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Leaders of MistClan Empty Leaders of MistClan

Post  Gingerstar on 6/28/2018, 9:19 pm

Leaders of MistClan V66zBVE

Gingerstar: White she-cat. Gingerstar is very fun-loving. She loves to hunt. She is quite mischievous. She loves kits and is very kind. Lives Left: 9. (She-Cat)

Lavenderwhisker: Silver she-cat. This she-cat is full of energy. Lavenderwhisker is always looking to help out a fellow clanmate and enjoys to chat. She's known to continue talking until she's told to stop or been given a very clear, blunt indication the other cat is no longer interested in discussion. She takes it in stride when she's told off, merely seeking out the next cat to carry a conversation with. When it comes to her warrior duties, she jumps into each task with a cheerful disposition and positive state of mind no matter what the duty is. Parents are Miststar and Emberstream, Littermate to Ivyfur, Jaggedpaw, and Jayfoot. Mate to Duskflight. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cats:
Crystalsong: Black tabby tom. Holds grudges for a while. Parents are Kinkheart and Jadestorm, Littermate to Jackdawkit, Meteorpaw, Aspenpaw, Streampaw, and Dewpaw. (Tom)

Leaders of MistClan EQsr4Fh

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