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Former CheetahClan Cats

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Former CheetahClan Cats Empty Former CheetahClan Cats

Post  Barktail on 10/9/2010, 5:56 pm

Former CheetahClan Cats TwQo2GG

Cheetahstar: A lightweight, spotted bronze and tan she-cat. Cheetahstar chose to make her own territory and clan where the prey was swifter than most other clan cats could catch. A vicious temper, but knew when to show it and when not to. Deputies: Lavenderleap, Silverfrond, Dewfrost, Flickercloud, Dreamsun, and Darkclaw (Darkstar) (She-Cat)
Spottedclaw: CheetahClan's first medicine cat. Mostly gray she-cat with white patches on her body. VERY sarcastic and a bit grumpy to anyone other than Cheetahstar. (She-Cat)
Darkstar: Gray tom with darker flecks throughout his pelt. Very friendly but had crazy mood swings, which made him quite aggressive towards the other clans. Deputies: Wildfrost, Silvercloud, Heartfeather, Snowsilver, Rushfur, and Amberclaw (Amberstar) (Tom)
Grayclaw: Gray tom. Grayclaw was a very kind and generous medicine cat. He could sometimes have a snappy temper but generally was gentle. He had great sympathy for sick cats and a curious nature. (Tom)
Amberstar: Solid black tom with green eyes. He was very shy and quiet. He looked unfriendly on the outside, but inside he was a nice cat who wanted to be friends with everyone. Deputy: Faithfulheart (Faithfulstar) (Tom)
Goldenstream: Golden tom with streaks of brown throughout his pelt. Goldenstream wass a very quiet medicine cat who prefered to be on his own for the majority of the time. If you got him talking, however, he wass an extremely social and sweet cat. Because of his small stature, he put forth considerable effort to prove himself, so no cat would feel sorry for him or want to help him in any way. He hated accepting any other cats help with anything and was extremely independent. (Tom)
Faithfulstar: A silver colored she-cat with blue eyes. She was very protective of her friends and her family, and if anybody tried to steal them away from her she was extremely aggressive. However, usually you never saw that side of her because she was generally very kind and smart. Quick thinking. Deputies: Iceblaze, Glaciertail, Cedarwing, and Flamestripe (Flamestar) (She-Cat)
Gingerpelt: White and black tabby she-cat. Gingerpelt was one tough medicine cat. She was definitely not quiet- which got her into trouble lots of times. Whether it be roaming outside of the camp, or next to the thunderpath by SnakeClan, this cat did whatever she pleased. (She-Cat)
Cloudkit: Long-haired white tom. Parent is Spottedfeather, Littermate to Frostkit. (Tom)
Onestripe: Gray she-cat with black spots and stripes. Onestripe is the most kind and caring cat you could ever met. She knows all the cats by their scent. She is wise and smart and always knows just how a cat is feeling. (She-Cat)
Flamestar: Ginger ticked oriental tom with sleek fur. He has long legs and very large ears, with a long tail to match. He's a kind-hearted cat, will do anything to protect his Clan and family. Loves to have fun as if he was a young apprentice again. Mate to Spottedfeather. Deputy: Burdockstripe. (Burdockstar) (Tom)
Nightkit: Black tom. He likes to keep to himself, and when bothered he snaps. The one thing he hates the most is annoying, always happy cats. It seems like he is always in a temper, but most of the time he really isn't. He has yet to meet someone to soften him up. Parent is Streamfoot, Littermate to Breezekit and Tornkit. (Tom)
Dawnpaw: Small black tabby tom. Dawnpaw is cold, aloof, and unemotional. He does not believe in others knowing how he feels, so he does not ever discuss it. He enjoys playing up a show for the she-cats, who subsequently end up confused and completely over him. Parent is Eagleclaw, Littermate to Brownpaw, Crookedpaw, and Ospreypaw. (Tom)
Crookedkit: Ginger and white she-cat. Crookedkit never abuses her size and strength, though she generally stays away from other cats, even her clanmates, and is often seen as anti-social. She always seems to maintain a distant look in her eye as if she's off in her own world and has better things to do than live in the real world. Reserved and quiet, she can't quite be described as shy but she definitely has a silent and stoic disposition. However, when she does speak with clanmates, she's often polite, though does not uphold long conversations. Parents are Birchface and Whitestorm, Littermate to Foxkit and Shrewkit. (She-Cat)
Burdockstar: Sleek black and gray tabby tom. Burdockstar is just a different, if pure, soul. Yet, he is not naïve in any way, or is on a quest to make cats happy and the world full of rainbows and flowers. He’s just quiet, and if he sees a cat looking upset, he will silently pad over and equally silently sit next to them. If they talk to him, he will listen, maybe respond. If they don’t, he stays there quietly, until he wants to leave. This makes him the unofficial consoler to those he knows, and otherwise. Mate to Willowfire. Deputy: Heavytail (Heavystar) (Tom)
Eagleclaw: Midnight black cat with hidden spots splashed across her pelt. Very silent cat, Eagleclaw has always accepted her leader's word as law. Fiercely loyal, she will not hesitate to fight for her Clan. Always solemn, phrases much older than herself often come out of her mouth, and always thinks about something before she says it. Mate to Icewhisker. (She-Cat)
Fawnpelt: Lean chocolate brown she-cat with amber eyes. Fawnpelt is a nice cat. Sometimes a litte to nice. She's more then willing to make friends from other clans. (She-Cat)
Featherpaw: Sleek black and gray tabby tom. Featherpaw is a caring cat. He can be tough at times, but he's always fair. He's shy, but puts in a comment when necessary. He is very smart, and comes up with most of the clan's patrol and battle positions. He is a very fast learner. Parents are Burdockstar and Willowfire, Littermate to Boulderpaw and Brightpaw. (Tom)
Sedgepaw: Gray tom. Thoughtful, intelligent, he doesn't let himself be swayed easily though takes advice from the older. Parents are Whitepelt and Blossomheart, Littermate to Silverpaw, Jawpaw, Toothpaw, Cheetahpaw, and Turtlepaw. (Tom)
Sorrelberry: Tortoiseshell and white tom. A jerk and troublemaker, Sorrelberry is not hesitant to throw insults at anybody. His troublesome personality usually gets him in a punishment for taking care of the elders, but the tom will never learn. Parent is Cheetahclaw, Littermate to Dustclaw, Leafstripe, and Spidereye. (Tom)
Crookednose: Black tabby tom. He is gentle and kind, compassionate to all living things, and thrives on feline interaction. He has many friends, as close as family. He loves to help his Clanmates, and can regularly be found by the side of any cat in trouble, CheetahClan or not, acquaintance or not. Parent is Eagleclaw, Littermate to Browndaisy, Dawnpaw, and Ospreyfall. (Tom)
Specklekit: Pale ginger tabby tom. Specklekit is a very fatherly cat, he loves kits, who couldn't love their little furballs? He is very loyal to his clan and would die fighting for them. Parents are Icewhisker and Eagleclaw, Littermate to Finkit. (Tom)
Burningstem: Red tabby tom. Burningstem is obsessed with Amberpaw. Literally. Whenever Burningstem's eyes set on her, he goes insane. He will try to impress her by either smooth talking with her, or simply being a good warrior. (Tom)
Heavystar: Dark brown tabby she-cat with a stubbed tail. Soft-spoken and heartful, she is a cat with a past but doesn't let that stop her. She is outgoing in fights and won't back down to a challenge. She has both CheetahClan and SnakeClan in her blood. Deputy: Blackstripe (Blackstar) (She-Cat)
Heavypaw: Thickset gray tabby tom. This young tom isn't thirsty for battle, nor is he anxious to prove himself as a vicious warrior. He's rather content just being a simple warrior and his forte is hunting, more so than fighting. Heavypaw is very friendly, kind, and caring to those of his own clan, anyone outside of it, he's cold and passive towards. Needless to say, he's very loyal to CheetahClan. Parents are Blackstar and Tawnyfeather, Littermate to Brambleheart and Shortpaw. (Tom)
Feathershade: White and gray tabby tom. Feathershade is sweet as sugar to his clanmates most of the time, but can really get angry when he is either disturbed, or called small. He has a fierce desire to protect his clan, and will hurt any cat who gets in his way. He likes to play with the kits, unless he's mad or tired. Mate to Cheetahclaw. (Tom)
Spidereye: Long-limbed black tom with brown underbelly. Clever and cunning like a fox, but as distant as the moon. Spidereye is solitary, and a bit twisted. Parent is Cheetahclaw, Littermate to Dustclaw, Sorrelberry, and Leafstripe. Mate to Tinyheart. (Tom)
Brightfire: Thick-pelted black cat with white paws and blue eyes. Often gets into trouble. Snuck out of the clan camp when he was two moons old and tried to "hunt" in his way of helping the clan. Not at all interested in things that Cloudclaw is. Has a stub of a tail from another "adventure" that ended with him stuck in a twoleg trap. Parents are Mousepelt and Bloodclaw, Littermate to Cloudclaw. Formally a LionClan cat. Mate to Heatherpelt. (Tom)
Jaypaw: Dark smoky gray she-cat. Jaypaw is a flirtatious, mischievous she-cat. She is always flirting with some random tom. She is easy to love because of her kind nature, though, and giddy moods. She will often act goofy at
times when the mood is serious or sad, and may disrespect those who don't know her and her personality well. She is open-minded and will never lie, which some cats take as rude when she tells them the truth when they ask for it. She likes to meet new cats, especially toms. With toms, she will try to get them confused by sending mixed signals; she will flirt with more than one tom at a time, which, from her experience, leads to arguments against each other and the jealous toms. She is absorbing to look at, since she never sits still and is always saying something completely random and silly, and will often giggle at her own oddness. Parents are Burdockstar and Willowfire, Littermate to Emberpaw, Ripplepaw, and Dapplepaw. (She-Cat)
Blackstar: Gray tabby tom. He has a calm sense of doing, in other words when something is driving other cats to a panic, he'll try to calmly explain the situation to himself, and find the best solution. Blackstar also is very adventurous and always wants to try new things. With his sense of adventure comes his creativity. Mate to Tawnyfeather. Deputies: Feathershade, Brightfire, Spottedfeather. (Spottedstar)(Tom)
Frostblaze: White she-cat. Quiet and charming, Frostblaze is usually a very easy cat to get along with. She's very perceptive, particularly when it comes to the feelings of others. Parents are Flamestar and Spottedfeather, Littermate to Goldenfang. (She-Cat)
Firefeather: Thick-pelted chocolate brown tom with manelike fur around his neck. Firefeather is more of a causal and calm cat. He laughs alot and never is in a bad mood, unless something really bad had happened, like someone dying, or being exiled. Mate to Brownclaw. (Tom)
Shortberry: Dark brown tabby tom. He is a patient cat, and rather optimistic. He rarely sees the cup as half-empty. Although rather creative for a cat, Shortberry is terrible with words. He'd like to talk, but he messes up his words a lot and makes himself look like an idiot, so he refrains from speaking much. This doesn't mean he's anti-social, just a little on the quiet side. Now Shortberry is very protective of all of his clanmates and anyone he's fond of, but mostly his family. Sometimes he confuses controlling and protective at times, though. He is subconsciously controlling, at times trying to make someone do what he wants, but in their best interests. Parents are Blackstar and Tawnyfeather, Littermate to Brambleheart and Heavypaw. Mate to Earthdaisy. (Tom)
Spottedstar: Beautiful white-spotted she-cat with blue eyes. Spottedstar is probably one of the darkest cats one you will ever have the misfortune to meet. Mate to Flamestar. Deputy: Boulderstripe. (Boulderstar) (She-Cat)
Russetpaw: Dark ginger she-cat. Although she might not say much at times, Russetpaw is quite observant. Because of her watchful behavior, she often observes things other cats do not notice immediately. She doesn't speak much, but if she does, it is usually a carefully thought out statement. Because of her desire to observe, she excels in hunting. She is not great at fighting, however, because she is the type to carefully think out things before acting, and fighting requires quick thoughts and actions. Parents are Pinestorm and Bramblestorm, Littermate to Goldenclaw, Frostpaw, Longpaw, and Cedarpaw. (She-Cat)
Streamfoot: Jet black she-cat with striking yellow eyes. Streamfoot almost never talks to anyone, the essence of sadness lingers about her and if a cat can make her purr, they are obviously special to her. (She-Cat)
Ospreyfall: Jet black she-cat. She is fierce, but loyal. A perfect combination in a friend. When it comes to CheetahClan, Ospreyfall is loyal to them, for the most part. Parent is Eagleclaw, Littermate to Browndaisy, Dawnpaw, and Crookednose. (She-Cat)
Lightningclaw: Black and white tom. Lightningclaw is, simply told, an evil little kitty. He enjoys watching other cats suffer and kills prey for no reason other than to see the prey die slowly. He is especially hateful to she-cats and often seen 'commanding' them, trying to make them obey him no matter what. He is also extremely short-tempered. Parents are Brightfire and Heatherpelt, Littermate to Shadowclaw, Roseheart, Saltfur, and Cometwhisker. (Tom)
Boulderstar: Skinny gray she-cat. Boulderstar has different personalities depending on where she is. When in battle she taunts the cats, but uses her head. However in her clan, she is gentle and kind. Its almost impossible to tick her off, making her a stronger opponent. Parents are Burdockstar and Willowfire, Littermate to Featherpaw and Brightclaw. Deputy: Pebblestripe (Pebblestar) (She-Cat)
Bramblestorm: Thickset ginger tabby she-cat. What Bramblestorm lacks in brawn, she makes up for in brain. She's a wise battle strategist, so Bramblestorm can be a threat in battle. Bramblestorm's sort of lazy... She's never really wanted to settle down and have a mate and kits. She's the kind of cat that others look up to for advice. She can see long days of telling stories to kits and apprentices ahead of her, when she becomes an elder. Mate to Pinestorm. (She-Cat)
Dreamfur: Blue tabby she-cat. Dreamfur is a very quiet cat. She prefers to keep to herself. She is great at attacking other cats, although she does not unless it is another Clan cat or training. Dreamfur always thinks before she speaks and acts. She does not usually get in trouble. She does not like exploring. Parents are Runningfire and Darkbelly, Littermate to Pebblestripe, Earthdaisy, and Treeflower. (She-Cat)
Goldenfang: Pale ginger she-cat. Goldenfang's personality is hard to read at times. She can be open and caring but can quickly change to rude and hurtful. She acts on what she thinks is best, depending on where she is and what situation is happening. The thing that influences her actions is normally how the other cat reacts. Parents are Flamestar and Spottedfeather, Littermate to Frostblaze. (She-Cat)
Toothfang: White and ginger she-cat. Toothfang is a kind she-cat that loves to love. Some say she could be a great mother for her nurturing spirit, but she wouldn't think of it. Her loyalty to her clan overpowers her motherly instinct. Parents are Whitepelt and Blossomheart, Littermate to Sedgepaw, Silverthistle, Jawflight, Cheetahear, and Turtletail. (She-Cat)
Leafstripe: Light brown tabby she-cat. Leafstripe is fun, and loves excitement and adventures. She loves to run and play, but she still works hard. She is very protective of those close to her, but she can sometimes be reckless and forget herself. Parent is Cheetahclaw, Littermate to Dustclaw, Sorrelberry, and Spidereye. Mate to Brightclaw. (She-Cat)
Willowfire: Dark smoky gray she-cat. Confident and easy-going, this she-cat is a very contented sort of cat. She seldom has a problem with anything or anyone and generally gets on with all the cats in the Clan. You have to be really irritating to get on her nerves. Although she is laid-back, that doesn't mean Willowfire is lazy. Mate to Burdockstar. (She-Cat)
Darkbelly: Chocolate spotted she-cat. Darkbelly is extremely hyperactive physically. She loves to run, to jump, to use energy, to tackle her clanmates. She doesn't often stop to think about things, and usually jumps to conclusions without really considering alternatives or thinking logically. She's an optimist, and she loves those who she gorws close to. Clan boundaries aren't an issue for her, and in her mind, they practically mean nothing. She'll defend those she loves, regardless of clan or origin--but if there's a cat she hates, she'll hate them with every ounce of her being, and won't so much as give them a glance. She holds grudges. She won't get violent, though. She hardly ever does, and despite her strong feelings of hate that she may hold for a cat, it takes dire circumstances for her to actually lay a paw on them. Mate to Runningfire. (She-Cat)
Heatherpelt: Blue and brown tabby she-cat. Heatherpelt is very reserved, but likes to care for others. She once wanted to pursue a calling as a medicine cat, but her mother talked her out of it. Mate to Brightfire. (She-Cat)
Shadowclaw: Black tom. Shadowclaw is a fearless tom. He seems to never show any sign of fear. Although he has many doubts and worries all the time. He doesn't let those get in the way of his goals. He's also a loyal friend. Parents are Brightfire and Heatherpelt, Littermate to Roseheart, Lightningclaw, Saltfur, and Cometwhisker. (Tom)
Pebblestar: Brown tabby tom. Pebblestar is a free spirit, yet a reserved soul. Quiet by nature, he thinks before he speaks...unless you get him fired up. He has a temper, and isn't easily dissuaded when he's made up his mind. He'll fight to the death for what he believes in fighting for... he's a cat to be reckoned with and a natural fighter. Pebblestar is undyingly loyal, once you've earned his respect and trust, he'll be by your side for life. Parents are Runningfire and Darkbelly, Littermate to Dreamfur, Earthdaisy, and Treeflower. Mate to Dustclaw. Deputy: Whitestorm (Whitestar) (Tom)
Silverthistle: Silver tabby tom. Silverthistle is quite a fiesty tom at times. He has always felt the need to fight a little harder, and be a little stronger because of his size. His fighting skills are good, because he was determined to make them that way. If another cat comments on his stature he gets extremely offended. He is quick to anger, but also quick to apologize. Being a very emotional cat, he finds it easy to love others, even if they sometimes argue. Parents are Whitepelt and Blossomheart, Littermate to Sedgepaw, Jawflight, Toothfang, Cheetahear, and Turtlepaw. Mate to Treeflower. (Tom)
Sloeclaw: Black tom. Well, what is there to tell about this tom? There is much more, but let me shorten this a little for you... Sloeclaw has a strong heart and mind, making him altogether brave and bold. But this tom thinks too highly of himself. Maybe because he is like a magnet attracting all the she-cats towards him. Parents are Sagebarley of BadgerClan and Browndaisy, Littermate to Rocktail, Seedtail, and Sweetcloud. (Tom)
Cheetahclaw: Brown, gray, and black tabby she-cat. Simply put, this cat has self-esteem problems. Mate to Feathershade. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Cheetahstar/Spottedscar/Scorchstar/Dapplepelt/Swirlkit/Twilightclaw/Firedawn/Shadowface/
Badger: Wolftail
Raven: Yewcloud
Dark: Heavyfoot/Barktail
Mist: Berryflight
Thunder: Mistynose
Flame: Mosslight

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