Leaders of CheetahClan

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Leaders of CheetahClan

Post  Whitestar on 8/5/2018, 2:55 pm

Whitestar: A ginger and white ticked tabby she-cat. Whitestar is best described in two words: cynical and sarcastic. She hardly ever admits to anyone how she really feels deep down. Although on the outside she's a sarcastic cynical butt-head, but deep down she's a sweet caring she-cat! Mate to Birchface. Lives Left: 9. (She-Cat)

Silverthistle: Silver tabby tom. Silverthistle is quite a fiesty tom at times. He has always felt the need to fight a little harder, and be a little stronger because of his size. His fighting skills are good, because he was determined to make them that way. If another cat comments on his stature he gets extremely offended. He is quick to anger, but also quick to apologize. Being a very emotional cat, he finds it easy to love others, even if they sometimes argue. Parents are Whitepelt and Blossomheart, Littermate to Sedgepaw, Jawflight, Toothfang, Cheetahear, and Turtlepaw. Mate to Treeflower. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Lilyalder: White she-cat. Lilyalder is the type of cat that would like to keep to herself. Parents are Brambleheart and Jawflight, Littermate to Redclover, Flightdew, Splashflight, and Furledflight. (She-Cat)
Heatherpaw: Gray tom. He tends to stutter, and stumble over words. Parents are Rainbowcloud and Cheetahear. Mentor is Lilyalder. (Tom)


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