Queens and Kits of CheetahClan

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Queens and Kits of CheetahClan

Post  Whitestar on 8/4/2018, 10:21 pm

Cheetahear: Silver she-cat. Cheetahear knows what she wants, but would never put herself before one of her own clanmates. If she were to see the fresh-kill pile to be meager, she'd be sure that everyone younger than her ate before her. She's loyal and honest, and even has a bit of a wild side. Parents are Whitepelt and Blossomheart, Littermate to Sedgepaw, Silverthistle, Jawflight, Toothfang, and Turtletail. Mate to Rainbowcloud. (She-Cat)
Longstripe: Pale ginger tabby she-cat. Longstripe is not a sweet cat. Though she can be slightly caring at times. She isn't very social, but keeps her ties with other cats. It takes a lot to get her to trust others, but once friendship is achieved, she can be a great and loyal cat. Her views on clan life are to always do your best and not to let anything distract you. Parents are Pinestorm and Bramblestorm, Littermate to Goldenclaw, Frostfire, Russetpaw, and Cedarpelt. Mate to Pantherwhisker. (She-Cat)
Foxpelt: Bright ginger she-cat. Foxpelt is a quiet, and rather submissive cat. Even as a kit she never made much noise, and avoided play fighting with her siblings. She hates confrontation and arguments more than anything else. Though she is shy, once one gets to know her she is very sweet. Because she is so quiet she is often mistaken for someone very dumb, but she is actually quite intelligent. Foxpelt just isn't the type to show off or brag. Parents are Birchface and Whitestar, Littermate to Shrewstorm and Crookedkit. Mate to Goldraven. (She-Cat)
Roseheart: Torbie she-cat. Roseheart is very affectionate and outwardly friendly. She is a very quiet cat, with a soft gentle voice. She loves company. Parents are Brightfire and Heatherpelt, Littermate to Shadowclaw, Lightningclaw, Saltfur, and Cometwhisker. Mate to Ocelotfoot. (She-Cat)

Heatherkit: Gray tom. He tends to stutter, and stumble over words. Parents are Rainbowcloud and Cheetahear. (Tom)
Nettlekit: Ginger she-cat. Always lost in a dream. Parents are Pantherwhisker and Longstripe. (She-Cat)
Bramblekit: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Parents are Goldraven and Foxpelt, Littermate to Alderkit. (She-Cat)
Alderkit: Dark ginger tom. Parents are Goldraven and Foxpelt, Littermate to Bramblekit. (Tom)


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