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Post  Diamondstar on 1/26/2019, 8:47 pm

Warriors of BearPride 7chX8Oz

Senior Warriors:
Hazelstorm: Brown spotted male bobcat. Hazelstorm is sweet, kind, stubborn, and speaks his mind. He tends to get himself into trouble, not on purpose, but it just happens. (Male)
Wiltingwind: Brown spotted male bobcat. At first, one would think that Wiltingwind is rude, angry, and mean. In reality, he is all of those things. (Male)
Brokenpelt: Brown spotted female bobcat. Illiberality, Facetious, Audacious. (Female)
Poisonfur: Brown spotted female bobcat. Overall, Poisonfur is a strong-willed bobcat thick and through. She isn't hesitant to stand up for what she believes in, and will help others to make a stand as well. (Female)
Sugarheart: Brown spotted male bobcat. Happy-go-lucky, easily impressed, oblivious. (Male)
Kestrelstripe: Brown spotted male bobcat. Ambitious, manipulating, a natural leader. Very clever and for the most part loyal. (Male)
Grousefeather: Brown spotted female bobcat. Flexible, adaptable, clever, good at reading emotions, quick-witted, "family first", affectionate with the right bobcats, honest. (Female)
Spideregg: Brown spotted female bobcat. Doesn't know how to quit. (Female)
Chiveclaw: Brown spotted female bobcat. Chiveclaw is a confusing character. from a first impression, she seems like the kind of bobcat who has absolutely no interest in anything whatsoever. She seems like she thinks nothing is good enough for her. However, she's quite the opposite. She's actually quite a sensitive bobcat who is always making sure others are feeling okay. She'll often ask how someone's day is going or if they are okay if they seem down. She's a good bobcat to talk to if you're feeling down because she listens and does her best to give good advice. She's a very passionate bobcat, although she never shows it. (Female)

Reedfeather: Brown spotted female bobcat. Doesn’t antagonize others | won't start fights. (Female)
Willowpelt: Brown spotted female bobcat. Friendly to all / motherly / sweet. (Female)
Rockshade: Brown spotted male bobcat. Has asthma. (Male)

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Post  Briarlight on 3/27/2019, 10:52 am

Name: Briarlight

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Female

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Brown spotted female bobcat.

Personality: Stubborn to a fault, Briarlight is not one to back down so easily. A determined streak about her and a passionate fire alight within her speaks to her bravery, yet also fuels her more possessive and jealous side.


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