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Post  Goldenstar on 3/16/2019, 2:35 pm

Leaders of ScorchPride 5xrVcg5

Goldenstar: Golden male ocelot. A fantastic ocelot to sit and share tongues with. His attitude may scare some, but he will warm up to you once you get to know him more. Lives Left: 9. (Male)

Dragonthorn: Golden female ocelot. Easy going, nice personality, will get offended more often than angered. Takes a lot to piss this ocelot off. (Female)

Medicine Ocelot(s):
Fallnose: Golden male ocelot. Fallnose is an adorably inquisitive ocelot who is always sticking his nose in things it sometimes would be better not to. Other ocelot's feelings, for one. Subtly prying ocelots open to see what’s wrong, what they need help with is one of his lesser strengths, one that is less-acknowledged. (Male)
Cherrypaw: Golden male ocelot. Self Deprecation; He always looks down on himself and says he can't do anything, and is usually spotted in his own little 'emo corner'. Parents are Scorchstar and Duskcloud, Littermate to Ravenpaw, Northpaw, and Irispaw. Mentor is Fallnose. (Male)

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