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Former LionClan Cats

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Former LionClan Cats Empty Former LionClan Cats

Post  Bloomkit-MistClan on 10/12/2010, 2:53 pm

Former LionClan Cats XBAPMwp

Lionstar: Small tawny she-cat with tipped ears and golden eyes. Being the smallest of the founders, Lionstar was often mocked by the others and teased. She eventually showed why she had been named Lion, by her courage and tenacity. Deputies: Melodystripe, Mistytail, Stormpelt, and Echowing (Echostar) (She-Cat)
Tigerstripe: Small brown-tawny she-cat with a bobbed tail and scars over her eyes. Inquiring, curious, and thoughtful, though sometimes appeared shy and reserved. Very interested in the theory of medicine, not quite so keen on dealing with sickly kits. Discovered the difference between greencough and whitecough, and identified catmint as a possible cure. (She-Cat)
Echostar: Large brown tabby tom. Strong, courageous, and determined. It was Echostar who insisted on the more compassionate elements of the warrior code. Deputies: Entangledtail and Breakingtail (Breakingstar) (Tom)
Fallwing: Silver-spotted tom. Echostar's medicine cat and also his brother. Gentled, sweet-natured, and a kind mentor. Passed on his compassion and deep connection with StarClan to his apprentice. Worked tirelessly to save Clanmatesduring greencough epidemic, which ultimately killed him. (Tom)
Breakingstar: Large white and ginger tom. A legendary hunter, who learned the ways of the tawny owl to stalk prey by night in silence. Deputies: Mosspelt and Snowshadow (Snowstar) (Tom)
Tigerlily: Pale gray-blue tabby she-cat. Skilled interpreter of STarClan's mysterious messages. Walks dreams of LionClan cats, even today. (She-Cat)
Snowstar: Thick-pelted white tom. Held his clan together through a dangerous leaf-bare, fought to keep sunningrocks away from RavenClan. Deputies: Ferntail and Amberstorm (Amberstar) (Tom)
Firestorm: Red tabby she-cat. Gifted healer, but could be bad-tempered and difficult. Died as she lived, fighting to save the Clan. (She-Cat)
Amberstar: Lean brown tabby she-cat. Wise, kind, beloved, and strong. One of the first cats to allow kittypets to join the clans if they wished. Deputies: Lightningbolt, Silverpelt, Lightstorm, and Duskclaw (Duskstar). (She-Cat)
Aquafire: Silver she-cat with black spots and stripes. Bright and energetic with boundless enthusiasm. Quick learner, could have easily been a warrior as well. Died fighting to save a clanmate. (She-Cat)
Duskstar: Black and white tom. Brave, intelligent, and loyal, what you'd call a natural leader. Had an unusually strong connection to StarClan, proved treachery within the clan from other cats, helped the other clans in times of need. Deputies: Frostwhisper, Silentstream, and Hawkeyes (Hawkstar). (Tom)
Tigersoul: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Quiet and soft-spoken, helped to save RavenClan from a deadly poison. (She-Cat)
Hawkstar: Large white fluffy tom with bi-colored eyes. Accepting of any cat, unless they were purposely harming others. Believed that every cat had their own path, and their own journey to find out what it was. Deputies: Tangleheart and Icepelt (Icestar). (Tom)
Icestar: Lean brown tabby tom with ragged ears. Lacking the self-confidence at first, Icestar did manage to make a difference in the forest for all cats around him. Originally from twoleg place as a kit, he was raised well within LionClan's camp walls. Deputy: Willowheart (Willowstar). (Tom)
Willowstar: Willowheart's pelt is white, with a light brownish-cream colored saddle and head markings. His ears, tail, and around his eyes are a darker brown color. While the color around his nose his white, his nose still holds a black pigment. His eyes are an icy blue, and are primarily filled with wise warmth or mystery. Willowheart is always true to himself and his clan. He respects everyone's opinions, even if he doesn't agree with them. He's peaceful, getting along with and accepting most cats. He's a very mellow cat, and always willing to help out a cat in need. He holds a wiser demeanor, and his clan is very important to him. Mate to Whitefoot. Deputy: Swiftpelt (Swiftstar). (Tom)
Cloudclaw: Thick-pelted brown cat, looks like a smaller version of his father with his mother's green eyes. Very calm cat and care for all of the cats in the clan. Likes to go to the medicine cat den and watch Brookfur work, absolutely enthralled with everything. He even offers to help on ocassion, when Brookfur allows it. Parents are Mousepelt and Bloodclaw, Littermate to Brightfire. (Tom)
Brighttail: Very chubby and shy brown cat, often thought not to be suited for clan life. Many cats tease and call him a kittypet. Except for a few friends, he is very unhappy in LionClan. (Tom)
Spottedscar: Ginger spotted and black ocicat she-cat, scar that goes through her left eye and vivid green-tinted eyes. She's a short-tempered warrior with a bad past. (She-Cat)
Moonsight: Sleek black tom. Moonsight is the three c's. Calm, cool and collected. He always tries his best, but its strange, for he can get fired up pretty easily. (Tom)
Tigerkit: Dark brown tabby she-cat. She is sassy and very dramatic. She doesn't like to be treated like a kit. She will gladly live up to a fight. Parent is Birchtail, Littermate to Longkit and Mousekit. (She-Cat)
Volepaw: Thick-pelted black and white tom. Volepaw is very, very impressionable. He will believe almost anything he's told and this, too, can get him into quite a bit of trouble. He isn't stupid, but he does have a difficult time focusing for long enough to think for himself, and it is so much easier to allow somebody else to think for you. Parents are Skydapple and Wildstorm, Littermate to Lionpaw, Bronzepaw, Bearpaw, Sunpaw, and Lavenderpaw. (Tom)
Tanglewhisker: Very large, brutish looking cat with thick tangled fur which knots up around his tail. He seems to be tabby patterned crossed with a kind of patchy brown/black textured fur and tattered, scarred ears. The fur is darker over his shoulders and back, giving him a dark brooding look, along with amber eyes. Despite his rather intimidating looks, this cat can usually be found sunning himself or amusing the Clan kits. He's very dedicated and has risked his life several times for the clan, not caring about injuries that he himself receives. Quite protective and loving when he must be, he can also be a bit grumpy if woken up from sleep. Formerly a member of ClawClan. (Tom)
Ivykit: Sleek white tom. Solemn and secretive, Ivykit is a cat who prefers to keep to himself. Because of this, he often appears to be fairly mysterious and aloof to the point of being indifferent. He sees life from cold eyes and though he does possess compassion, he often does not show it. He is a very intelligent cat and can be expected to be fairly skeptical of others and thus, can also be seen as being fairly unfriendly. His trust is not terribly difficult to obtain but his respect certainly is. Parents are Thornear and Poppystorm, Littermate to Lilackit, Maplekit, Aquakit, Hazelkit, and Moonkit. (Tom)
Spiderclaw: Black tom with amber eyes. Spiderclaw has a small frame that is the half-way point between stocky and lithe. He is the one getting into trouble; for day dreaming and just not being himself. He is kind, ditzy, and always on cloud nine. Parents are Hawkstar and Scarstripe. (Tom)
Leopardface: Pale honey-colored she-cat with darker specks throughout her pelt. Very level headed, gives good advice, and always observes both sides of a given debate-- of course, she's not above a childish prank, either. If you tell her a secret, she won't pass it on... but she loves a good dollop of gossip to chat about, as long as it isn't damaging to any of her friends. She is also very possessive over food and her kill-- if you accidently pick up something she's caught, she will waste no time in correcting your error. She is proud, but humbles herself in light of the leader or medicine cat, as hse believes them to be more knowledageable. She has a sixth sense when it comes to trouble, which can sometimes make her a bother as she prods into your feelings to find the truth. (She-Cat)
Swiftstar: A large black tom with hidden black spots on his sleek pelt. He has wanted nothing more to be Leader of LionClan since he was a young kit, but believes in complete fairness and loyalty to the clan first. He's also a firm believer that in an argument between a she-cat and a tom, the she-cat is always right. Parents are Tangleheart and Spottedscar, Littermate to Wildstorm. Deputy: Rabbitclaw (Rabbitstar) (Tom)
Falconpaw: Dark ginger tom with a white belly and amber eyes. Falconpaw is a very mischievous young cat, and loves to get into trouble. He is very kind and generous. Parents are Hawkpelt and Featherpool, Littermate to Skypaw, Creekpaw, and Polarkit. (Tom)
Leopardkit: Black tom. Leopardkit is normally a kind and loving tom until he gets annoyed. Leopardkit has a short temper but a smart brain. Parents are Scarfire and Dapplefur, Littermate to Windkit, Patchkit, Poppykit, Mumblekit, and Raggedkit. (Tom)
Kindlenose: Stocky blue-grey tom with blue-green eyes. He is very nice. He has a heart pure like gold. It's hard to not like him. He is a know it all, but that's really the only bad thing about him. He is as loyal to his clan as you can be. He likes telling stories he heard from elders. Parent is Rainpath, littermate to Flowerfur and Mapleflight. (Tom)
Swallowfeather: Black tabby she-cat. Swallowfeather is a very thoughtful cat. She asks questions about everything and thinks everything through. She loves adventure, and gets bored with day to day routine. She is wary of toms, even with her own littermate being a tom. Parents are Icewhisker and Spottedlegs, Littermate to Midnightwhisker. (She-Cat)
Redwhisker: Small ginger tortoiseshell tom. Redwhisker is naive in a way. He believes there is strictly one line between good and evil. And there is only good and evil. No in the gray. No doing bad deeds for the overall good. And if you're bad, you need to be punished. Parents are Wildeye and Mudfur, Littermate to Tigermist. Mate to Mudleaf. (Tom)
Runningstep: Black and white short-haired cat. Can often be a little pudgy as his favorite thing to do is just lay in the sun. Though he's not against a good fight with his rivals. Parent is Leopardshadow. Mate to Cloudflight. (Tom)
Rabbitstar: A pretty young patchwork cat of mostly cream and orange coloring, with alert green-yellow eyes and a white underbelly. Her fur fades into black along her tail and one of her ears is black. She has a bubbly inner personality which is revealed to friends. She enjoys nothing more than grooming another cat or helping them out. An excellent hunter, she enjoys chasing rabbits and bringing them down with great ease. Her biggest let down is that she's afraid of heights. When pushed too far, she can be quite rude but is normally very friendly towards others and has a motherly side. Formerly a member of ClawClan. Deputies: Redwhisker, Cinderfern. (Cinderstar). (She-Cat)
Thornstripe: Thornstripe is a stockily built, brown tabby with thick black stripes and a white belly, muzzle, and legs. His eyes are a soft, olive green set in a round, short face topped with ears on the smaller side. His most noticeable feature, however, is his stump of a tail. This tom avoids confrontation at all times; a fight is the last thing he wants to be in. However, this isn't to say he's not a good fighter because he is, in fact, an excellent one. Thornstripe is peaceful by nature with a "go with the flow" mindset. He's incredibly honest, refusing to pull the wool over any cat's eyes in any situation. Despite the stocky stature, Thornstripe is surprisingly good at being light on his paws and sneaking up on prey. (Tom)
Cinderstar: Thick dark gray tabby pelt with hints of cream on the chest and ears, smoldering amber eyes. Cinderstar is a bit of an odd duck, really. He loves to play in the snow during leafbare as often as he can. He'll eat it, flick it at his clanmates, and just simply roll in it for the pure pleasure. Deputy: Leopardshadow (Leopardstar) (Tom)
Earthwind: A sleek gray tom with green eyes. More of a follower than a leader, he always goes with whoever has the most power or his closest friend. Mate to Wickedfur. (Tom)
Seaberry: Blue-gray tom. Seaberry is kind. He is playful and enjoys training sessions. His loyalty is to his clan and he'll let nothing get in the way of that. He isn't very talkative. He likes to listen to stories and learn about the warrior code. Sometimes he looks up at the clouds wondering is StarClan is still watching him without Silverpelt being overhead. Parents are Firecloud and Mudpelt, Littermate to Barkeye, Loudyowl, and Tigerprowl. (Tom)
Sunleopard: Thick-pelted ginger tom. Sunleopard is a trickster. He is known for his tendency to play practical jokes, which have occasionally gotten other cats (mostly his littermates) into trouble. Whenever confronted by any authority figure, Sunleopard either manages to prove his innocence or is incredibly contrite. It is difficult to stay angry with him for very long, since most of his pranks are entirely harmless. Parents are Skydapple and Wildstorm, Littermate to Lionfur, Volepaw, Bronzeheart, Bearstripe, and Lavenderpelt. (Tom)
Milkkit: Creamy white she-cat. Milkkit is probably the most stubborn cat you'll ever meet. She wants things to go her way, though she'll listen to her clanmates' opinions. She hates kittypets and rogues, and sometimes she acts so terrible around them, her clanmates have to force her to stop. Parents are Halfstep and Blackcloud, Littermate to Tinykit, Buzzardkit, and Seakit. (She-Cat)
Littleclaw: Small ginger tabby she-cat. Littleclaw can be crass to others, she has a sharp tongue. Yet, most of the time, she's very quiet. Just don't ruffle her fur the wrong way! Mate to Owltalon. (She-Cat)
Liontail: A golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes so dark they're almost black. Short legs from her half-clan blood, with a long tail to offset the balance. Liontail is very shy, not usually willing to open up to most cats. Her best friend is clanmate, who she pads after like a cat following a mouse. Parents are Icestar and Brightstorm. (She-Cat)
Windear: Gray tabby tom. Windear is very shy. He has a habit of waiting for things to happen, instead of making things happen. He is a good hunter, but his timid nature makes his fighting terrible. He, when comfortable, has a very playful attitude. When approached by she-cats, he usually claims to be going hunting and runs off. Parents are Owltalon and Littleclaw. (Tom)
Cloudflight: A blue, silver, and black tabby she-cat. Most of the other warriors like to slap her with sheathed claws as she thinks she's deserving of more than she's earned. Parents are Hawkstar and Scarstripe. Mate to Runningstep. (She-Cat)
Kestrelpaw: Ginger tom. I have a big ego and think I'm better than others,  but I am a good fighter. Parents are Redwhisker and Mudleaf, Littermate to Sorrelpaw and Hollypaw. (Tom)
Hawkpelt: Thick-pelted ginger tom, round yellow eyes. Keeps to himself most of the time, but when he does talk, it's in a very light tone. Not what one would expect from a young tom. Parents are Runningstep and Fuzzyfoot. Mate to Featherpool. (Tom)
Lavenderpelt: Reddish-brown she-cat. Lavenderpelt is a strong minded cat. She cares about others. She likes to be pushed to her limit. She loves to hunt. She never thinks about her future. She lives in the present day. Parents are Skydapple and Wildstorm, Littermate to Lionfur, Volepaw, Bronzeheart, Bearstripe, and Sunleopard. (She-Cat)
Crowfur: Black and white tom. Crowfur is very defensive. If a cat is insulting another cat, he will challenge them, even though he can't fight well. He can get angry rather easily, but has a very soft inside. He will yell at another cat and when they eyll back, he will srhink away and be quiet. He has a mooth, gentle voice, but it can quickly turn into a snapping, raging shout. Despite his temper, he is very optimistic and gives word of encouragement to all his clanmates. He is very sensitive about the warrior code, and obeys it and never questions it. Parents are Scarfire and Littlepoppy, Littermate to Kinktail. Mate to Minnowsong. (Tom)
Leopardstar: Medium-pelted dark ginger she-cat, extremely serious and often too serious. Sees danger around every corner, was stolen by twolegs when Runningstep was just a kit. Deputies: Lavenderpelt, Icestream (Icestar) (She-Cat)
Scarfire: White and black medium-pelted tom. Very dominant over the other cats, thought his father was the moon, sun, and stars. Mate to Dapplefur. (Tom)
Bearstripe: Gray she-cat with silver tabby stripes. Faced with correction, Bearstripe behaves in a dejected, rather than an angry manner, and some cats may feel guilty for having corrected her in the first place. Parents are Skydapple and Wildstorm, Littermate to Lionfur, Volepaw, Bronzeheart, Sunleopard, and Lavenderpelt. (She-Cat)
Shadowface: Dark brown tabby with a paler cream undercoat she-cat. She is mysterious and reclusive. It makes her alluring, but she doesn't realize it. She is not a fighter, but she is slender and a good climber. She is smart, not a genius, but she is good at telling other cats feelings and if they're hiding something. Parent is Lionpelt. (She-Cat)
Moonfur: Ginger tabby she-cat. A happy cat in general. She likes to be around others and make new friends. Likes to make others laugh. Moonfur is a very playful she-cat. Mate to Snookthorn. (She-Cat)
Leopardfrost: Light brown tom with black points. Leopardfrost is a very wary cat and is almost always on the edge. Its very hard to get on his "good side" or even come close to really getting to know him. He can be very secretive, though always comes out loyal to his clan in the end. He also loves to make sarcastic comments, though he is usually polite when it comes to being around she-cats. He usually takes time out to train alone, always keeping his warrior skills in refined perfection. Mate to Littlepoppy. (Tom)
Dawntail: Thick-pelted ginger cat. Large ears for a cat her size, yellow-green eyes. Listens to the world around her and takes in everything. Parents are Fuzzyhead and Cloudflight, Littermate to Heavywhisker and Ashleaf. Mate to Swiftfoot. (She-Cat)
Cedartail: A sleek black tom with silvery yellow eyes. Parents are Whitefoot and Willowstar. Littermate to Rowanwhisker, Gorsefur, Tornpaw, Dawnflower, and Darkleaf. (Tom)
Brokenshadow: Long-haired dark brown tabby tom. He is proud, and he has the greatest courage you'll ever find in a cat. Ruthless in battle, he will fight for what is right. Parents are Swiftfoot and Brightfur, Littermate to Halfstep, Dustflower, Patchpelt, and Dapplefur. Mate to Specklepelt. (Tom)
Dawnflower: Blue-gray tabby she-cat with huge ears for her size. Dawnflower is a small cat who tends to blend into the background with how quiet she is. She notices everything, but doesn't say anything until she feels it's proper to. She has utterly no problems with tattling on her littermates or denmates. Parents are Whitefoot and Willowstar. Littermate to Rowanwhisker, Gorsefur, Cedartail, Tornpaw, and Darkleaf. Mate to Cherrypelt. (She-Cat)
Hollyspring: Light ginger shorthaired she-cat. White underbelly and maw, pink nose and light green eyes. Hollyspring is fun and outgoing and loves to make friends. Parent is Swiftstar. (She-Cat)
Snookthorn: White tom with gray and brown patches. He is as stubborn and strong-willed as a badger but not quite as touchy. Snookthorn is also fixated with being a leader. It's the position he constantly takes in all the games he plays. Mate to Moonfur. (Tom)
Tigermist: Big dark brown tabby tom. As confident as this cat may look, he is actually a very timid kitty. Parents are Wildeye and Mudfur, Littermate to Redwhisker. Mate to Creektail. (Tom)
Icestar: Silver spotted ocicat tom. A particularly carefree cat, not that much concerned with the goings on in the clan. Parents are Jay and Wickedfur. Mate to Mapleflight. Deputy: Rowantail (Rowanstar) (Tom)
Berrywhisker: Cream tom. Berrywhisker is a very kind and caring cat, but he is sensitive and takes a lot of things to heart. He is hurt easily, not physically, but mentally. One mean word and you'll have him running away in tears. but then again, that's only if you offend him, if you offend or hurt someone that he is very close to, then he'll claw your face right off. Parents are Icestar and Brightstorm, Littermate to Thornclaw, Whitefoot, and Brookfur. Mate to Tigerprowl. (Tom)
Mudpelt: Short-pelted dark brown cat with black stripes and a white face. She gets annoyed easily, and her right eye narrows when she is annoyed immensely. Parents are Oyster and Decay, Littermate to Ashflower and Ben. Mate to Firecloud (She-Cat)

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