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Medicine Cat Herb List

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Medicine Cat Herb List Empty Medicine Cat Herb List

Post  Runningkit-ThunderClan on 4/27/2013, 12:38 pm

Alder Bark:

This bark can be chewed up and used to soothe tooth aches, swelling pain, and prevent complications that might be caused by any of these things.


Alfalfa, often found in fields can be used to, if chewed to prevent tooth decay.

Aloe Vera:

The gel inside of the leaves helps cure skin problems and burns.


Calms spasms and cramps.


When chewed, induces contractions.

Blessed Thistle:

Increases circulation of blood if swallowed.

Borage Leaves:

Best used to treat fevers, borage leaves also help a queen to produce milk. Can often be identified as small blue or pink star-shaped flowers and hairy leaves.

Bramble Twigs:

Helps stressed cats or anyone sleep if chewed into a fine syrup and consumed.

Burdock Root:

Burdock root is good for cuts and scrapes, especially rat bites.

Catmint (Or Catnip):

Used to treat blackcough, greencough and whitecough, catmint can also help to relax a cat.


Celandine is best used to treat ailments of the eyes.


Used to calm cats and to give them physical strength.


This white-flowered plant has several different uses. The plant itself can be used to treat infected wounds while the root is best for bellyache.


If there is no catmint available, chickweed is a good substitute for countering greencough.


The sticky webs of spiders can be used to clot and stop bleeding, but be careful! They are easily damaged because they are so sticky and cling to everything. Its best to use your tail to gather them.


This bright yellow herb is quite effective against kitcough.


Best for healing broken bones.

Crushed Iris Petals:

Stimulates breathing during the birthing process; also useful for a kit's sore throat. Only useful if digested. Not commonly found in the forest.

Daisy Leaves:

The leaves of this white and yellow plant work wonders on aching joints.


Deathberries are a poisonous red berry that can kill a cat. No medicinal use.

Dock Leaves:

Best for making a cat’s coat as slippery as a fish. No medicinal use.

Foxglove Cloves:

Purges toxins from the body by making a cat vomit them.

Foxglove Leave:

Used on deep wounds to stop bleeding quickly.


Used to cool feverish cats and to treat head pain. Can also help cure colds.


Used in a poultice to treat aching joints and stiffness.


to soothe the throats. Taste delicious and is not common. Can also make a poultice taste better, but beware that it can make it taste terrible as well.


The sap of horsetail can be used in combination with cobwebs to stop bleeding.

Juniper Berries:

Good for calming a cat. Can also be used for a bellyache and help a cat regain their strength. It's a small blue-purple berry.


Leaves & flowers are particularly good when eaten for easing pains in head and throat. Inhaling the sent of fresh flowers can also calm the nerves. Also good for treating chills.


Good for dressing wounds and healing infections.

Mouse Bile:

This foul smelling bile comes from the belly of a mouse and ferments to help rid of ticks and fleas on cats. Be sure to wash your paws in the river after using or you will stick for a long time.

Nettle Leaves:

Used to treat and stop swelling.


Very poisonousness berries, just as deadly as Deathberries. No medicinal use.

Poppy Seeds:

The best herb there is to numb pain and ensure a good night’s sleep, you don't want to take to many though.

Ragwort and Lamb's Ears:

Plants that grow in the mountains that are used to give strength.


Used to counter poison, if of course, its not to late.


Used to treat coughs, and often allergies.


Thyme has a sharp scent that soothes even the most agitated cat.


A good treatment for bellyache.

Wild Garlic:

If you’ve got a lot of cuts and scrapes, make sure you roll in some wild garlic to keep out infection. Also helps keep away fleas.


This herb can be used as an ointment, used to soften paw pads (see Marigold) or to make a cat sick so they can expel poison.


Yew is a red berry that is often referred to as Deathberries. It can be used to expel poison, if a cat vomits it up quick enough. Its best to leave this alone and just go with Yarrow.


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