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Post  Rockstar on 11/10/2018, 6:13 pm

Leaders of LightClan 6CJmpxW

Rockstar: Golden brown tabby tom. My personality is very unique, like everyone else's is too. I like to climb rocks, and mountains, but sometimes it can be stressful which really doesn't help me. Sometimes I'll go around, and mess with she-cats hearts, but it's just who I am. I like to go swimming, but never alone because you never know what could happen. Hunting means a lot to me in my life because hunting provides food, water, and shelter for the cats. Maybe even sitting down, and just resting kind of sounds like me. Mate to Foxswim. Lives Left: 9. (Tom)

Brokenstripe: Black she-cat. Beneath the extremes, Brokenstripe is an extremely talented cat with a brave and courageous heart – her fire is both inspiring and encouraging to her Clanmates, aiding her when she leads patrols because cats look up to her, not only for leadership and advice but friendship as well. She is very truthful and honest to a fault, but she can be unguarded in what she says at times. This can cause strain in a relationship with some cats, but most can handle themselves well enough, knowing that the accidental offense is just that; accidental. Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Gingerfur, Dusksong, Flyingfall, Silentflower, and Iceheather. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat:
Thistlesky: Brown tabby she-cat.  Although Thistlesky doesn't look like it, she can be the kindest cat ever. She treats everyone with compassion and kindness, and doesn't have a short temper. Even though she can be kind, Thistlesky can also be easily upset, because of her flaws. When it comes down to choose whether to fight or have peace, Thistlesky would quickly pick peace, because she isn't the best fighter around. Parents are Rockstar and Foxswim, Littermate to Brookbelly and Ivybramble. (She-Cat)

Leaders of LightClan Rockfur

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