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Post  Thrushstar on 5/13/2019, 11:23 pm

Apprentices of RainClan Zp0vTMT

Runningpaw: Dark ginger tabby she-cat. Runningpaw has been described as a hothead. Parents are Jaggedstem and Squirrelnose. Mentor is Starwhisker. (She-Cat)
Mousepaw: Dusky brown she-cat. Mousepaw subjects herself to the whims of fate on a regular basis. she believes that what is destined to happen will occur, and that struggling against the tide is useless. as such, she often comes across as cold and apathetic to the suffering of others, and expects no pity in return. She's blunt, and can occasionally come across as rude, but she sees no need to hide the truth from others. Mentor is Tigerfur. (She-Cat)

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