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Former StormClan Cats

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Post  Archbird on 12/22/2012, 3:11 am

Former StormClan Cats 1Mh6Q1c

Stormstar: Unusually spotted golden tabby tom. Stormstar, despite his big appearance, is actually quite an evil character. He cares for others as much as he cares for himself. Considering he doesn’t really like himself he won't like you. His hot-headed, anger management just makes it a lot worse. Mate to Fallowtail. Deputy: Airfoot (Airstar) (Tom)
Firefur: Dark gray tom. Firefur loves to explore the forest because of his adventurous curiousity. The gray tom is quite humble despite his loud disposition. He isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in and is a very logical tom. Mate to Brownpelt. (Tom)
Airstar: Blue-gray she-cat. Airstar's energetic, upbeat performance often lures cats to her strong, healthy aura. She's a very cheerful she-cat, with a strong sturdy personality. Sometimes she can pry, and snoop into other cats business, but she means no harm to anyone. Airstar can often be sensitive, and cower in her shadow, but she's a brave and loyal she-cat. With her long legs, sturdy frame, and kind persona, she's a strong loyal warrior. This she-cat is very quick and lithe, and light on her paws when she runs. A talented hunter, and a fierce fighter, she's a nice addition to any group. Airstar can sometimes be snappy if you get on her bad side, but tries her best. Deputy: Rubymouth. (Rubystar) (She-Cat)
Amberpelt: Very dark gray she-cat. I am not easily annoyed; in fact I have a very loving and kind nature. I hate fighting, but I will without hesitation attack another cat in order to protect myself and kits. I always try to stick to the warrior code but, I will follow my heart and do what I think is right above all else. I am a little shy when you first meet me, but after I get used to you for a while then I’m more open. If you stick by my side I will tell you about my dreams and personal feelings and opinions. I will stick up for what I believe in and argue until either you agree with me or your ears fall off; as long as it’s friendly and not hostile. (She-Cat)
Birchpaw: Light brown tabby tom. Not good when working together with someone. He's not for teamwork. Sometimes he can even be quite arrogant and irritable, and sometimes disrespects his superiors. Parents are Moonfrost and Sunflower, Littermate to Sootpaw, Oakpaw, and Barkpaw. Mentor is Rubystar. (Tom)
Rubystar: Thick-pelted cinnamon and white tabby tom. The first and foremost thing to keep in mind about Rubystar is that he is completely evil. He is a bloodthirsty murderer who kills as naturally as he breathes and enjoys battles to no end. Mate to Flameflower. Deputy: Mottledtail (Mottledstar) (Tom)
Rowanpaw: Brown and black she-cat. Active, cynical, adventurous, sharp, always ready for a fight, loves to tease, loving. Parents are Rubystar and Flameflower, Littermate to Dustpaw, Snowpaw, Bonepaw, Pepperpaw, and Whitepaw. Mentor is Oakfall. (She-Cat)
Silverstep: Thickset silver tabby tom. Usually a peppy and happy tom who loves to talk and loves to gossip, he is playful and kind when he wants to be. He'll take things serious when he wants too, but he has a bright spirit. (Tom)
Oakfall: Small brown tom.  I am afraid of confrontations and do anything to avoid a fight, but I am a very good judge of character. Parents are Moonfrost and Sunflower, Littermate to Sootdaisy, Barknose, and Birchpaw. Mate to Dustflight. (Tom)

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