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Warriors of FogClan VSStGhy

Senior Warriors:
Littlepelt: Solid white tom. Littlepelt is a twisted and evil feline; hatred reaching from the depths of his soul, to every last hair on his pelt. This clan cat is not just maniacal and evil, but extremely intelligent. A disastrous duo indeed. He is not very strong, but fairly agile and quite quick. His strategic and fast thinking makes him a very skilled cold-blooded killer. Mate to Scorchlight. (Tom)
Pinenose: Black tom. Deadly innocent and naive, he graces others with his innocence. He tries to get others to love him, trust him, and open up to him. Tell him secrets. Even if he doesn't give his in return. Parents are Fogstar and Sparrowtail, Littermate to Scorchlight. Mate to Heatherwillow. (Tom)
Fallingfur: White she-cat. Fallingfur is a strong headed tough cat. She does not believe in StarClan but does not let that phase her. She hates certain types of cats especially elders but just cause she is a cat of action not just sitting around and complaining. She does treat them with respect though. Mate to Fawnstorm. (She-Cat)
Brackensong: Brown tabby tom. Brackensong is shy and quiet, with seemingly no personality. Although when he becomes friendly, conversations are nice. Ish. But mostly he is sad, and loud noises scare him out of his wits! Brackensong is haunted by nightmares and these terrify him. Quite often he will wake up screeching, and fears what he may do to other cats while he is in these moods. For these reasons he tends to stay away from other cats and when around them he may try to politely send them off. If in battle Brackensong may join in shyly although is not a very good fighter. Parents are Sunstar and Thymepelt, Littermate to Frecklekit, Lichenkit, Spiderkit, Nightfur, and Hawkpaw. Mate to Ferretfang. (Tom)
Fireface: Ginger tabby she-cat. Fireface is a great hunter. She has one downside... she was overconfident as a young cat. She can be very sensible about some things these days. Yet, she can still act overconfident at times. Mate to Silverheart. (She-Cat)
Nightfur: Black tom. Really bloodthirsty he is. He loves to kill and loves the feeling of still warm blood on his paws and muzzle. He likes to dig his claws or fangs deep into something or someone's body. Parents are Sunstar and Thymepelt, Littermate to Frecklekit, Lichenkit, Spiderkit, Brackensong, and Hawkflight.  Mate to Cherrystem. (Tom)
Moonflower: Pale ginger she-cat. Moonflower has a very gentle personality.  She is usually calm when the temper is tense.  She can and will get serious and aggressive if need be.  When she does, she's scary. Mate to Moonstar. (She-Cat)
Hawkflight: Brown tom.  His temper is small, but he has one. Hawkflight always hunts alone, even when the leader tells him to be partners with someone. Parents are Sunstar and Thymepelt, Littermate to Frecklekit, Lichenkit, Spiderkit, Brackensong, and Nightfur. Mate to Eagleflight. (Tom)
Deadfur: Black tom. He cares a lot about his life. He is experienced about most prey, especially mice. Parents are Bluestar and Dapplepelt, Littermate to Darkstorm. Mate to Thorneye. (Tom)
Sparrowtail: Black tabby she-cat. Sparrowtail is a fun loving cat who is loyal to her clan.  She thinks with her instincts, rather than letting other cats influence her.  She is sweet and loves kits.  Sparrowtail will fight for her clan and protect her clanmates with her life. Mate to Willowstar. (She-Cat)
Gorsefur: Ginger tom. Gorsefur is a truly sweet little thing. He has a tendency to be perky and light-hearted which is refreshing to some but may be annoying to others. He is very caring and hates to see others get hurt. But on the other end he is quick to anger and is very rash. This causes him to often not think before he acts, landing him into some tight spots. But he still some how manages to remain ticking. Parents are Silverheart and Fireface. Mate to Lilywing. (Tom)
Tenderfur: White and silver tom. The first part of his name refers to Tenderfur's personality.  He's always in a bright and happy mood, and sees the best in every cat.  He's willing to help everyone, even cats outside the FogClan border.  He tries to be loyal but sometimes his big heart overcomes his clan loyalty. Tenderfur is always talkative and friendly to the cats in his clan, especially the ones he's close to. It's hard to catch Tenderfur in a bad mood. Parents are Moonstar and Moonflower, Littermate to Cherrystem, Sparrowcloud, and Blazingclaw. Mate to Adderwhisker. (Tom)
Sparrowcloud: Light brown tom. Sparrowcloud is very caring and loves to be around kits. Most cats warm up to him quickly while others find him to be annoying. Sparrowcloud is a loyal friend and hates to put others down, he likes it when cats are happy. When a cat is angry he tries to help solve their problems, which evidently lead to problems of his own. Sparrowcloud is excellent at controlling his temper, but sometimes he can get very angry, mostly at himself and not others. He can be wise in making the right choices but sometimes he makes mistakes, that's usually when he gets angry. Parents are Moonstar and Moonflower, Littermate to Cherrystem, Tenderfur, and Blazingclaw. Mate to Skyshade. (Tom)
Blazingclaw: Ginger tom. He is a shy cat. He is very smart, but rarely uses his sharp mind. He is a fighter, but would chose peace any day. He is naturally kind, but he can snap. He is very quick to step up, or back down. He would rather follow. Parents are Moonstar and Moonflower, Littermate to Cherrystem, Tenderfur, and Sparrowcloud. Mate to Rainlily. (Tom)
Fawnfur: Light brown tabby tom. Fawnfur is a fiery young tom if there ever was one. He's sarcastic, tough, proud, and opinionated. To some, there characteristics make him difficult to get along with. If a cat does manage to gain his affection somehow, though, he makes a perfect partner. Loyal to the end, ready to defend you in any situation, and positively bursting with brilliant insults, he's the cat you want on your side. Whenever he does happen to get into trouble, he'll accept his punishment, but may grumble the entire time. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker. Mate to Pepperonion. (Tom)
Crimsonfeather: Brown tabby tom. Crimsonfeather is a a very calm, and kind-hearted tom. But, if it's a good day he has quite the goofy soul. He would never ever purposely try to harm any of his clan mates, he has the greatest respect, and loyalty for his clanmates. The way he will make any sad cat feel better is either by being calm and assertive. Or being intellectual, and goofy. But, when he gets angry, which is very hard to get him to be. He can be vicious, not courageous. He would only be courageous in war. But if it's a small brawl, he won't severely injure you. Just give you something to remember him by. Parents are Willowstar and Sparrowtail, Littermate to Mosskit, Scarletear, and Maplelily. Mate to Thymepelt. (Tom)
Scarletear: Black tom. Scarletear is not exactly the most loyal cat. Parents are Willowstar and Sparrowtail, Littermate to Mosskit, Crimsonfeather, and Maplelily. (Tom)
Maplelily: Rusty-brown tom. He only keeps one of ten promises he makes, but he tries to keep them. Parents are Willowstar and Sparrowtail, Littermate to Mosskit, Crimsonfeather, and Scarletear. (Tom)
Hawkdawn: White tom with brown patches. As a tom that likes others confused or shocked expressions, he jumps at any opportunity to do so. During battles, he isn't the most vicious cat, at least he isn't at first. He'll usually mess with your head, taunt you with puzzles, if he remembers. He's not the best at remembering things, his memory is actually horrible. Sometimes he even forgets that he was suppose to  go on dawn patrol, or go hunting with you later. It's quite hard to predict whether he'll remember something or not. And one word to describe him in a whole, is actually unpredictable. It's always difficult to tell if something you say will cause one of his uncontrollable laughing fits or set off his short temper. He could snap at you after you make even the slightest comment about something completely harmless, or he could howl in laughter and a serious conversation you never intended to be hysterical. The best advice when around Hawkdawn is to be prepared for anything, because if you poke at just the right subject he could slash at you with unsheathed claws! Parents are Cougarflight and Voleprickle, Littermate to Thorneye, Lilywing, and Adderwhisker. (Tom)
Dapplerunner: Mottled gray tom. Dapplerunner isn't exactly the nicest cat around. He believes that love made you weak, and in his mind no one is going to make Dapplerunner weak. Dapplerunner could be described as cold and rude, often coming up with insults for other cats. He behaves the way he wants to and nobody can change that about the tom. Parents are Littlepelt and Scorchlight, Littermate to Scarsnook, Skyshade, Rainlily, and Silverheart. (Tom)
Ferretfang: Golden brown she-cat. Ferretfang is a very dependant cat. She tends to "need" a mate at all times, always thinking he is the one for her. But whenever he goes and breaks up with her, she's subject to the next tom that comes around wanting to mess around with her. She really doesn't care what happens to her when she goes into these relationships. She only knows the desire to have someone be with her. When given the chance, Ferretpaw can be a very bright cat, but she is almost always put down and beaten. Parents are Fogstar and Hawkfur. Mate to Brackensong. (She-Cat)
Scarsnook: Black and white tom. Scarsnook is an anxious, skittish, soft-spoken and submissive cat, who can be easily overcome by his fears. But he loves to make others happy and constantly seeks their approval, always making sure to follow instructions with caution and never acting impulsively or recklessly. Sometimes he doesn't realize his faults because it's not usually what he is doing that's the problem: it's what he's not doing. A lack of bravery, ambition and moral strength holds him back when it comes to protecting the Clan against enemies, and taking action when needed. Parents are Littlepelt and Scorchlight, Littermate to Dapplerunner, Skyshade, Rainlily, and Silverheart. (Tom)
Silverheart: White tom. Silverheart isn't always your every day cat. Most days, he is sweet and caring and loving, and some days, but it may be rare, he is mean and grumpy and hurtful. Parents are Littlepelt and Scorchlight, Littermate to Dapplerunner, Scarsnook, Skyshade, and Rainlily. (Tom)
Robinfire: Black tom. Robinfire is a very dark figure. He isn't very nice and probably never will be. He legit just doesn't like other cats. He is an excellent fighter but he has a major flaw. Whatever he does always fails. No matter what goal as soon as he reaches his high-point he fails. Also, he is capable of making friends though he doesn't see other cats as friends but as "his idiots". Parents are Pinenose and Heatherwillow, Littermate to Pepperonion, Birdwhisker, Mooncry, Snakefircone, and Jadepaw. (Tom)
Birdwhisker: Black tom. Birdwhisker is a stubborn tom who has his own opinions that he likes to share. He can be rude and a little out there, never really seeming to care for anything or anyone. He's a bit of a softy at heart, but doesn't  show anything. He can be a bit of a jerk at times and doesn't do great at making friends. Other times he can be sweet and angelic, wanting to help others and such. But, that side of him is rarely seen. Parents are Pinenose and Heatherwillow, Littermate to Robinfire, Pepperonion, Mooncry, Snakefircone, and Jadepaw. (Tom)

Mooncry: Black tom. Mooncry has many personality traits, but one that he often shows is that he's very loyal.  When he makes a promise, he keeps it.  And when he needs to defend his clan, he does just that.  Mooncry is very good at bragging, and always tries to sound better than the other cats.  You'll often find him boasting about his accomplishments and making other cats feel bad about themselves.  He's also very brave, and will do almost anything to impress his leader.  He's usually doing extremely dangerous things, which gives him something to brag about. Parents are Pinenose and Heatherwillow, Littermate to Robinfire, Pepperonion, Birdwhisker, Snakefircone, and Jaderock. (Tom)
Snakefircone: Dark gray she-cat. Snakefircone is an excitable, energetic cat. She can get very nervous around strangers, but is generally a cheerful, happy-go-lucky she-cat. Parents are Pinenose and Heatherwillow, Littermate to Robinfire, Pepperonion, Birdwhisker, Mooncry, and Jaderock. (She-Cat)
Jaderock: Dark silver tabby tom. He is very solitary not talkative it all and loves to hunt alone. His morning hunts are preferred. He is a very odd cat where as he doesn't really do much. Just as he's told no fun which would be considered among a lot of cats. He is only talkative with cats he knows well in the clan. Others he has quick little responses that are just required no long conversations with him and not really known cats. Parents are Pinenose and Heatherwillow, Littermate to Robinfire, Pepperonion, Birdwhisker, Mooncry, and Snakefircone. (Tom)
Mousefeather: Small dusky brown tom. Mousefeather is a very kind soul, who would do anything for those he loves, even if it is getting hurt to save them. However, anger is not a trait that the sweet tom holds dear to him, it is prevalent within his sharp tongue and his strong words. He's not afraid to tangle with a cat if he needs to; not to say he would want to. Parents are Brackensong and Ferretfang, Littermate to Crookedfeather and Nightcloud. (Tom)
Crookedfeather: Black she-cat. Crookedfeather is what you'd call... a mixed cat. Usually, she is mischievous, and curious. She just can't stay still, and has to keep moving. She talks fast when she's excited, which is most of the time. A rustle in the bushes is enough for her to be lured into a badger den. She is usually overexcited and clumsy. Parents are Brackensong and Ferretfang, Littermate to Mousefeather and Nightcloud. (She-Cat)
Nightcloud: Black tabby tom.  ooh, I really hope I don't shock you too much, but... I really like the ladies. but for some reason, they don't like me. Parents are Brackensong and Ferretfang, Littermate to Mousefeather and Crookedfeather. (Tom)
Tallbarley: Black she-cat. Tallbarley is not the most likable of cats. (She-Cat)
Lionwhisker: Light brown tabby she-cat. Lionwhisker is not afraid to fight. She has a temper and is hard-headed. She is a brave, fierce and loyal fighter who would give her life up for those she loves. She is a very risky cat, and loves to do things the extreme way. She is also sharp-tounged and reckless. She is a high-spirited cat and never becomes depressed.  Parents are Fogstar and Fallingfur, Littermate to Swirlkit, Sunkit, and Olivestem. Mate to Sorrelstripe. (She-Cat)
Snailpoppy: Dark brown tabby she-cat. She never gets angry for nothing and remains ice when a reaction is not solicited from her. But when she speaks with her honeyed and low voice, it does not fail to soothe when she is calm or it can make nervous and aggressive when she is displeased. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker, Littermate to Tansyblaze, Freezepaw, Foxbriar, Rowanpaw, and Ivorypaw. (She-Cat)
Milkfur: White she-cat. Milkfur was initially a non-sociable cat with a very quiet and solitary personality, not wanting to be around the other clanmates and telling some to stay away from her, but as time goes on, she becomes accustomed to their presence and doesn't seem to mind having them around, and soon befriends clanmates. (She-Cat)
Tansyblaze: Cream-colored tom. He enjoys the simple things in life, like singing, remain under the stars to think. Or watch a sunrise for hours. He likes to philosophize when it is alone, but it will not provide comments to everyone. he is not a very talkative cat which may suggest that he is thick. Instead, he chooses his words, whether to talk, insult or scold someone. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker, Littermate to Snailpoppy, Freezepaw, Foxbriar, Rowanear, and Ivorynight. (Tom)
Foxbriar: Orange she-cat. If you're cool with her, she will reciprocate. She will bring small gifts (even if her taste in gifts are terrible). Sh will show the way to the lost cats and protect those that she judges good. She will support you in your difficult times. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker, Littermate to Snailpoppy, Tansyblaze, Freezepaw, Rowanear, and Ivorynight. (She-Cat)
Rowanear: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Rowanear's personality is quite cold and daring. She likes to have friends and is friendly towards those who are friendly to her, however, those who treat her bitterly or otherwise, she treats with coldness. While in battle Rowanear is determined and vicious, even when she gets hit down her courage and loyalty never fades and keeps coming back, fighting. Although Rowanear seems harder to get along with, she is soft on the inside. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker, Littermate to Snailpoppy, Tansyblaze, Freezepaw, Foxbriar, and Ivorynight. (She-Cat)
Ivorynight: Long-haired cream she-cat with dark brown points. Her favorite fresh-kill is a nice plump dove, she enjoys battles, she likes honest, straightforward cats and her favorite season in leaf-fall. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker, Littermate to Snailpoppy, Tansyblaze, Freezepaw, Foxbriar, and Rowanear. (She-Cat)
Darkstorm: Sleek black and gray tabby she-cat. Most of the time, she is silent and quiet, fixing others with a stony gaze when she doesn't like it. Parents are Bluetail and Dapplepelt, Littermate to Deadfur. Mate to Sootstar. (She-Cat)
Grayfircone: Gray tom. Gets into fights with anyone about anything. (Tom)
Cindershadow: Dark gray she-cat. Cindershadow isn't the most pleasant cat to meet. Cindershadow doesn't try to be an asshole, but her blunt, egotistical ways can make her come off like that. She's notorious for flinging herself into arguments and fights recklessly and she isn't afraid to speak her mind if she has a problem with something or someone. She's stubborn, bold, and always determined to prove herself, whether she's trying to boost her confidence or show her strength to other people. She is more of a leader than a follower and likes to have control, so she will hardly pay mind to anyone else's advice and will act on her own accord. if she doesn't have any problems with you, she won't give you much trouble (except for "harmless" teasing). (She-Cat)
Coalwater: Black tom. He hates being underground. Coalwater also hates small spaces (he's claustrophobic). He's a very free soul, but dislikes rules being broken, especially if he agrees with them. Parents are Sootstar and Darkstorm, Littermate to Onionear, Smokeflower, Sandpelt, and Snowminnow. (Tom)  
Onionear: Silver and black she-cat. Onionear is extremely fast, faster than some RainClan cats. He's also a great cat to lift up someone's spirits. He's very supportive and a great friend, as well as being good at swimming and climbing. Parents are Sootstar and Darkstorm, Littermate to Coalwater, Smokeflower, Sandpelt, and Snowminnow. (She-Cat)
Smokeflower: Gray tabby tom. Smokeflower seriously lacks in the muscles department and doesn't do well with tension. He also panics easily underground. Parents are Sootstar and Darkstorm, Littermate to Coalwater, Onionear, Sandpelt, and Snowminnow. (Tom)
Sandpelt: Ginger tabby she-cat.  Sandpelt can be rather cruel and harsh a majority of the time, and tends to not care about others besides those she trusts and those of her own kin. If she likes you, her body language gradually decreases from tense and stiff to calm and genuinely welcoming. Also, she can be very affectionate and flirtatious- but only if she plans to be with you in the future. Parents are Sootstar and Darkstorm, Littermate to Coalwater, Onionear, Smokeflower, and Snowminnow. (She-Cat)
Snowminnow: White she-cat. Snowminnow is a quiet she-cat not really wanting to talk to cats. Parents at Sootstar and Darkstorm, Littermate to Coalwater, Onionear, Smokeflower, and Sandpelt. (She-Cat)
Aspentail: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Aspentail is a sharp-tongued and outgoing she-cat. She isn't afraid of anything and will challenge any cat that angers her. Being very smart, she can sometimes appear aloof and vain, but isn't really. She is very competitive and loves a good debate. If Aspentail wants something, she makes sure that she gets it. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Sweetwillow, Rockclaw, Crystalfur, Bubblecloud, and Smokespider. Mate to Starlingcloud. (She-Cat)
Daisyleaf: Cream she-cat. She might start a fight under the right circumstances, and will engage if attacked. She will always show mercy if she has the opportunity to safely do so. (She-Cat)
Cherrystem: Ginger she-cat. Cherrystem is very often critical and obnoxious, but at very rare times can be sweet and friendly. When faced with a cat she dislikes, she is definetly NOT afraid to speak her mind. Depending on what cat she is talking to, Cherrystem can easily lose her temper but more often, she is able to keep it under control. Now, Cherrystem isn't all name-calling-and-bad-talk. She does have a good side, and will hunt forever to keep her clan well fed. She is also very self-conscious, and always worries she is not good enough or didn't do the right thing. Parents are Moonstar and Moonflower, Littermate to Tenderfur, Sparrowcloud, and Blazingclaw. Mate to Nightfur. (She-Cat)
Goldenmole: Pale ginger she-cat. Imaginative, inventive, passionate, earnest, oblivious, skittish, wary, and self-conscious. (She-Cat)


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