Warriors of ViperPride

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Warriors of ViperPride

Post  Rushstar on 10/8/2018, 10:08 pm

Senior Warriors:
Birdpelt: Golden male cheetah. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. (Male)
Featherstorm: Golden female cheetah. I am bubbly, but also very shy. I tend to have a short temper but I am mostly very happy. (Female)
Diamondfur: Golden male cheetah. Diamondfur can be arrogant at times. (Male)
Nightclaw: Golden male cheetah. Nightclaw is a very spontaneous, fun-loving, scatterbrained cheetah who seems immune to insult and criticism. He's very friendly and accepting, doing her best to make others happy and make new friends, however he does best to avoid grumpy characters and a simple 'leave me alone' should ward him off unless he's in an incredibly hyper state. He's not a fan of newborns, they're boring and all they do is sleep, but slightly older cubs he loves entertaining and telling stories to. (Male)
Bitterclaw: Golden male cheetah. Sweet, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, cautious, honest. (Male)
Strawberryfur: Golden male cheetah. Adventurous, friendly, outgoing. (Male)
Blazefur: Golden male cheetah. A sassy and sarcastic cheetah. (Male)
Orchidtail: Golden female cheetah. Quiet, Intelligent, Courageous, Optimistic, Understanding, Sensitive, Determined. (Female)
Serpentstone: Golden female cheetah. Serpentstone hates the sound of thunder, so much so that it immobilizes her most of the time. (Female)
Stormheart: Golden female cheetah. Amiable, Charasmatic, Comedic, Compassionate, Patient. (Female)
Sandrock: Golden female cheetah. Socially awkward. (Female)

Whitewood: Golden female cheetah. She's extremely competitive and hates losing. (Female)
Nettlebreeze: Golden male cheetah. He will not make eye contact and will avoid it as much as possible. He believes it is too intimate and will usually look just above or below the cheetah's eyes. (Male)
Aspenfall: White female cheetah. Practical and protective. (Female)

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Re: Warriors of ViperPride

Post  Gorsetail on 10/26/2018, 8:58 pm

Name: Gorsetail

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Female

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Golden female cheetah

Personality: Gorsetail isn't forgiving. She is harsh, and believes in being blunt to get her point across.


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