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Former OwlClan Cats

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Blizzardclaw: Mottled dark brown tom. If you didn't see him, or talk to him you wouldn't know he was there. He moves so delicately and his paws barely hit the ground as he lifts them up again for another step. He doesn't talk much to his clan mates and disappears often, sometimes he can disappear for days. But if you are close friends with Blizzardclaw he is very loyal, and caring. He can trust very few cats and has a sense of unease when approaching someone new, he likes to just fade out with his thoughts and hang out in places where he is alone or not in the crowd. The only thing that seems hostile about him is his menacing gaze, which he can scare kits or even grown cats by staring into their souls. (Tom)
Owlstar: Black and white she-cat. Owlstar is very shy, and it is not easy to earn her trust. Once she knows and trusts someone, she can be a chatterbox, although she would never share a secret. She is energetic, excited, and fascinated by many things. Her curiosity sometimes putts her in danger. Though Owlstar is curious, she is easily scared, but tries to hide her fear as best she can. She is determined, and loyal to her friends, family, and clan. Deputy: Leafwhisker. (Leafstar) (She-Cat)
Barkwhisker: Short-tailed brown tom. Barkwhisker is a gentle, loving cat, he wouldn't hurt another cat if he could avoid it.  He is shy, when meeting new cats, but loves to talk with his clanmates.  Barkwhisker is social, friendly and always has good stories to tell.  He is depressed when his clanmates die, and tries his best to keep a smile on his face. Parents are Leafstar and Dappledtail, Littermate to Dustpaw and Mudflight. (Tom)
Leafstar: Brown tabby tom. Leafstar is an endlessly loyal and friendly cat. The only thing that matches his loyalty and friendliness is his curiosity. He's very nosey and loves to convince others to let him in on their secrets. But he doesn't tell their secrets, oh no! As I said before, he's very loyal and would never do such a thing. He just enjoys knowing things, and sometimes that gets him into trouble. Mate to Dappledtail. Deputy: Skyfoot (Skystar) (Tom)
Berryclaw: Dark smoky gray tom. Berryclaw is quite the tramp. He stomps around, flicking his tail in she-cat's faces, trying to get them to like him. Although he is normal cat; he has no clue on how to  decide on something he likes. So, unknowingly, he walks around, making she-cats like him. Mate to Dustheart. (Tom)
Rosekit: Brown and cream tom. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Ebonykit, Nutmegkit, Diamondkit, Bitterkit, and Heavykit. (Tom)
Spottedear: Silver tabby tom. To put it simply, Spottedear is often a vain and arrogant cat. He holds much pride in his fighting skill and unwavering loyalty to his Clan. He is very argumentative and will not back down from a fight, even if he is obviously outmatched. The hot-tempered tom easily makes enemies and holds grudges against others. This warrior is outspoken and never afraid to voice his opinion or challenge somebody else's. This prickly personality is a shield for his softer side, only ever shown to that special she-cat. If Spottedear's feelings are ever snatched up by a she-cat vying for his feelings, he shows that kind of gentle side of him. Mate to Narrowleg. (Tom)
Shalewhisker: Gray tom. Shalewhisker is a very caring tom. He is always winning to help another cat with anything they need. Sometimes he will stop his current task to help another cat. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Peppereye, Narrowleg, Crystalberry, and Squeaktail. Mate to Sandfur. (Tom)
Skystar: Dark gray tabby tom. Skystar has a serious nature to him, and is easily offended. Mate to Echofeather. Deputy: Peppereye (Pepperstar) (Tom)
Narrowleg: Blue-gray she-cat. Sweet to most cats of her clan but only to the other clans at gatherings. Fierce when fighting and ready to defend her clanmates. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Pepperstar, Shalewhisker, Crystalberry, and Squeaktail. Mate to Spottedear. (She-Cat)
Crystalberry: Silver tabby tom. Crystalberry is a kind, compassionate cat who cannot stand to see a cat in pain. Parents are Skystar and Echofeather, Littermate to Pepperstar, Shalewhisker, Narrowleg, and Squeaktail. Mate to Fruitwater. (Tom)


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