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Post  Grayspots on 5/13/2013, 4:58 pm

Former TigerClan Cats XCi5bP6

Tigerstar: Long-haired dark brown tabby she-cat. Tigerstar likes being alone and has a weird hobby of staring at the sky during her free time and quiet often daydreams. Deputy: Morningtail (Morningstar) (She-Cat)
Morningstar: Brown tabby tom. He's rather harsh and cold-hearted. He doesn't take a lot of crud from anyone. Mate to Bronzetooth. Deputy: Bronzetooth (Bronzestar) (Tom)
Almondpaw: Light brown she-cat. Almondpaw is caring and kind. Parents are Violetblaze and Scarletcloud, Littermate to Honeypaw, Silentpaw, and Stormpaw. Mentor is Morningfoot. (She-Cat)
Bronzestar: Gray tabby she-cat. From a young age Bronzestar was a fighter and she saw the world as a challenge. She gave her opponents no mercy and that was the way she was. Mate to Morningstar. Deputy: Featherfang (Featherstar) (She-Cat)
Owlear: Reddish tabby tom. Owlear is strong willed, never admitting defeat. He loves to argue, almost always winning the arguement, no matter if he was right or not. Fiercely loyal to his clan, he will do anything to protect it, even at the cost of his own life. If someone does happen to break through his tough exterior, they will discover the softer side of him, that rarely makes itself known. He is extremely stubborn, hardly ever doing what he is told. Having few friends, not many talk to him, or even know him at all. Mate to Morningfoot. (Tom)
Goosetail: Speckled gray tom. Goosetail is a fun cat to be around. He's energetic and funny, but protects his friends and important cats in his life no matter what. He is outgoing, but is gullible and an airhead... when it comes to relationships, he's a total block head... But Goosetail is unique in his own way, and takes almost everything as a compliment. He's a very 'up' kind of cat. Mate to Coppernewt. (Tom)
Morningfoot: Silver tabby she-cat. She's really kind at heart, but can be very hostile towards stranger cats. Morningfoot, however, hates being very rude, but that's just her personality. She loves kits, as they remind her of herself, but can sometimes get really angry at kits. She's very ambitious and wants to be a leader of the clan one day. She's very anti-social, and hates being around others. Mate to Owlear. (She-Cat)
Echopelt: Mottled light brown tabby she-cat. Echopelt is a very shy she-cat, who very frequently flees away from any cat that stares at her.  Apart from her shy side, Echopelt is actually a very warmhearted cat, eager to help anybody in trouble. Mate to Featherstar. (She-Cat)


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