud: Sandy brown she-cat, darker brown flecks throughout her pelt. Although pretty she is extremely smart and quirky. But on the downside she is very clumsy. Her size makes her an easy target and she is very easy to upset. If Smudgecloud is made angry I suggest you move out of the way as she will viciously attack when angry, but this hardly ever happens. She loves climbing trees and her curious spirit is what gets her into trouble. Mate to Bronzeflower. (She-Cat)
Snoweyes: Pure white tom. He can be extremely cranky but is usually sweet and kind. He loves to sit outside the medicine cat den inhaling the sweet sent of herbs. Parent is Whitetail, Littermate to Icesong, Littlesoul, and Kinkpelt. (Tom)
Volestar: Thick-pelted dark brown tabby she-cat. Volestar is a, quite simply, a peaceful cat, who never seems to be in a bad, negative, what have you mood. It takes a lot to get her upset, and even when she is, she settles things by firm, honest words. Deputy: Fallowstorm (Fallowstar) (She-Cat)
Coalkit: Black tom. Coalkit tries his best to what he is asked. He is very sweet and loving. He is sometimes skittish of she-cats but he will try his best. He is actually really easy to get along with. But if he is mad he'll rub it off quickly. If he is mad Coalkit looks intimidating but don't fall for it. He's not actually that mean. He is also one to take things seriously. Parents are Cherryleg and Heavyflight, Littermate to Brindlekit, Blackkit, Palekit, Flamekit, and Fogkit. (Tom)
Palepaw: White and orange spotted tom. Oh, darlings, you've stumbled upon a cat truly interesting, though you might not think so yet, I beg you to keep reading. So you could try and sum up Palepaw as a bad-ass, but of course that's not all he is. Palepaw is your stereotypical bad-boy love interest. He is charming, with wit, sarcasm, and jokes he loves to wrap the she-cats around his paw with. He is alluring with his sly glances and soulful eyes that tell more of a tale than his words. Parents are Cherryleg and Heavyflight, Littermate to Brindlepaw, Blackpaw, Coalkit, Flamepaw, and Fogpaw. (Tom)
Lighteyes: A soft faced, dainty ginger she-cat with blue eyes. She has longer hair like her mom. Lighteyes is a priss. A total brat when it comes to doing "hard" work and would much rather sit and clean her pelt, making sure its perfect. She has her father, Crookedpelt wrapped around her little paw, and intends to keep it that way. She loves her clan, but mostly because she likes them to work for her and not do it herself. Parent is Crookedpelt. Sibling to Foxnose, Pearlfur, and Spottedtail. (She-cat)
Breezekit: Black tom. Breezekit has a mixed personality, however, his dominant personality is much different. He is a cat that doesn't really care about anything. He tends to show a lack of concern for anything that matters, and he just takes things as they come. Nothing is ever big, and nothing is ever small, its just nothing. Parents are Runningpelt and Flameface, Littermate to Berrykit, Lionkit, Reedkit, Snowkit, and Islandkit. (Tom)
Fallowstar: Sandy-brown tabby she-cat. Fallowstar is sarcastic and witty. She is a rather calm cat, who enjoys a good discussion. She's not one to pick a fight, she avoids the violent side of things, preferring instead to work things out through words, which she seems to be good at. She's a kind cat when she's not being overly sarcastic. Deputy: Pineflower (Pinestar) (She-Cat)
Islandkit: Silver spotted tabby tom. Islandkit looks like a better warrior than he really is. He does love being a warrior and protecting his clan, but he is shy and afraid of battles sometimes. Islandkit is very gentle and caring about life. He loves the nature and his clanmates. He wants to protect them all and keep them from danger. Parents are Runningpelt and Flameface, Littermate to Berrykit, Lionkit, Breezekit, Reedkit, and Snowkit. (Tom)
Pouncekit: Ginger and white tom. Easily annoyed with other cats his age, but loves learn and observe. He can learn the "tricks of the trade" easily because of his observant nature, but he has a quick temper. Parents are Tornwhisker and Mosswing, Littermate to Pebblekit, Mallowkit, and Sneezekit. (Tom)
Pinestar: Short pelted golden she-cat with green eyes and a bright pink nose. Pinestar is sometimes nice, sometimes mean. It's hard to tell. Her moods vary from time to time, and may vary as quickly as one hour to as much as a moon. Pinestar shields her emotions from every cat, even her mother and father. She does not enjoy hunting with other cats, or patrolling with any cat. Basically, she enjoys to be alone most of the time. Pinestar does not have any friends at all, so she is a very lonely cat at heart. Pinestar wants to be nice, but she can't enjoy other cats enough to be nice to them, so she in turn, becomes mean. Parents are Sorreltail and Goldenflame, Littermates to Aspencloud, Flashfire, Coalwhisker and Addertooth. Deputy: Brindleface (Brindlestar) (She-Cat)
Cardinalkit: Cream tabby tom. The young tom posses a rather mixed personality. When it comes to confrontation, he hates to make a fuss of anything. Whether its in battle or of personal matters, he can never bring himself to initiate anything. Despite this major flaw, though, he is surrounded by friends, always the life of a party and able to make a cat laugh. If you ever get on his good side, he'll never betray you, always watching out for his friends no matter what. It would take a major act of hatred towards him to make him truly break his loyalty. Parents are Crookedpelt and Bumbletail, Littermate to Twilightkit, Raccoonkit, Burningkit, Jaggedkit, and Eclipsekit. (Tom)
Brindlestar: Gray tabby tom. He loves making friends and doesn’t mind talking to other cats. He often does what he believes is right thing to do even if they are not the best way or if they are against the warrior code. He tries to stick to the code but he doesn’t mind breaking it either if he feels it’s the right thing to do. Parent is Snakepelt, Littermate to Blueshine, Runningheart, and Willowspring. Mate to Pearlfur. Deputy: Mousestep (Mousestar) (Tom)
Lakefur: Long-haired gray and white tom. Lakefur is generally friendly towards other cats. He rarely gets into fights with cats in his clan and is an excellent swimmer. His hunting skills are above average as well but not as good his fighting skills. He is very agile and can move through things quickly. Parents are Birdblaze and Blossomclaw, Littermate to Owlface, Piketail, Shimmerwhisker, Softflower, and Beetlepaw. (Tom)
Toadheart: Light ginger tabby tom. To put it simply, Toadheart is a very proud cat. He dislikes showing extreme emotions, though sometimes he can't help it. Mate to Sorrelpelt. (Tom)
Berrystripe: Cream tom. Berrystripe is carefree and easygoing when with clanmates. But in the face of danger, he becomes a vicious fighting machine, bent on destryoing the enemy, which is not always the common enemy. Usually, it is the enemy who has hurt him or a friend the most. He's generally calm and serene, rarley upset by anything, but when he does get upset, it's in a fierce storm of agony and pain. Mate to Briarflower. (Tom)
Longstreak: Pale brown tabby tom. Longstreak gets along well with most cats and has a good sense of humor, but knows when it’s time to get serious. Longstreak is very afraid of thunderpath. Parent is Birchtail, Littermate to Tigerkit and Mousestar. Mate to Littlesoul. (Tom)
Swirlstripe: A swirled gray and white tabby she-cat. Swirlstripe thinks most cats underneath her are just that, underneath her and not worth her attention. They can never be as good a warrior as she is, facts are facts. Mate to Blackfire. (She-Cat)
Sootfeather: Light gray tom. Sootfeather is very talkative. He usually goes on for what feels like moons for who he's talking to. Most of the time, others must to stop him in order to get a single word in, but he knows when it's time to be quiet and get serious. Whenever the Leader is about to address the clan, he's usually the first to notice. Parent is Snakeclaw, Littermate to Rainwhisker. Mate to Whitetail. (Tom)
Mousestar: Dusky brown she-cat. Mousestar is a playful cat who prefers to tell jokes and play the occasional prank rather than to fight. Parent is Birchtail, Littermate to Tigerkit and Longstreak. Deputy: Brightwhisker. (Brightstar) (She-Cat)
Smudgekit: Black and white tom. He is loud and talkative. He always finds something to say and he can never seem to be quiet. He is rebellious and he will do what he likes, even if he is told not to. He always seems to get into some kind of trouble, but he is good at getting out of it. He is very sweet though, and he is very caring. He will help others, even if it costs him his life. He is a great liar, but she only lies if he has to. Parents are Brindlestar and Pearlfur, Littermate to Barleykit, Owlkit, Silverkit, and Sunkit. (Tom)


StarClan: Snakestar, Brokenshadow
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