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Elders of MistClan Vett67G

Specklefur: Long-haired light brown she-cat. Overly friendly. Loyal and devoted to the clan. She does what she can to protect everyone who lives within the territory. Anyone outside, she'll rip to shreds. (She-Cat)
Dewbelly: Dark brown tom. He is very flirty and kind.  He loves to pull pranks on other cats.  He can lose his better judgement arround a she-cat he likes.  Dewbelly is very open and out-there with what he says.  He is unpredictable. (Tom)
Dappleheart: Grayish brown tabby she-cat. Dappleheart is stubborn and prickly. She is only nice to certain cats. She is a great hunter and an amazing runner. She prefers birds to rabbits and will never EVER eat a frog , even if her life depended on it. Parents are Whitestar and Gingerclaw, Littermate to Tinyfur, Milkstar, Midnightpaw, and Duskflight. (She-Cat)
Midnightheart: Mottled gray and brown she-cat.  Independent and Hard-working. Very sassy and spunky. Never give up attitude. Actions speak louder then words. Doesn't think before she does. (She-Cat)
Lemontail: Tan she-cat. Lemontail is a cat that is quiet. She is usually reserved, being observant of her surroundings. Lemontail is a sort of loner, having a low amount of friends. Lemontail is a nature loving cat. She dreams things and believes in them so much that she thinks they're real. She gets lost in thought sometimes, staring into space. Mate to Moonclaw. (She-Cat)
Emberstream: Slender silver she-cat. Emberstream keeps to herself most of the time. She's tired, but will always go for a good fight. Although she can be grouchy, she has a soft spot for injured cats and kits. (She-Cat)

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