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Former BurningClan Cats

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Former BurningClan Cats Empty Former BurningClan Cats

Post  Violetblaze on 2/6/2013, 6:13 pm

Former BurningClan Cats IvOOA9V

Burningstar: Brown tabby tom with folded down ears. Burningstar is an endlessly loyal and friendly cat. The only thing that matches his loyalty and friendliness is his curiosity. He's very nosey and loves too convince others too let him in on their secrets. But he doesn't tell their secrets, oh no! As I said before, he's very loyal and would never do such a thing. He just enjoys knowing things, and sometimes that gets him into trouble. Mate to Birdtail. Deputy: Nightfoot (Nightstar) (Tom)
Flowerface: Light brown tom. Flowerface is a neat freak, not able to sleep in the same bedding more than twice. Flowerface also likes things neat and tidy, cleaning after every cat and either burrowing away scraps of dead grass or moss, or making it into something useful. Flowerface can be shy with new cats, but he is usually talkative and peaceful. (Tom)
Nightstar: Gray she-cat. Nightstar's personality matches her looks. The she-cat is mysterious, secretive, and rarely makes social contact with others. She could care less of another cat's plight and is always more interested in self-preservation. She enjoys needless bloodshed but restrains from assassinating innocent cats. She doesn't mind watching another cat murdering another in cold-blood while she watches from the shadows. Nightstar is loyal to her Clan but her ambitions can get in the way of her loyalty easily. Just one little fun fact, Nightstar is a bit of a clean-freak and hates it when her fur is ruffled or in any way disrupted. She will even rise before any cat has stirred and spend extra time grooming her gray fur. Deputy: Brownfoot (Brownstar) (She-Cat)
Twilightlion: Large pale gray tom. Soft-hearted and quiet, this tom believes every battle can be stopped, and therefore hates to fight. (Tom)
Hatchkit: Dark gray she-cat. This she-cat is very cold-hearted. She is also very impulsive, known to act on a moments notice. She is not very social, and hates to talk. This she-cat is very unique, because she has no soft spots. She hates copycats, and it annoys her when others copy her. She is a very calm cat. She has no common sense. Parents are Ocelotfur and Mistytail, Littermate to Quailkit and Mistlekit. (She-Cat)
Flamestorm: Ginger tabby tom. Flamestorm is a very... mysterious tom. Parents are Firewhisker and Skycloud, Littermate to Whitegorse, Hawkfire, Tangleheart, Poppystripe, and Pinesnow. Mate to Creamwhisker. (Tom)
Violetfoot: Gray tom with two black paws. Violetfoot is calm and docile, but spirited and prideful.  Being shy is alien to him, for he is always confident and assured in everything he does. Mate to Clearfeather. (Tom)
Brownstar: Gray and white she-cat. She is very clever and fast learning, she is curious and will usually do anything to learn. Deputy: Quietfoot (Quietstar) (She-Cat)
Quickpaw: Gray tom with two black paws. Intelligent, leaderly, confident, charming, selfless, protective, creative, sweet, romantic, outgoing, adventurous and loyal. Parents are Violetfoot and Clearfeather, Littermate to Briarpaw, Oakpaw, Walnutpaw, and Yellowpaw. Mentor is Bumblestrike. (Tom)
Chillfern: Golden-spotted tom. To put it simply, Chillfern is not the most friendly of fellows; in short, he's an emotionally stunted jackass with a very volatile temper. Parents are Flamestorm and Creamwhisker, Littermate to Redmint. Mate to Quailwing. (Tom)
Duskwind: Brown tabby tom. Duskwind is a kind-hearted soul. He is generous and thoughtful. His mind is clear of bad thoughts. He is very general to ones she trusts, but strays from others who seem like a threat. When in battle he is protective and kills only when needed. He likes to have fun and play. Parents are Cliffspring and Blossomtail, Littermate to Cindercloud and Shadowflower. (Tom)
Cliffspring: Brown and white tom. Cliffspring can be brave and a daredevil at times but,  when it comes to family he is loving and most likely to be caring for them if they are sick or injured.  His intelligence guides him most of the time around bad things.  Cliffspring is cunning and also crafty when it comes to battle.   He has wonderful scent of smell and is very agile and swift-footed. He can be sarcastic and humorous in times of need and always looks at the bright side of life.  He is very loyal to his clan and would never betray them.  Cliffspring loves to be adventrous and hyper tom. Mate to Blossomtail. (Tom)
Briarstripe: Light gray she-cat. Moody, brooding, distant, mysterious. Parents are Violetfoot and Clearfeather, Littermate to Quickfang, Oakwhisker, Walnutcloud, and Yellowthunder. (She-Cat)


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