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Former LynxClan Cats

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Former LynxClan Cats Empty Former LynxClan Cats

Post  Poppykit-BurningClan on 10/14/2010, 5:32 pm

Former LynxClan Cats PjzEyBi

Lynxstar: Dark brown thick-pelted tabby tom. A very nice and gentle leader, originally led his clan away from the territories to a different mountain range. After twolegs began to destroy their home is when the clan came back to the forest. Deputies: Ragewing and Moonstream (Moonstar). (Tom)
Moondapple: Light gray tom with darker flecks. Strong and loyal to his Clan, a little quiet but fun to be with. (Tom)
Moonstar: Blue-gray tom with one white paw. A very shy and timid leader, no cat ever expected him to be able to hold onto the clan. Deputies: Cindertail, Spottedleaf, Icefire, Sandclaw, and Mudflower (Mudstar) (Tom)
Sheepwhisker: Solid white she-cat.  A cat with a lot of spunk. Amazing hunter, and very friendly. Had a fierce side. (She-Cat)
Mudstar: Brown and white tabby tom. Loyal to his clan, hardheaded, fearless in battle against rogue cats on the first mountain range that LynxClan called home. Deputies: Snowtail, Amberflame, Thunderwave, and Mistycloud (Mistystar) (Tom)
Flamewhisper: Flame colored tom. Flamewhisper liked to fight, although he will only fight if necessary. He was an excellent hunter and very good at strategizing. He was very loyal to his Clan and would never betray them. (Tom)
Mistystar: Blue-gray she-cat. Mistystar was smart and a natural leader although she didn't try to be one on purpose. She was very good at strategizing and plotting; it was just a natural talent for her just like being a natural leader. She was kind and fair and would do anything for her Clan. Deputies: Honeybreeze and Narrowpelt (Narrowstar) (She-Cat)
Starlingfeather: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Starlingfeather was a very kind and generous she-cat, but sometimes she could get impatient although she didn't necessarily mean to. She trusted her Clanmates quite a bit and is very friendly overall. However if she saw something as a danger for her Clan, she will be glad to rip that danger to shreds. She was extremely loyal. (She-Cat)
Narrowstar: Light-pelted dark gray and light ginger tom. Narrowstar wass very loyal to his Clan. He was sometimes a little bossy to others and was snarky. He had a soft spot but rarely showed it. Deputies: Sleepstream, Onesong, Cinderclaw, and Thornlynx (Thornstar). (Tom)
Thornstar: Silver spotted tom. Brought the clan back to their original territory and settled on the mountain range containing the Mooonstone. Deputy: Bramblepelt (Bramblestar) (Tom)
Briarstar: Light brown tabby she-cat. Took over the clan when Bramblestar took her last life to live in the twoleg place. Showed great strength in making sure that LynxClan was seen as strong, no matter what. Deputy: Littleleaf (Littlestar). (She-Cat)
Bouldertail: Silver tabby tom with thick black stripes. This tom is not one to talk much, or with words at least. If he does speak, it almost always ends in him trailing off. He’s a master at basic body language, which is his usual way of letting fellow cats know what’s going on. He has, in no way, a low self-esteem. But, neither is he obnoxiously proud. Bouldertail is typically humble, but sometimes he is jubilant (a good battle, good news). He also has a habit to just stare. It could be a rock, cloud, tree…or another cat (which can be discerning). Overall, he is an easy-going, friendly, and peaceful cat. Mate to Graystorm. (Tom)
Littlestar: Littlestar is a soft spoken, kind cat. He thinks highly of his superiors. He loves kits, and has one of his own. He is very interested in clan activity, and is willing to bend the warriors code depending on the situations that arise. He prefers talk to battle, and would try his hardest to get to every gathering he possibly could as an apprentice. Mate to Dawnfur. Deputies: Bouldertail, Adderfang (Adderstar). (Tom)
Goldenfeather: Pale ginger she-cat. Loving, very friendly, loves to hunt, and is up for anything. (She-Cat)
Flamefur: Dark ginger she-cat with green eyes. Half-clan blood with LionClan, Flamefur has trouble fitting in somedays with her clanmates. Others tease and try to hurt her repeatedly, she just sticks her tail up in the air and ignores them. (She-Cat)
Adderstar: Brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Adderstar is your average tom, nothing over special about him, but not a bad cat either. He fancies a certain she-cat within the clan, that everyone seems to notice completely. Mate to Cloverstorm. Deputy: Amberpelt (Amberstar) (Tom)
Brokenkit: Long-haired dark brown tabby tom. Brokenkit is defensive, cunning, proud and unconventional. He doesn't think like any other cat; instead, he finds odd solutions to his problems. He is driven on by ambition, and isn't close to any cat. He may be seen as arrogant or aloof to others, and is rarely accepted. Swinging from mood to mood without warning, he could be warm one moment, cold and unresponsive the next. Because of this, many cats doubt his loyalty, and he does not try to disprove them. Parents are Cloudstream and Tigerfang, Littermate to Wetkit. (Tom)
Ashpaw: Pale gray tom. He's fast and sleek. He's humble and funny. Ashpaw is competitive and can't stand to lose or fail. However this doesn't stop him from being good humored and helpful to his friends. Parent is Fernbelly, Littermate to Graypaw and Cinderpaw. Mentor is Woodear. (Tom)
Blazekit: Snow white tom. Blazekit is very calm and go-with -the-flow. He tends to have a positive attitude about everything, epecially himself. In fact, he's quite self-centered at times. He also likes to flirt, as she-cats are one of his favorite things. Parents are Stormtail of RavenClan and Emberflight, Littermate to Thistlekit, Kestrelkit, Faintkit, Cherrykit, and Wildkit. (Tom)
Cloudstream: Dark mottled gray tom. Cloudstream is cynical and prickly. He thoroughly dislikes kits, and enjoys being a mentor only so he can see how he is able to 'straighten out those pesky apprentices' and make them into fine warriors. He himself is what he considers to be a 'fine warrior' and he takes no shame in anything he does. Full of pride and considering himself to be wise beyond his years, he is bitter that he has never been made deputy in all his years as a loyal LynxClan warrior. At this point, he would join forces with nearly any cat to gain thee position he so desires. Mate to Tigerfang. (Tom)
Amberstar: Pale sandy tabby tom with white patches on his body. Amberstar is brave and caring, but just because he is sweet and shy doesn't mean that he can't fight. He is one of the best fighters in his clan. Mate to Scarflower. Deputy: Petalpelt (Petalstar). (Tom)
Squirrelcloud: Dark ginger tom. Squirrelcloud is a fast paced, no nonsense tom. He's the first into battle and the last one to leave. He will protect his clan and clanmates with unspoken ferocity. He can be rude and a tad bit cruel. He isn't entirely made of stone. Squirrelcloud has a softer side to him. Parent is Goldenfeather, Littermate to Poppyfire, Firefoot, and Sandear. (Tom)
Owlflower: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes. Owlflower does her best to be funny and nice to her clanmates, while also being careful not to hurt anyone or herself. The second doesn't usually go very well, as she's a clutz and probably always will be. Mate to Sandstep. (She-Cat)
Stumpykit: Brown tabby she-cat. Stumpykit is a devious she-cat. Though she does have a good sde and mostly stays on it until she gets mad. Stumpykit doesn't like other she-cats touching her unless they're in her group of friends. She is a very popular cat who cares but doesn't at the same time, or she just shows no affection. Stumpykit likes to flirt  with the toms, but will never break someone's heart. She is a fighter and loves to get into verbal fights or physical fights. Parents are Darkfang and Frozenclaw, Littermate to Tigerkit, Halfkit, and Brownkit. (She-Cat)
Petalstar: Tawny-pelted tom, with ticked spots over his pelt. He is a kind, but shy tom who does whatever he can to help his clan. Mate to Poppytail. Deputy: Silverbeetle (Silverstar) (Tom)
Fallowpaw: Pale brown she-cat. Fallowpaw acts a bit like a drunk. A drunk with an ego problem. She considers herself queen of the roost. Parents are Amberstar and Scarflower, Littermate to Rabbitpaw, Nettlepaw, Plumpaw, Cloverpaw, and Tanglepaw. (She-Cat)
Silverstar: White she-cat. Caring, loving, sweet, compassionate. Would never let a cat hurt a kit, even if that kit were from another Clan. Deputy: Juniperpelt (Juniperstar) (She-Cat)
Sandear: Pale ginger tom. Sandear is a bit distant. Shy and thoughtful. Finding it a bit hard to fully trust others. Parent is Goldenfeather, Littermate to Poppyfire, Firefoot, and Squirrelcloud. (Tom)
Kestrelnose: Brown tabby tom. He's usually ignorant and stubborn with older cats and very impatient, often learning things the hard way. Sometimes he does listen to other cats but only on rare occasions. Despite this, he has a good temper but there are certain things that can cause him to lose it very quickly. Kestrelkit is also very curious and half the time his curiousity gets the better of him. Parents are Stormtail of RavenClan and Emberflight, Littermate to Thistlewhisker, Faintstorm, Cherryfeather, Wildpaw, and Blazekit. (Tom)
Frozenclaw: Pale ginger she-cat. Carefree and outgoing, loves to make friends. Although she is very fun, she is very loyal and would die for her friends/clan. Mate to Darkfang. (She-Cat)
Scarfoot: Dark brown tabby tom, scars trace all along his legs. Scarfoot is an extremely loyal cat and loyalty comes first for him, after his Clan of course. He is kind-hearted to his Clan and kits but when it comes to other Clans he doesn't get them but glad they're not rouges. Scarfoot is very talkative and sometimes friendly, but if you're on his bad side you well feel his sharp-tongue for sure. Mate to Darkstripe. (Tom)
Juniperstar: Grey and white tabby tom with green eyes. Juniperstar is a quiet cat. He likes to watch the clan around him. Loves finding and bringing back feathers from different birds for the kits in the nursery. Deputy: Scarflower (Scarstar) (Tom)
Dawnfur: Blue-gray she-cat. She's a gentle and unsure cat at times, but has a will of steel. Mate to Littlestar. (She-Cat)
Emberkit: Gray she-cat with two dark paws. Emberkit is extremely compassionate.  She looks at every problem from all angles before jumping to conclusions. Parents are Cinderheart and Poppyfire, Littermate to Firekit, Jaykit, Sandkit, Squirrelkit, and Leafkit. (She-Cat)
Wetoak: Gray tabby she-cat. Bright and bubbly would be the best two words. On a good day, that is. Wetoak loves to play around, but she is serious when she knows she needs to be. Parents are Cloudstream and Tigerfang, Littermate to Brokenkit. Mate to Yellowpelt. (She-Cat)
Smokekit: Brown tabby tom. Smart when it comes to traps and digging. Parents are Viperfur and Faintstorm, Littermate to Leopardkit and Garnetkit. (Tom)
Thistlewhisker: Cedar brown tom. This cat's personality varies. When wanting to impress someone or convince them of something, he will put on a "mask", and act like a sweet and kind tom. Other times, like when fighting or arguing with someone, he will act cold and mean. Though around friends he is usually kind, his moods can change without warning. One minute he will be kind, and the next minute he could be sad. Or angry. Parents are Stormtail of RavenClan and Emberflight, Littermate to Kestrelnose, Faintstorm, Cherryfeather, Wildpaw, and Blazekit. Mate to Nettlethorn. (Tom)
Scarstar: Thick-pelted brown tabby she-cat. Could being friendly possibly be a bad thing? Hopefully not because she couldn’t see her living the life of a mean cat. Though occasionally when under enough pressure, her mean side steps into play. Deputy: Tanglefern (Tanglestar) (She-Cat)
Viperfur: Brown tabby tom with a cream underbelly and light blue eyes. Viperfur is a passive cat. He cares for his clan and will act however. Most of his time is spent hunting feverishly. He enjoys having alone time. Parents are Adderstar and Cloverstorm, Littermate to Glowclaw and Acornfire. Mate to Faintstorm. (Tom)
Cherryfeather: Gray tom. Cherryfeather is always on the alert. He prides himself for being ready for anything. He's a gentle tom, but has a very strong will to live. He hates drama and would rather settle down than be riled up. He tries not to fight, but is willing to if his world view is disrupted. Parents are Stormtail of RavenClan and Emberflight, Littermate to Thistlewhisker, Kestrelnose, Faintstorm, Wildear, and Blazekit. Mate to Cloverheart. (Tom)
Leafkit: Dark ginger tabby she-cat. Her clan is her family and it would take a lot to make her permanently hate one of her clanmates. She has a genuine love for most and loves all of them, from the tiniest kitten to the oldest elder. Her compassion for them is like a burning fire, bright and all consuming. if not for her choice to be a warrior, and then deputy, she would have made a fine medicine cat. If a cat needs something more than she, Leafkit will give it to them without a second thought. For her clan, Leafkit is a selfless and loyal she-cat who believes that her life is no more important than that of any other cat in her clan. She would throw herself in front of a killing blow to save her clanmates. Parents are Cinderheart and Poppyfire, Littermate to Firekit, Jaykit, Sandkit, Squirrelkit, and Emberkit. (She-Cat)
Woodear: Light brown tabby she-cat. Straightforward and clever, has a slight sense of humor in her. Mate to Lynxstripe. (She-Cat)
Hollowonion: Dark brown tabby tom. I am not very good looking as cats go,  but I honor and respect my elders, always. Parents are Lynxstripe and Woodear, Littermate to Applestorm, Whiskerclaw, Antfoot, Sedgefur, and Rushclaw. (Tom)
Jaykit: Gray tabby tom. You can call the world ugly, you can call it unfair, though be prepared for a full lecture from Jaykit just about the world's loveliness.  In his eyes, it couldn't be more perfect.  In his awe-filled eyes, it couldn't be more fascinating and beautiful. Parents are Cinderheart and Poppyfire, Littermate to Firekit, Sandkit, Squirrelkit, Leafkit, and Emberkit. (Tom)
Cinderheart: Dark gray tom. He is a kind tom and is always looking for trouble. He is loyal to his clan and loved ones. He can be very feisty at times. Parent is Fernbelly, Littermate to Grayfoot and Ashpaw. Mate to Poppyfire. (Tom)
Whiskerstorm: Blue-gray tom with green eyes and an extremely long tail. He is a loving cat and very easy-going for the most part, it takes a lot to anger him. (Tom)
Emberflight: A dark brown tabby she-cat. Emberflight is quiet, respectful, but somehow manages to get into trouble all of the time. She adores her littermate and only other kin left alive besides their father. Parents are Briarstar and Stormstep, Littermate to Eaglefeather. Mate to Plumleaf. (She-Cat)
Tigerfang: A dusky-brown she-cat with hazel eyes. Despite her headstrong nature, she is kindhearted and loving. Parent is Whiskerstorm, Littermate to Jaytail and Ferntail. Mate to Cloudstream. (She-Cat)
Petalsoot: Pale gray tom. Petalsoot is a friendly, energetic cat. He likes a sense of order in a community, and follows his set of rules very carefully. Parents are Fogstorm and Fernbelly, Littermate to Echoeye, Sagedaisy, Mintflight, Creekfall, and Lichenfall. (Tom)
Birchflower: Silver and black tabby tom. Birchflower is a deep kind of cat. As an apprentice he had many questions about the world around him and has often wondered what lies beyond Clan territory. He is calm mostly, rarely snapping at any cat. Mate to Icebelly. (Tom)
Lynxstripe: Solid black tom with pale green eyes. Lynxstripe has a very brave and courageous personality. Mate to Woodear. (Tom)
Tanglestar: Sandy colored tabby tom. Tanglestar has a calm demeanor that can rival the calmest of cats, but it hides the cunning and rather cold cat underneath. He’s sly, sneaky, and intelligent to boot, making him a dangerous cat if you make yourself an enemy of him. He’s also extremely hard to make angry, it’s a little bit easier to annoy him, and when he does get angry, it’s not a pretty sight to behold. Parents are Amberstar and Scarstar, Littermate to Fallowpaw, Rabbitkick, Nettlethorn, Plumleaf, and Cloverheart. Mate to Thornpelt. Deputy: Gladesong (Gladestar) (Tom)
Firefoot: Ginger tom. Unlike most Clan cats who feel unending loyalty towards their kind, Firefoot feels no connection what so ever to his so called 'clanmates.' He's a solitary creature, preferring his own space over companionship. During the course of his life, he's never felt like he's quite belonged, so it's no real surprise that he can often be found wandering around aimlessly in the forest, muttering complaints to himself. When he does happen upon someone he likes, he shows a surprisingly open and affectionate side that's usually kept under locks. But it's all too rare for such a thing to occur, so not many have been graced with his kindness. When in the presence of those he finds unpleasant, the tom acts both level-headed and straight to the point. Positive emotions are never wasted on the unappealing. Parent is Goldenfeather, Littermate to Poppyfire, Sandear, and Squirrelcloud. Mate to Briarhawk. (Tom)

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