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Former BadgerClan Cats

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Former BadgerClan Cats Empty Former BadgerClan Cats

Post  Runningkit-ThunderClan on 10/9/2010, 4:04 pm

Former BadgerClan Cats 6y6OCsM

Badgerstar: Short-legged gray tom. Founder of BadgerClan, taught other cats of his stature how to live underground and fight the badgers in the territory. Deputy: Rabbitclaw. (Rabbitstar) (Tom)
Treepelt: Tortoiseshell she-cat with a bobbed tail. First BadgerClan medicine cat. Loyal and true to her clan, her restlessness, curiosity, and dreaminess were at first deemed unwarriorlike. (She-Cat)
Rabbitstar: A gray she-cat with a muscular frame and dark green eyes. She has a scar that streaks from her muzzle down to her right cheek that she received in a fight against a rogue cat. Proud, wily, stubborn, and the fastest cat in the forest. A descendant of hers runs with the clan today, the deputy Yewpelt. Deputy: Wolfpelt (Wolfstar) (She-Cat)
Goldenpelt: The she-cat has short, dark grey fur. There are no changes in the shade of grey all down her body, although the tips of her ears and tail are darker than the rest of her pelt. Was a warrior for several moons before becoming the BadgerClan medicine cat. Interpreted signs with immense confidence, expert herb finder, temperamental and quick to fight. Took care of the clan through a sick-rabbit epidemic. (She-Cat)
Wolfstar: Blue-point siamese tom with blue eyes. Remembered for his bravery and devotion to Rabbitstar, his mate. Deputies: Flamesky and Beefoot. (Beestar) (Tom)
Willowface: Slender pale gray tom. Reliable, practical, and effecient. Long, dependable service, received many omens in his time as a medicine cat. (Tom)
Beestar: Black tom with amber eyes. One of the wisest and longest-lived BadgerClan leaders. Unusually close to a LionClan leader at the time. Deputies: Brighteyes, Aquabubble, and Cedarpath (Cedarstar). (Tom)
Cedarstar: Bronze calico tom. Loyal, devoted, strong, and compassionate. Guided clan through a time of terrible tension. Deputy: Sandburst (Sandstar). (Tom)
Sandstar: Thick-pelted brown she-cat. Most cats thought she was easy to take advantage of, and attempted to do so. Was willing to take in cats from other clans, if they wished for it to happen. Took a tom from another clan as her mate, though no one in BadgerClan knew. Deputy: Rainclaw (Rainstar). (She-Cat)
Rainstar: Thick-pelted bright ginger she-cat with stunning eyes. Rainstar was well known for a temper, which flared up at some bad times. Deputies: Nimblestorm. (Nimblestar) (She-Cat)
Nimblestar: Calico tom. Compassionate, understanding of kit's antics, and forgiving of when they got themselves into trouble. Extremely protective of his clan. Deputy: Leopardfur (Leopardstar) (Tom)
Yewpelt: Yewpelt's coat consists of mainly two colors: creamy white and grey. His well-muscled coat is mostly creamy white, with splotched of grey splattered on. Yewpelt is your average cat, though prouder than normal. He's always showing off to the she-cats, as if trying to make them appreciate his 'superior abilities.' Always looking for a mate, hasn't found one yet. At least, one he really did love. (Tom)
Leopardstar: A slightly thick-furred white she-cat with Silver-gray tabby stripes and orange blotches upon her face. Leopardstar has known quite a bit of hardship in her life, along with challenges. Her first mate, who was thrown out of RavenClan and came to BadgerClan, was killed by his own brother. Nowadays, her heart has gone to the grumpiest tom in the clan, yet she loves him anyways. Mate to Morelfur. Deputies: Yewpelt and Sandcloud (Sandstar). (She-Cat)
Graytail: Cream and ginger she-cat. Graytail doesn't believe in work. She finds it tiresome and annoying, and much prefers to spend her days playing with her friends. Something of a smart aleck, she tries to take advantage of those that seem weak but, once put back in her place, will be a devoted and loyal companion. She's very realistic and scoffs at those who are idealistic or pessimistic; she's very hard to fool and is exceedingly ambitious. Her temper, incongruous to the rest of her personality, is easy and difficult to light. She sees BadgerClan as being the best clan and is snobby towards the other clans and loners. Nevertheless, she can be very kind and usually tries to do what is right. (She-Cat)
Blackflower: Thick-pelted black she-cat with white patches on her fur. Blackflower is your average clan cat, about average in all of her abilities. She cares deeply for all of her clanmates, but especially Shadestone. Mate to Shadestone. (She-Cat)
Rainbowwhisker: Dusty brown bengal cat with green eyes. Rainbowwhisker is a quiet cat. She likes to sit back and watch things that happen. She doesn't say much at times, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have ideas. She's a decent hunter, but has issues with battle. She thinks things would be peaceful without battles. (She-Cat)
Sandstar: Large light brown tabby she-cat. Sandstar is soothing to sad cats but finds it hard to control her temper. She is so easily angered that cats put a guard on their tongue when they are near her. However, she can be gentle too. She has a strong mind and is stubborn to believe what she thinks is right. Mate to Gladespots. Deputy: Specklespider. (She-Cat)
Specklespider: Blue tabby she-cat. Specklespider is like a rose: delicate and beautiful. She will do anything for the ones that she loves, though she is overall shy and sweet. She is fresh and fun, always coming up with new ideas.  (She-Cat)
Nightpelt: Solid black tom with piercing yellow eyes. Nightpelt is a devoted tom to the clan and to his family. While he was clanborn, Nightpelt's legs seem to be longer than your average BadgerClan cat and he seems to have a better ability for jumping into trees. (Tom)
Duststar: Thick-pelted brown tabby tom, tips on the ends of his ears make him look taller. He's a very good natured cat, always trying to cheer his best friends and mate up if they're in a bad mood. Mate to Russetpoppy. (Tom) Deputy: Onesquirrel. (Onestar)
Riverpelt: Light ginger tabby she-cat. Riverpelt is the typical good sweet cat. She's calm, kind, romantic, has the patience of a tree, and does her best at what ever she sets her mind too. Parent is Leopardstar, Littermate to Badgerheart, Whiteclaw, Earthfang, Eaglewind, and Lilycloud. Mate to Lemonfoot. (She-Cat)
Onestar: Pale gray she-cat. Onestar is bloodthirsty and manipulative. She loves to play with others emotions and when they get hurt she laughs. Parent is Talonclaw. Does not walk with StarClan. Deputy: Crowlily (Crowstar) (She-Cat)
Lilycloud: Thick-pelted brown tom. He is a determined young tom and and is very witty. Parent is Leopardstar, Littermate to Badgerheart, Whiteclaw, Earthfang, Eaglewind, and Riverpelt. (Tom)
Brindlestorm: Tortoiseshell tom. Some describe him as immature and kitten-ish but Brindlestorm knows when to act serious. Parents are Goldenfire and Lilyfrost, Littermate to Spottedheart and Rednewt. (Tom)
Yellowlion: Dark gray she-cat. Yellowlion possesses the heart of a young kit, always excited and happy for the world around her. It is for this reason she tries her hardest to hide her true age even though it always catches her in the end. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Elmnose, Mosspelt, Hurricaneface, Violetpaw, and Blizzardpaw. (She-Cat)
Frogleap: Black and white tom with green eyes. Frogleap is very kind and caring cat. He should be, he's the Medicine cat. He was intrested in herbs since he was a kit. Trained under Tawnymoon. Frogleap would give his life to heal his clan. (Tom)
Crowstar: Dark smoky gray tom. He is, however, a great warrior. He always keeps a level head, even in a terrible crisis. He is very optimistic and cheerful, and always looks at the fresh-kill pile as half-full. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Mistypaw, Roseflight, Fuzzyleaf, and Stripecloud. Mate to Oakfern. Deputy: Goldenfire (Goldenstar) (Tom)
Cedarkit: Dark gray she-cat. Cedarkit is a usually calm cat, but when angered, she will snap your back in half. Parents are Earthfang and Buzzardtail, Littermate to Smokykit, Bearkit, and Buckkit. (She-Cat)
Talonclaw: Sleek dark gray tabby she-cat. Talonclaw has a gentle nature. She's a quick-thinker, which makes her the perfect warrior. She is a kind and patient cat, and if any of her clanmates or a cat in another clan for that matter, is harmed or in trouble, she will help them. Talonclaw always follows her instincts. She believes that what she thinks is best is what she will do. When a cat keeps moaning at her, then she can get annoyed, but she tries not to lose her temper. Mate to Mistyclaw. (She-Cat)
Tornpaw: Ginger tabby she-cat. A bit of a flirt, but very nice usually. "Sugar and spice, and everything nice," just about sums her up. But that spice is chili pepper! Don't get on her bad side, you'll go around with deep scratches for a while. Don't mess with her, she's dangerous! She's a bad girl right down to the core, so watch your back! Parents are Leafmoon and Mistyflower, Littermate to Beechpaw, Dawnwhisper, Minnowpaw, and Stormpaw. (She-Cat)
Silversun: Gray tom with very small ears and an amber eyes. He is quick-witted and very intelligent, two traits turned lethal when paired with his natural desire to seek and cause mischief. His favorite pasttime is doing what isn't expected of him, in a nutshell: this includes all sorts of shenanigans that might eventually earn him the title of Resident BadgerClan Rebel. Mate to Feathertail. (Tom)
Violetsparrow: Blue-gray tom. Violetsparrow is definitely a showoff. He likes to be the center of attention. Once you give him a compliment, he tries to do things that he is completely incapable of doing, like bringing rain during a drought or defeating a bear. In short, he tends to have a big head when the spotlight is on him. He tends to act before he thinks, which gets him into a whole lot of trouble. When something or someone makes him look bad, he blames them instead of just taking the blame himself. This is why a lot of cats don't like hanging around him. He can turn on you if he's not liking how things are playing out. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Yellowlion, Elmnose, Mosspelt, Hurricaneface, and Blizzardclaw. (Tom)
Goldenstar: Ginger and cream tom. His mews are high-pitched and he has a bubbly personality. He is smart, and is a fast learner. Mate to Lilyfrost. Deputies: Silversun, Jayfur (Jaystar) (Tom)
Whiteclaw: Blue-gray and brown tom. Whiteclaw is very quick and bright. He lights any area he enters in, and shines his caring light. The tom has always been really caring and strong, both mentally and physically. His eyes reflect his young shining soul. When he heard from his parents about StarClan, he immediatly believed and seemed like he came from there himself. Parent is Leopardstar, Littermate to Badgerheart, Earthfang, Eaglewind, Riverpelt, and Lilycloud. (Tom)
Jaystar: Gray and white tom. Jaystar is an aggressive cat that will attack and get angry very easily. He can easily be lured into rage, and is hard to calm down. He doesn't express happiness, or joy, or anything like that. He only expresses anger, sometimes saddness, but mostly is a smooth talking dark minded cat. He acts very proud, but is annoyed that he is in BadgerClan. Parents are Oaktail and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Peacetail, Saffroncloud, Silentwhisker, and Quicknose. Deputy: Roseflight (Rosestar) (Tom)
Gladespots: Ebony-black tom. Helping out at times, but mostly he just sits down and gives cats information or history lessons. Mate to Sandstar. (Tom)
Blizzardclaw: White tom. Blizzardclaw is one of those more formal and dignified cats. He is very mature, despite his age. Blizzardclaw is very capable and brilliant, meaning he can tackle almost any situation in his paws. His temper is very mild and he is slow to anger. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Yellowlion, Elmnose, Mosspelt, Hurricaneface, and Violetsparrow. (Tom)
Oakfern: Light brown tabby she-cat. Oakfern jumps into action without thinking about it, and often says things that she does not mean. She is proud of her speed and her ability to catch even the fastest of prey. She is not much of a fighter because she is light, but she is a hard target because she is very swift. Oakfern is anything but shy and never has any problems expressing her opinions or emotions. Parents are Gladespots and Sandstar, Littermate to Halftail and Stumpyflower. Mate to Crowlily. (She-Cat)
Eaglewind: Sleek black tom. Eaglewind tends to be very quiet and submissive. He isn't all that sociable among other cats, and often causes awkward silences when cats talk to him. The black tom is very blunt and harsh, and often never thinks of another cats feelings. Parent is Leopardstar, Littermate to Badgerheart, Whiteclaw, Earthfang, Riverpelt, and Lilycloud. (Tom)
Rosestar: Creamy-gray tom. Rosefstar is a quiet cat that seems to be bold and stand out from the other clan cats. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Crowlily, Mistyclaw, Fuzzyleaf, and Stripecloud. Mate to Mintegg. Deputy: Mistyflower (Mistystar) (Tom)
Hurricaneface: Black she-cat. Hurricaneface is very dependent of others. She is easily manipulated because she thinks cats won't like her if she doesn't do what they want her to do. She tends to be clingy with her friends, again, because she doesn't want to lose them. Most cats actually think she's kind of annoying. When with her friends, Hurricaneface is energetic and playful. Parents are Cedarheart and Riverheart, Littermate to Yellowlion, Elmnose, Mosspelt, Violetpaw, and Blizzardclaw. (She-Cat)
Batclaw: Black she-cat. If Batclaw could be described in three words, they would be spunky, playful, and friendly. She is very outgoing and loves to make new friends in anybody, and she's not afraid to walk up to a complete stranger and say "hello." If there's one thing she hates, it's conflict, and she'll do anything to avoid it. She often keeps her personal opinions to herself so as to avoid potential arguments. Batclaw loves to play; ironically, her favorite pastime is play-fighting. Parents are Mossheart and Molefang, Littermate to Moonswim. (She-Cat)
Buzzardtail: Small calico she-cat. She is a calm, quiet, shy, and socially awkward. But when something threatens her clan, family, or territory she becomes a vivacious cat of fury. Mate to Earthfang. (She-Cat)
Shrewpaw: Thick-pelted silver-gray tabby she-cat. Shrewpaw is very sweet and kind, and loves to give a helping hand--er, paw-- to those in need. She can be a bit dreamy at times and more than once stumbled across the border, but she knows what's best for her Clan and tries not to get distracted. Shrewpaw also has a whole section of her heart devoted to the warrior code, and always follows it, no matter what path it takes her on. She is entirely devoted to her Clan and would gladly give up her life to defend it and the warrior code. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Dawnpaw. Mentor is Sagebarley. (She-Cat)
Yellowtail: White and black she-cat. Don't be fooled by her good looks; Yellowtail can be sassy and quite a smart aleck sometimes. The white and black she-cat is very realistic. She may come off as a pessimist, but that is not the case. You rarely see her soft side, unless she is with someone that she cares about. Nonetheless, Yellowtail can be a devoted companion if you stick by her. Mate to Badgerheart. (She-Cat)
Mistystar: Ginger she-cat with black specks through her fur. She can be sweet, mean, sassy, spicy and really annoying. But she is loyal where her heart is concerned. Deputy: Halftail (Halfstar) (She-Cat)
Flowertail: Blue-gray tom with blue eyes. He is one of those cats who seems to be the favorite, but he is by no means perfect. He is so used to doing what others say that when he is operating alone he feels a lack of self confidence and usually ends up farther back then he was when he started. This is because he goes back on every step he takes thinking it’s the wrong thing. He is a very friendly tom but not very playful he doesn’t feel the need to play fight like most cats, but when he’s around a sort of dim calmness seems to spread. (Tom)
Swiftstorm: Gray tabby she-cat. She has always been a very strong willed cat. She thinks very highly of herself all of the time. She sees the way those toms look at her and she loves the attention. Yes, she adores attention! Mate to Molefur. (She-Cat)
Peacetail: Longhaired gray and black tom. He is good-hearted and loyal tom, who often thinks about other cats feelings. He is trustworthy but a bit hyper and light-minded. His mood swings greatly but Peacetail tries not to show it to anyone. He is easy to hurt and hard to gain his trust. Parents are Oaktail and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Saffroncloud, Jayfur, Silentwhisker, and Quicknose. Mate to Barkclaw. (Tom)
Sagebarley: Pale gray tom. Sagebarley is a relatively good-natured cat. He is very compassionate cat, and has a hard time holding grudges against anybody. He has an almost gravitational force when it comes to others. He seems so cheery all the time, and others enjoy his company. He appears to be very happy, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes he just swings into a very low mood, and he doesn't want to be around anyone. His eyes betray what he is thinking often, so when he is in one of his slightly depressed moods, he avoids eye contact, so he doesn't have to explain. He has a sense of humor, but he is funny in a way that doesn't involve making fun at anyone else. Parents are Mosstail and Hazelfoot, Littermate to Mintegg. Mate to Quicknose. (Tom)
Stormwhisker: Dark gray tom. Overall, he can be a rather hostile tom. He hates other cats and tends to stick to himself most of the time. However, Stormwhisker can be open a bit, especially around his family. Not afraid to break the warrior code, he often gets himself in trouble. Parent is Mistyflower, Littermate to Tornpaw, Beechclaw, Dawnwhisper, and Minnowegg. (Tom)
Feathertail: A thick-pelted silver-gray tabby she-cat. Feathertail seems to be too sweet and innocent for her own good. She wandered away from twoleg place after following a butterfly and was found in BadgerClan territory by a warrior. Mate to Silversun. (She-Cat)
Saffroncloud: Gray tom. While his normal every day behavior is quiet, friendly and calm, very steady and unwavering really, Saffroncloud sometimes has those days where he is just bouncing off the trees. But really, nobody can seem to hate him, unless he just rubs off on the wrong way. He's certainly not stupid, but he's very innocent in his own way. He's loyal, helps out, and is friendly as ever. So who cares if he has the occasional hyper-crazy moments? Parents are Oaktail and Russetpoppy, Littermate to Peacetail, Jayfur, Silentwhisker, and Quicknose. Mate to Elmnose. (Tom)
Molefur: A tortoiseshell tom with blue eyes. Brave and fierce, he has the heart of a true warrior. He can be clever, strong, swift, loyal, wily, and proud. He would fit in with any clan, but loves BadgerClan. Except for fighting the badgers part, those scare him quite a bit. Mate to Swiftstorm. (Tom)
Molebelly: A longhaired brown tabby and white tom. Brick colored nose and amber eyes. Molebelly is very trusting and he will always give someone a second chance even if they don't deserve it. He is also very trustworthy himself. He hates toms who play with she-cats feelings for their own pleasure. Parent is Duststar, Littermate to Lemonfoot and Willowear. Mate to Stumpyflower. (Tom)
Halfstar: Big dark brown tabby tom. He is a nice cat with a warm heart, but if needed, he can be extremely fierce. He aims to be a great leader and to one day reach deputy. He is loyal to the clan and to the warrior code, but if it's for the good of the clan, then he is ready to receive any punishments for breaking the code. Parents are Gladespots and Sandstar, Littermate to Stumpyflower and Oakfern. Mate to Rednewt. Deputy: Lemonfoot (Lemonstar) (Tom)
Fuzzyleaf: Cream tom. Fuzzyleaf is very adventurous. He often gets into trouble. His curiosity has gotten the best of him more times than he can count. He usually doesn't care what others think and speaks his mind. He isn't full of herself, but he loves what little praise he gets from those who see the good in him. Parents are Silversun and Feathertail, Littermate to Crowlily, Mistypaw, Rosestar, and Stripecloud. (Tom)
Molefang: Red silver tabby she-cat. Molefang is endlessly curious. She loves poking around in things she's not allowed to, especially liking to stalk the medicine den because of the multitudes of interesting herbs. She doesn't have a lot of ambition. Mate to Mossheart. (She-Cat)

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