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Former RavenClan Cats

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Former RavenClan Cats Empty Former RavenClan Cats

Post  Cloudkit-RavenClan on 10/17/2010, 6:54 pm

Former RavenClan Cats FzQpmyi

Ravenstar: Jet black tom with pale blue eyes. Felt himself to be smarter than the other founders, teaching his cats how to have several supplies of fresh-kill, no matter what the season. Deputies: Silentrain, Blackfur, Bluegaze, and Flashpelt (Flashstar). (Tom)
Owlheart: Delicate tortoiseshell she-cat. Brave, reckless, quick to act. Saw being a medicine cat as a different type of warior, fighting the invisible enemies of sickness and injury on behalf of her clanmates. Saved an entire litter of kits after the nursery was washed away by a flood. (She-Cat)
Flashstar: Bright ginger tabby tom. Generous and warm-hearted with his own Clan, uninterested in the troubles of other Clans. Would've skipped gatherings if he thought he could get away with it. Deputies: Whitesong and Sunlight (Sunstar). (Tom)
Burdockberry: Pretty white she-cat with black spotted fur. Charming, quick-thinking, and good at getting her own way, Flashstar would do anything she asked. Cautious about interpreting StarClan's omens. Came up with a clever way to hide medicineal herbs in fresh-kill so sick kits would eat them. (She-Cat)
Sunstar: Very small ginger tabby tom. Determined, strong, and willing to bend the rules for safety of his Clan. Guided Clan through terrible leaf-bare and flood. Accepted help from LionClan warriosr to save Clan from starving. Offered sheltered to LionClan when fire drove them from their home. Deputy: Scarsun (Scarstar). (Tom)
Fogfur: Long-haired light brown tom. Patient, intelligent, and straightforward. (Tom)
Scarstar: Black and brown tabby she-cat. Proud, hostile and fierce. Singled-minded about what is best for RavenClan. Showed bad judgement in aligning RavenClan with SnakeClan for a time. Deputies: Icefire, Lilystripe, and Thornstrike (Thornstar). (She-Cat)
Thornstar: Small cream tom with fluffed fur. Often not noticed, Thornstar vowed he would lead his clan into the glory days, when they could rule the forest, in a fair and even way. Very ashamed of his son, who followed in his pawsteps to become leader, but not to continue the peace. Deputy: Wildtail (Wildstar). (Tom)
Swiftwing: Light brown tabby she-cat. Daughter of Thornstar, one of the most loved leaders of all time, and sister to Wildstar, one of the most murderous. Always struggled with her place in clan life, yet her faith never faltered. (She-Cat)
Wildstar: Thick-pelted cream and white tom. Vicious, tales of this tom are told to kits to keep them well-behaved. He once again aligned SnakeClan and RavenClan, only to be furious when SnakeClan pulled out. Caused the death of many cats, including his own brother, Brambletiger. Deputies: Willowbreeze, Waspwhisker, and Fuzzypelt (Fuzzystar). (Tom)
Fuzzystar: Thick-pelted pale cream tom with darker points. Fuzzystar desperately tried to free his clan from his older brother who had managed to give them all a bad reputation. Was eventually killed by a cougar. Deputy: Scorchsky (Scorchstar). (Tom)
Scorchstar: Flame-colored tabby tom with blue eyes. One cat who was finally able to break free of the treachery that Wildstar had created for the clan. Helped to fight against ClawClan, but was eventually killed by Echo. Deputy: Duststorm (Duststar). (Tom)
Rosewind: Red tabby she cat with eyes some color between yellow and green. Fluffy, which you would think would make it harder for her to swim, but the water just rolls right off. Definitely not the nicest cat you’ll ever meet. She has a short fuse, and it’s easily lit. Her claws are thorn sharp, and she’s not afraid to use them. Just, don’t say anything that would insult her, or anyone she loves. She’s such an excellent swimmer, that she can catch fish while swimming. Though she doesn’t brag, she’s proud of her fishing abilities. Mate to Ravenfire. (She-Cat)
Shrewstep: Gray tabby tom. This is a curious little fellow. He isn't very smart but he is as curious as they get. He is always up for an adventure and loves hunting. Fighting is okay but hunting is better to him. (Tom)
Dawnstar: Dark blue-gray thick-pelted tom with large yellow eyes. Dawnstar found his love for power, too much power for any one cat. He led his clan into battle after battle, trying to gain all of the territory for RavenClan. Mate to Redpath. Does not walk with StarClan. Deputies: Shrewstep, Fernpelt (Fernstar). (Tom)
Tigerstripe: Small dark brown tabby she-cat. Her gut instinct about almost every matter is to go hide somewhere. Mate to Jaywhisker. (She-Cat)
Onyxpaw: Thick-pelted black she-cat. Onyxpaw is a fair, and devious she-cat. She is fierce and judgemental and is sometimes a hypocrite. She isn't very gulliable unless you're very persuasive, not the sharpest knife in the box but is fairly intelligent. She fights a lot and gets in arguements but has her heart in the right place. Parents are Silvercloud and Brookheart, Littermate to Timberpaw, Flutterpaw, Ratpaw, Slashpaw, and Ricepaw. (She-Cat)
Fernstar: Thick-pelted light brown and white she-cat with dark brown stripes. Fernstar spends much of her time hunting, an art she’s always been relatively good at. When the dedicated warrior is not disposing of small creatures, she’s more often than not seen sitting on her own. Deputy: Runningfish (Runningstar) (She-Cat)
Stormtail: Thick-pelted brown tabby tom with white patches. While many Clan cats love his eagerness to be part of the Clan, a few others can’t help but think this tom is wearing a mask, that is bound to break. Break his perfect composure, break his perfect loyalty, his perfect warrior-ness… Then again, it’s just a few. Mate to Darktail. (Tom)
Runningstar: Runningstar is your average black cat. He's sleek and has a glossy coat that water just beads right off of and bright yellow eyes. His left ear is torn slightly at the tip. He is hotheaded and quick to raise his hackles; Runningstar is easily spooked if cats sneak up on him, whether it's intentional or not, and instead of acting on his flight instinct, he acts on his fight instinct. This often results in him blindly lashing out even at fellow clan mates. Although he's socially awkward, he tries to befriend other cats because he doesn't think it's smart to be a loner, and even cats like him get lonely at times. One activity that soothes him is fishing. Mate to Daisytail. Deputy: Smokefur (Smokestar) (Tom)
Mistyclaw: Thick-pelted chocolate brown tom. Mistyclaw is stubborn, but he's kind. He's very persuasive, usually able to stop battles before they happen if the cats will listen. He loves climbing the nearby trees and napping in them. He also loves taking long walks. He loves the warrior code and tries his hardest not to break it. (Tom)
Smokewisp: Pale gray she-cat. Smokewisp is a complete sweetheart. She knows nothing of the words 'hate' or 'violence' towards her clanmates. Parent is Fernstar, Littermate to Cedarcloud. (She-Cat)
Blossomkit: Pale brown tabby tom. He is very feisty and aggressive. He would fight to the death for his clan, proving his loyalty. He tends to stay in the background, for he is not the most liked cat in the clan. Parents are Rabbitsong and Birdstep, Littermate to Olivekit, Kinkkit, Snakekit, Heatherkit, and Harekit. (Tom)
Smokestar: Smokestar is a long haired gray cat with striking blue eyes. Though he is a proficient warrior, he is unused to leading, and sometimes makes rash decisions. He tries to follow in Runningstar's footsteps, but knows even his former leader was sometimes wrong. With time, he could be a great leader for RavenClan. (Tom) Deputies: Mistyclaw, Cedarcloud (Cedarstar)
Brookheart: White she-cat with pale brown spots all over her pelt. Brookheart likes to talk. There's no simpler way to put it. She certainly wouldn't put it that way, in fact, she'd probably make a full (loud) conversation out of that fact. And might throw in a dare or two while she's at it. Brookheart is a smart sort of cat with a fair amount of potential and a love of speed. Mate to Silvercloud. (She-Cat)
Cedarstar: Dark gray she-cat. A she-cat with an inquisitive heart, she mingles with the members of RavenClan easily, finding solace in the company of her fellow clan members. She enjoys a clear view of the moon, because it is as if the moon is calling out to her. Parent is Fernstar, Littermate to Smokewisp. Deputy: Shadowleap (Shadowstar) (She-Cat)
Splashcloud: White long haired tom with brown tabby along his back and head. A large wedged blaze on his face and a pink nose. Green-yellow eyes. Sharp tongue and quick to pick a fight, this little tom is nothing but feisty. He has a kind heart, but it's shadowed by the fact that he thinks RavenClan is the best clan in the forest, and wont let anyone tell him otherwise without a fight. Parent is Raintail. Sibblings are Riverwhisker and Streambeetle. Mate to Minnowfur. (Tom)
Minkpaw: Dark gray she-cat. Laid back is a pretty much how she is most of the time, unless there's something she really wants or is excited about.  Minkpaw is shy around others when she doesn't know them very well, but it doesn't take long for her to feel more confident around them.  Sometimes if she's in a playful mood she can get a little mischievous, but that side of her is more rare.  She doesn't like to think about her decisions before making them, leading sometimes to carelessness. Parents are Ashfire and Ravenstripe, Littermate to Rubypaw, Coralpaw, and Cottonpaw. Mentor is Splashcloud. (She-Cat)
Birdstep: White she-cat with chocolate-brown patches. She loves her family (to the top and bottom of the forest!), loves to make friends, love her Clan. Likes meeting new cats…you get it. Mate to Rabbitsong. (She-Cat)
Foxfur: Dark gray tom. Anything from eating a worm to hanging upside-down from the roof of the cave, if you dare Foxfur to do something, you can guarantee he'll do it. Or keep trying until he is physically unable to. Foxfur absolutely loves a game of dares but can get extremely agitated if cats call him a coward. He also scorns cowards. This tom will try anything once. And nearly anything again...and again...and again. One day it will get him into a lot of trouble. (Tom)
Stonefoot: Gray tom. Stonefoot is a very sweet cat. He sometimes gets voices in his head. They aren't evil voices or anything, they just tell him what to do. He has no idea it's his conscience merely saying what he's thinking. He's super friendly and loud towards his family and friends but tends to get extremely shy around strangers. Parent is Daisytail, Littermate to Goosefern, Stormpelt, Tawnytail, and Smallfur. (Tom)
Scorchkit: Dark gray tom. Oh, a nit picky little cat he is. Scorchkit is very orderly and neat, like OCD. Things must go a certain way, or he spazzes out. But come now, we all need to be a little more like Scorchkit. Truth is, you don't. Poor Scorchkit has such a tender heart. Parents are Splashcloud and Minnowfur, Littermate to Mockingbirdkit. (Tom)
Ravenfire: Sleek black tom, light sparkles off of his pelt when it hits. Cheery, but can be aggressive when he needs to be. Will do anything for his clan. Mate to Rosewind. (Tom)
Earthfang: Brown and blue-gray tom. An independent tom who gives off a distant and unapproachable demeanor. He's not very talkative, but will converse at times when needed to. He's aloof and seems to prefer being alone, pushing others away from him from events from his past. He's a serious tom who follows his leader's and superiors orders and who is ready to help anyone who needs his assistance. Earthfang is a respectable tom who is openminded and doesn't judge others, preferring to settle things with words before claws and fangs. Formerly of BadgerClan. Parent is Leopardstar, Littermate to Badgerheart, Whiteclaw, Eaglewind, Riverpelt, and Lilycloud. Mate to Streambeetle. (Tom)
Bumblestar: Very pale gray tabby tom. Bumblstar is an extremely laid back tom. He would much rather talk then fight. He is also pretty quiet and has a tendency to listen to things he isn't supposed to hear. He also can be a pretty big flirt with the pretty she-cats. He is a loyal tom to his clan and usually just goes with what the rest of the clan is doing. Parents are Stormtail and Darktail, Littermate to Birchsong, Briarthorn, Doveflight, and Toadfern. Mate to Flutterpelt. Deputies: Earthfang, Minnowtail (Minnowstar) (Tom)
Robinface: Robinface is a rather unique looking tortoiseshell, with large portions of black and cream running together and silvery-green eyes. Despite her very feminine looks, Robinface loves to run with the toms and rough house. She isn't a very prissy she-cat at all, and more than capable of caring for herself. She likes to show off, and will always take on a challenge, which sometimes can get her into trouble. She is very respectful to cats older than her, and loves listening to stories from the elders and learning about the clans. Parents are Mosswhisker and Ottertail, Littermate to Birchpaw, Blossomstripe, Briarfall, and Dustcloud. Mate to Goosefern. (She-Cat)
Larkkit: Gray tom. I should say Larkkit is very adventurous, and comes on strong with the she-cats. The rest, I can't describe in words. Parents are Smallfur and Dustcloud, Littermate to Pinekit, Thrushkit, and Fuzzykit. (Tom)
Stormpelt: Blue-gray she-cat. Stormpelt is the motherly sort. She loves helping with the kits and will care for any cat that needs help. However, if she is displeased with any cat they can expect to feel her wrath either physically or from a cold shoulder. Stormpelt is also a very loyal cat and doesn’t like any nonsense about her clan. Parent is Daisytail, Littermate to Goosefern, Stonefoot, Tawnytail, and Smallfur. (She-Cat)
Dustcloud: Dustcloud has a cream colored pelt, with bits of tortoiseshell flitting through it, and darker tortoiseshell points. She has a larger streak of black on her face, and pretty blue eyes. Dustcloud is a very serious, thoughtful cat. She thinks about everything she does before she does it, including making friends. She doesn't socialize well, since most cats enjoy the company of more bubbly cats. Dustcloud doesn't show affection well until you know her very well. Then she's a very loving she-cat, but it takes a while to get to that point. She's fiercely loyal to her clan, and would never do anything that would risk her clan. Parents are Mosswhisker and Ottertail, Littermate to Birchpaw, Blossomstripe, Briarfall, and Robinface. Mate to Smallfur. (She-Cat)
Rabbitsong: Cream colored tom. This might not seem particularly serious, but Rabbitsong does have some real issues. For one, he's clinically bipolar--he has a chemical imbalance in the brain that leaves him either maniacally jubilant twenty four seven, or terrifically depressed. There's hardly any middle ground on the emotional roller-coaster that is Rabbitsong's daily life. Mate to Birdstep. (Tom)
Redpath: A dainty bright ginger tabby she-cat. Lean and muscled, Redpath's strengths are her hunting skills instead of fighting. Her ears are extremely sensitive and she rarely ever fails to bring back fresh-kill to the camp. (She-Cat)


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