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Post  Thrushstar on 5/14/2019, 11:23 pm

Leaders of RainClan Zp0vTMT

Thrushstar: Sandy-gray tom. No shrinking violet when it comes to getting the job done, Thrushstar will do whatever it takes to complete the necessary mission. Calm and collected, it takes a lot to visibly faze Thrushstar – but he sometimes becomes too aggressive with those who he views as standing in his way. Quick to judge before he knows, Thrushstar is a firm believer in the good first impression. He is also deeply prejudiced against ThunderClan, and it would take one heckuva ThunderClan cat to convince him that they aren’t all ruthless killers. Thrushstar is quick to act – sometimes too quick – and hates taking a backseat when it comes to fighting. He is agile and quick, making him a good rabbit hunter for RainClan. Parents are Blazestar and Specklesun, Littermate to Whiteleap, Bluepaw, Archcloud, Heatherwillow, and Hailface. Mate to Rushear. Lives Left: 9. (Tom)

Mothshade: Dappled golden tom. Mothshade is a gentle cat, very loving. His problem is that he thinks plenty things are good for other cats, but they are not. He thinks before he acts. He makes sure he knows whats going on in his clan all the time. Mothshade can be as loud as a huge gust of wind, or as silent as a small one. He talks a lot. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Leaftail, Rushear, and Swallowcloud. (Tom)

Medicine Cat:
Oatpelt: Creamy brown tabby she-cat. She is usually angry and aggressive, except for when it comes to toms. She would tear any other cat from another place to shreds. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Bramblestripe, Spiderflower, and Mothfoot. (She-Cat)

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