Rogues of the Dump

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Rogues of the Dump

Post  Runningkit-ThunderClan on 2/9/2012, 1:08 pm


Kex: Kex has long, matted black fur and violent green eyes. She's a vicious and unyielding cat, constantly scowling and snarling. She doesn't take orders from anyone but her superiors, and even then she might choose not to. She hates almost everyone, but does hold respect for a slim few. She was abandoned by her owner at a very young age, as she was showing signs of violence. After years of living alone, she has a hard time adjusting to live in ClawClan, and challenges others constantly. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Badgerstar, Cinderheart, Shrewkit
ThunderClan: Runningkit


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