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Warriors of HurricanePride

Post  Bloomstar on 11/22/2018, 7:52 pm

Senior Warriors:
Dreamstorm: Golden male ocelot. Is a quiet and a bit shy of an ocelot. He is easily embarrassed when it comes to awkward questions and such. But when you get to know him she can give you an honest opinion, through he always hesitates because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. (Male)
Shalewind: Golden male ocelot. This ocelot is incredibly confident. (Male)
Rotpelt: Golden female ocelot. This ocelot carries a very uncaring touch to every minute detail. The only things she could ever concern for are for herself and her pleasures. (Female)
Thunderfur: Golden female ocelot. A warm heart emanates from this warrior. She's forever proud of her pride and serves to her highest of regards. (Female)
Spiderheart: Golden male ocelot. Spiderheart is a cocktail of personality traits. His most obvious and distinguished trait is his bravery. (Male)
Skystripe: Golden male ocelot. He is a handsome ocelot but can be snappy and selfish at times. He is nice most of the time and is very inpatient and gets angry for no reason. (Male)
Pearlpelt: Golden male ocelot. Pearlpelt is an extremely even-tempered ocelot, and is not easily moved by most events. He is a rock in the face of disaster, and is very concerned about the well being of his comrades. (Male)
Silverstorm: Golden female ocelot. She typically has a calm and happy aura. Deep down she's slightly depressed. She cares for most everyone else before she deals with her own emotions. Fairly knowledgeable when it comes to hunting, and a little bit about basic medical care. Also enjoys being in nature. Will often be found alone or taking care of cubs. (Female)
Fallowmire: Golden female ocelot. Charismatic, eloquent, good-natured, hardworking, optimistic, vivacious, and youthful. (Female)
Mistygrove: Golden female ocelot. Protective, honest, loyal. (Female)
Windrunner: Golden female ocelot. Windrunner is very caring but does have a dark side. She believes that you must do what will benefit you the most. (Female)
Hyenateeth: Golden female ocelot. She can be seen as lazy, but honesty just doesn't care, such as if someone throws her something while she is doing something and she knows its being thrown, she will allow it to fly over her head before raising a paw to try and catch it, not giving any effort to try. She can become interested in things such as games, but if she doesn't care in the beginning she won't give any effort until she actually becomes interested, which can take a good while. (Female)
Waterlog: Golden female ocelot. Brave, fiery, compassionate, quick-witted, independent, determined, ambitious. (Female)
Rockyslope: Golden female ocelot. She's extremely competitive and hates losing. (Female)
Blacklotus: Golden female ocelot. She's not someone you wanna screw with at all. (Female)
Charredcorpse: Golden female ocelot. Honestly she's just a huge cinnamon roll who only wants others to be happy. Especially those who mean the most to her. (Female)
Rooktail: Golden female ocelot. Prone to panic and anxiety attacks. (Female)
Palebird: Golden female ocelot. Palebird is your typical sweet, shy ocelot, soft-spoken and kind to all. She is not overly talkative, nor is she very outgoing, yet she is friendly in nature and genuinely likes being around others. Due to her less talkative persona, she tends to be a good listener and enjoys helping others with their troubles. (Female)

Graystripe: Golden male ocelot. He doesn’t trust anyone easily and once he does, you are considered family to him. (Male)
Leafpool: Golden female ocelot. Speaks softly. (Female)
Fallpelt: Golden male ocelot. Funny, kind, awesome. He's a amazing friend. (Male)
Ravenrye: Golden male ocelot. Ravenrye is a stubborn ocelot who can be somewhat helpful. He believes that ocelots should do whatever they think is right but be prepared that others will disagree with them. Most of the time he won't talk about himself and comes off as boring, Ravenrye would rather listen to others and their problems. The ocelot can lose his temper when you push him around, he will usually walk away from you if he doesn't then watch out. (Male)

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Re: Warriors of HurricanePride

Post  Oakstep on 2/12/2019, 10:43 pm

Name: Oakstep

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Male

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Golden male ocelot.

Personality: Charismatic, thinker, steadfast, patient , confident.


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