Leaders of LynxClan

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Leaders of LynxClan

Post  Gladestar on 7/24/2018, 5:41 pm

Gladestar: Small dark brown tom. Timid and very quiet, he's very distant and hard to cheer up when depressed. Mate to Acornfire. Lives Left: 9. (Tom)

Firefoot: Ginger tom. Unlike most Clan cats who feel unending loyalty towards their kind, Firefoot feels no connection what so ever to his so called 'clanmates.' He's a solitary creature, preferring his own space over companionship. During the course of his life, he's never felt like he's quite belonged, so it's no real surprise that he can often be found wandering around aimlessly in the forest, muttering complaints to himself. When he does happen upon someone he likes, he shows a surprisingly open and affectionate side that's usually kept under locks. But it's all too rare for such a thing to occur, so not many have been graced with his kindness. When in the presence of those he finds unpleasant, the tom acts both level-headed and straight to the point. Positive emotions are never wasted on the unappealing. Parent is Goldenfeather, Littermate to Poppyfire, Sandear, and Squirrelcloud. Mate to Briarhawk. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Brownheart: Pale ginger she-cat. She is a small cat with a brave heart. Brownheart has high confidence in herself but will listen cautiously to her leader. She is nice but is very quick to get angry. Parents are Darkfang and Frozenclaw, Littermate to Tigerwhisker, Halfear, and Stumpykit. (She-Cat)


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