Apprentices of SoulClan

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Apprentices of SoulClan

Post  Soulstar on 3/18/2018, 11:18 am

Dawnpaw: Black tom with brown underbelly. Dawnpaw is a talented, but very prideful cat. He's somewhat arrogant, but tends to mean well. He loves to boast about even the most minor of feats, but tries to tune himself in to the needs of other cats. He doesn't always manage this, but he does try. He's affectionate and feels the same strong pride for those close to him, but he's also stubborn and headstrong. He is somewhat dramatic. Mentor is Thistlepelt. (Tom)
Cloudpaw: Dark brown tom. Intelligent and with the overwhelming desire to help, he is a curious cat. Mentor is Chivestorm. (Tom)
Emberpaw: White she-cat. Emberpaw is gentle hearted and very caring. She will do most anything to protect her Clan, especially kits and those she cares deeply about. She’s very motherly, and very defensive of kits. She can be snarky at times and suspicious of outsiders, but overall she means well. Mentor is Cedartail. (She-Cat)


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