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Post  Stumpyspots on 6/7/2013, 3:17 pm

Former LightClan Cats 0QwmvBd

Lightstar: Golden-brown bengal she-cat. Lightstar is like a ticking time bomb, she's extremely unpredictable and will often change her plan halfway through a battle. She's a real grump and absolutely hates to lose. Lightstar is easily annoyed and tries to find reasons to tell off her Clan-Mates. She's spunky and has a mind of her own, never listening to others or letting them boss her around. She will go to extremes to protect her dignity as she has a very strong sense of pride. Deputy: Aspenclaw (Aspentstar) (She-Cat)
Aspenstar: Dark brown tabby tom. Aspenstar's personality is one of happiness; he is rarely down or grumpy. Ge can always find the positivity in everything, and he certainly knows how to deal with grumpy warriors. The brown tabby is well liked among the clan due to his sweet nature. Aspenstar is also a very sensitive cat. He doesn't like hatred and meanness, and he dislikes cats that insult him. He brushes the insults off, however, and continues to look for the good in others. Mate to Starstorm. Deputy: Dappledonion (Dappledstar) (Tom)
Geodefrost: Brown mackeral tabby she-cat. She's a somewhat quiet, yet opinionated, she-cat. For most of the day, she'll say little to anyone except her close friends. However, if an argument starts, Geodefrost is first to put her two cents in. She tends to reject the company of cats she doesn't agree with -- sometimes quite rudely, depending on the cat. Though her arrogance may get in the way of forging positive relationships, she is a kind and thoughtful she-cat towards her friends, family, and superiors. At times, she may favor a single cat more than her entire clan. Parent is Stormflight, Littermate to Starlingfur, Swoopspider, Furledpelt, and Spiritleopard. (She-Cat)
Flightcloud: White tom. Flightcloud is a good friend and a loyal clanmate, but he's a bit snappy and outspoken, which can lead to trouble sometimes. His willingness to be social can be helpful when it comes to 'letting loose' and keeping calm with rude or arrogant cats. His retorts sting, but he'll stick up for his loved ones, what he believes in, or even what he thinks is right. He loves to show his skills off to his friends, but sometimes he can get a little too proud. Though he's a tiny bit self-centered, he's unquestionably loyal and always stands up for his friends. Parents are Aspenstar and Starstorm, Littermate to Deathflight, Moonpetal, and Streamfur. (Tom)
Swoopspider: Dark ginger tom. Swoopspider is very distant but friendly like a father to some cats. He can make a great friend, because loyalty is his policy. He has odd dreams, so he may seem a little distant, but otherwise he can be all around nice. However, one of his flaws is that he'll snap if he's made fun of. When he's angry, his personality shifts to his dark side. He feels angry and deceptive, and becomes a wizard at insulting others and fighting. Better not get on his dark side, or else you'll be a dead flea! Parent is Stormflight, Littermate to Starlingfur, Furledpelt, Spiritleopard, and Geodefrost. Mate to Ravenflower. (Tom)
Dappledstar: Gray and white tom. Dappledstar is a very aggressive, loyal tom. He spends all of his time hunting for his clan, and on border patrols. He doesn't interact with his clan much, but he would still risk his life for any of them. He can be very gentle, and soft sometimes. Mate to Icewing. Deputy: Rockfur (Rockstar) (Tom)
Brokenstripe: Black she-cat. Beneath the extremes, Brokenstripe is an extremely talented cat with a brave and courageous heart – her fire is both inspiring and encouraging to her Clanmates, aiding her when she leads patrols because cats look up to her, not only for leadership and advice but friendship as well. She is very truthful and honest to a fault, but she can be unguarded in what she says at times. This can cause strain in a relationship with some cats, but most can handle themselves well enough, knowing that the accidental offense is just that; accidental. Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Gingerfur, Dusksong, Flyingfall, Silentflower, and Iceheather. (She-Cat)


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