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Former TalonClan Cats

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Post  Brokentail on 5/13/2013, 7:05 pm

Former TalonClan Cats NNNfU1t

Sorrelclaw: Dark brown tabby tom. Sorrelclaw is very secretive and protective of himself. He tends to slip in to the background to find out information that he would not otherwise know. He's not a cat cat (like "not a people person"). He doesn't see the point of having friends, "they just betray you." he thinks.  Deep down he's a fine cat, but on his surface he's protective. He often gets distracted. (Tom)
Talonstar: Ginger she-cat. Talonstar is a cheerful, bouncy small she-cat with a good purpose but a mischievous nature about her. Though she has her ups and downs she always tries her hardest. Deputy: Mangotail (Mangostar) (She-Cat)
Bronzekit: Light brown spotted she-cat. Parents are Dawnclaw and Fallenpool, Littermate to Cherrykit and Cinnamonkit. (She-Cat)
Silverflight: Dark ginger she-cat. She is a very kind friend. Light-hearted toward those who are weak. She is smart when it comes to quick wits. She is very strong-willed. (She-Cat)
Sandyslip: Silver and white tabby she-cat. Sandyslip is a quiet, reserved she-cat when you first meet her. She doesn't like to give bad first impressions, and she can sometimes be hard to get through to, especially if she doesn't think you like her. But if you take the time to know her, and she thinks she can trust you, you'll never meet a more loyal and friendly cat. Sandyslip knows how to make anybody feel special. She is friendly, funny, and loves to give each of her friends some quality time with her. (She-Cat)
Barkfeather: Pale gray she-cat. Barkfeather is very adventurous, and very outspoken. She never hesitates to add in her opinion, whether she was spoken to or not, and generally does things her way, which can result... Badly... Sometimes. However, she's very loyal to her friends. She won't stand for being treated like a kit, and will do anything to prove her worth. She has a good head on her shoulders; she just needs help using it... (She-Cat)
Floodleg: Long-limbed black tom. Floodleg is a angry, fierce, but bubbly, tom with a kind heart. Mate to Lostwing. (Tom)
Quickfur: Gray and white she-cat. Quickfur is a wise, smart, skilled, brave, and strong. Parents are Spiritpelt and Sedgetail, Littermate to Clearpool, Firconestripe, and Jackdawthorn. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Talonclaw, Talonstar, Sagelight
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