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Leaders of MistClan Empty Leaders of MistClan

Post  Gingerstar on 6/28/2018, 9:19 pm

Leaders of MistClan Vett67G

Gingerstar: White she-cat. Gingerstar is very fun-loving. She loves to hunt. She is quite mischievous. She loves kits and is very kind. Lives Left: 9. (She-Cat)

Lavenderwhisker: Silver she-cat. This she-cat is full of energy. Lavenderwhisker is always looking to help out a fellow clanmate and enjoys to chat. She's known to continue talking until she's told to stop or been given a very clear, blunt indication the other cat is no longer interested in discussion. She takes it in stride when she's told off, merely seeking out the next cat to carry a conversation with. When it comes to her warrior duties, she jumps into each task with a cheerful disposition and positive state of mind no matter what the duty is. Parents are Miststar and Emberstream, Littermate to Ivyfur, Jaggedpaw, and Jayfoot. Mate to Duskflight. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cats:
Bloodshade: Brown she-cat. Blooshade has many factors to her inside personality that lies beneath her 'shell'. This shell is thick and isn't easy to break through. The only ones who truly know her are those who she trusts with her life. Parents are Wetfrost and Dewstripe, Littermate to Brambleripple, Mothpelt, Rainash, and Heatherfoot. (She-Cat)
Crystalsong: Black tabby tom. Holds grudges for a while. Parents are Kinkheart and Jadestorm, Littermate to Jackdawkit, Meteorpaw, Aspenpaw, Streampaw, and Dewpaw. Mentor is Bloodshade. (Tom)

Leaders of MistClan Pbucket

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