Warriors of BatPride

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Warriors of BatPride

Post  Stormstar on 10/7/2018, 6:49 pm

Senior Warriors:
Mistlestorm: Golden spotted male cheetah. Mistlestorm is a very friendly and fun-loving character. (Male)
Witherstalk: Golden female cheetah. Sweet, affectionate, caring, trusting, altruistic, compassionate, devoted, considerate, generous, understanding, gentle, hard-working, patient, empathetic. (Female)
Driftwood: Golden female cheetah. Loyal, confident and strategic. (Female)
Crestwood: Golden female cheetah. When it comes to her interests, Crestwood is extremely single-minded. (Female)
Skyhold: Golden female cheetah. Calm most of the time, Energetic. (Female)
Oakbranch: Golden female cheetah. Hard to befriend due to her attitude. (Female)
Deerdapple: Golden female cheetah. Friendly, supportive, loyal. (Female)
Daisytoe: Golden male cheetah. On the surface, Daisytoe likes to present himself as calm, rational, logical and somewhat distant. (Male)
Echosnout: Golden female cheetah. Echosnout has no emotions. None at all. (Female)
Rabbitleap: Golden female cheetah. Friendly | Loyal | Good-natured | Secretly really affectionate and loving. (Female)

Woollytail: Golden female cheetah. Passionate | clever | | charismatic. (Female)
Longtail: Golden male cheetah with an overly long tail. One word to describe Longtail would be 'complicated'. He's a ball of sass and brattiness. If he doesn't get exactly what he wants, you'll hear him whine for hours until he gets it. (Male)
Mousewhisker: Golden male cheetah. Might attack without reason. (Male)
Chillpelt: Golden spotted male cheetah. He is usually calm, unless someone is upsetting a pride member or friend. He is very caring and passionate, and will do anything for his pride. He likes it when his peaceful, but he always loves a good fight. Chillpelt is very loyal and devoted to his clan and his friends. He can be very shy when meeting new cats, but is naturally very animated and excited when he's with his friends. And, as much as he'd hate to admit it, he's a huge clean freak. If a speck of dirt flings onto his coat he will throw a fit. (Male)
Blossompelt: Golden spotted male cheetah. Blossompelt is often described as a very quiet cheetah with tendencies to display himself as formal as possible. (Male)
Sleeptail: Golden spotted female cheetah. Sleeptail is a very friendly and fun-loving character. (Female)

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Re: Warriors of BatPride

Post  Flailfoot on 12/16/2018, 9:18 pm

Name: Flailfoot

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Male

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Golden male cheetah



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