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Warriors of ThornPride

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Senior Warriors:
Creamtail: Bright golden female leopard. Creamtail is usually a sweet and friendly leopard. She isn't having fun unless she's with her friends and when she's around them she's always energetic. If someone is mean to Creamtail or her friends, she gets short tempered and often gets carried away with her anger. Creamtail is also very goal setting and spirited. If something bad happens she's usually trying to make the better of it. Normally, she's the most positive. (Female)
Ripplenose: Pale golden female leopard. Ripplenose is a very kind and caring leopard and she is loyal to the warrior code to the very end. She gets very annoyed when someone disturbs her sleep which can lead her to have her grumpy days. Ripplenose tend to fight with words and not claws, but if she has to she jumps right into battle to protect her pride to the very end. Ripplenose is very loyal to her pride and the warrior code, she lightly believes in StarPride but she is highly devoted to protect her pride with her life.  Ripplenose does tend to be the quiet one when she is in a crowd but she will speak up if she has to. She also tends to be shy when she is around the leopard that she likes but she tends to speak her mind when she desires. Parents are Thornstar and Wolfcloud, Littermate to Fawnfang and Falconclaw. (Female)
Skyfur: Bright golden male leopard. Skyfur is...well, he's nothing like his name would suggest. First of all, he's definitely not quiet. Quite the opposite, in fact. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and will happily get in a leopard's face and yowl at them if the situation calls for it. He's far from gentle and calm; anything can make him blow his top in an instant, and if he's angry enough at someone, he's not afraid to claw their eyes out or rip off a tail. Parents are Thornstar and Dolphinsoul, Littermate to Flametail and Silverflower. (Male)
Flametail: Dark golden female leopard. In any case, Flametail's not a leopard you want to anger. Especially if you're of the male population. She absolutely despises males, hates them with a passion. Of course, she has good reasons - reasons you should respect and not question if you at all value your life. Parents are Thornstar and Dolphinsoul, Littermate to Skyfur and Silverflower. (Female)
Wheatshine: Small golden female leopard. To be brutally honest, Wheatshine is stupid. She's a follower, a sheep, always mindlessly doing what she's told to do. (Female)
Silverflower: Female snow leopard. Silverflower is very quiet and shy. She doesn't speak up for herself. Parents are Thornstar and Dolphinsoul, Littermate to Skyfur and Flametail. (Female)
Dustyfur: Pale golden female leopard. With a heart of fire and determination strong and willful, Dustyfur is bold and strong and when given something to do, will achieve it with flying colors. Her mind works in a way that gets her to think before any action, but when pushed forward by others, she is quick to take part in unnecessary actions. She is a great friend, loving and caring and has always looked after her elders, for she is respectful too. Parents are Thornstar and Ivyfrost, Littermate to Dogpaw, Clovepaw, and Opalsand. (Female)
Splashpool: Deep golden female leopard. Splashpool is a hyper leopard that can never sit still. She tries to stay calm around her pridemates, but when she comes into contact with an enemy she loses it. Kind and quite defensive when it comes to her friends. Hard to insult. (Female)
Rockwing: Pale golden female leopard. Rockwing is very friendly. She does have a bit of a temper. Rockwing's moods can change easily but she is mostly nice. (Female)
Midnightcloud: Golden female leopard with black ears. She is bright and happy, and loves to goof around. Few things get her down, but is able to realize that optimism only takes you so far. She never backs down from a challenge. She is smart, witty, and quick thinking. She sometimes speaks without thinking, and unintentionally hurts others. (Female)
Jayclaw: Bright golden male leopard. Jayclaw has a very sweet personality, perhaps the sweetest any leopard has ever known! He will never dare harm any other leopard and often babysits cubs for fun. He adores flowers and can always be found sitting elegantly in a patch of some. Parents are Thornstar and Creamtail. (Male)
Copperpool: Male snow leopard. Most of the souls he comes in contact with he despises of yet his personality doesn't always show it.  Parents are Thornstar and Wheatshine, Littermate to Patchfur and Tallmouse. (Male)
Heavyheart: Deep golden female leopard. Heavyheart is an anxious, skittish, soft-spoken and submissive leopard, who can be easily overcome by her fears. But she loves to make others happy and constantly seeks their approval, always making sure to follow instructions with caution and never acting impulsively or recklessly. Sometimes she doesn't realize her faults because it's not usually what she is doing that's the problem: it's what she's not doing. A lack of bravery, ambition and moral strength holds her back when it comes to protecting the pride against enemies, and taking action when needed. Parents are Hailstar and Splashpool, Littermate to Midnightpelt and Flowerwillow. (Female)
Mapletail: Dark golden female leopard. Oh Mapletail! What an optimistic leopard she is! Always looking on the bright side of life. Always. She has never been in a bad mood once - well, maybe that's exaggerating a little. No leopard could have that much patience. But the great thing about her is that she is never above herself. Yes, she has a little pride. But who doesn't? (Female)
Forestfall: Deep golden female leopard with large spots. Forestfall is kind of slow and simple minded. She is surprised by many things as they go about their business. You will see her watching an eagle swoop and bend with the air for hours on end. (Female)

Midnightpelt: Deep golden female leopard. She prefers to follow instructions rather than set them herself, and would much rather never be noticed- as opposed to standing out in a crowd. She will always do what she's told (she's a strict follower of the Warrior Code!), but she can get very confused and upset if she's forced to act on impulse, make split-second decisions, or simply have other leopards rely on her to choose what's best. In some situations, leopards may even have to bend the rules to do what's best- but Midnightpelt would never be able to go through with such a task. She would never deliberately defy anything or anyone, out of fear and low confidence in herself. Parents are Hailstar and Splashpool, Littermate to Heavyheart and Flowerwillow. (Female)
Flowerwillow: Deep golden female leopard. Flowerwillow is a soft and caring leopard to those she loves, but finds it hard to start relationships because she's not very assertive. She can be fairly generous at times and takes pleasure in making leopards happy. Parents are Hailstar and Splashpool, Littermate to Heavyheart and Midnightpelt. (Female)
Hazelfur: Golden male leopard. He is often incredibly flirtatious, leading various females and sometimes even males on as to his affections. He's a but of a heart breaker, since he doesn't exactly know what he wants in life. What he does know is that he loves the attention, even if giving away his heart so freely is bound to get him in trouble. Parents are Hailstar and Rockwing, Littermate to Moletail, Troutwatcher, and Mintmoon. (Male)
Iceheart: Very pale golden female leopard. Iceheart is a soft, caring, sweet and lovable leopard.  She loves cubs and seeing everyone's family.  (Female)
Pouncestripe: Bright golden female leopard. Pouncestripe is a rather laid back kind of leopard. She's got no true intentions to go out and be all macho because she's from DeathPride, but she does fight. Parents are Deathstar and Gingertail, Littermate to Sorrelstar, Longfur, and Diamondclaw. (Female)
Diamondclaw: Bright golden male leopard. Diamondclaw is a calm, quiet leopard as it seems; but he definitely has an attitude. Parents are Deathstar and Gingertail, Littermate to Sorrelstar, Longfur, and Pouncestripe. (Male)
Moletail: Golden female leopard. Since she was young, Moletail has always been eager to prove herself to everyone who is watching. To her parents she did her best to show them that she was a strong leopard, and a daughter to be proud of. Parents are Hailstar and Rockwing, Littermate to Hazelfur, Troutwatcher, and Mintmoon. (Female)
Troutwatcher: Golden male leopard. Oftentimes, when he doesn’t doubt himself and isn’t trying to impress someone, Troutwatcher is caught sitting outside of the camp, usually at night, gazing up at the stars. He is a highly religious leopard, and believes firmly in StarPride. Nothing could sway his beliefs, and would believe in StarPride even if he were being tortured, and the only relief would be to admit that he rejects StarPride, or be killed. Troutwatcher would choose the latter option, and rather die. Parents are Hailstar and Rockwing, Littermate to Hazelfur, Moletail, and Mintmoon. (Male)
Mintmoon: Golden male leopard. Water scares the wits out of Mintmoon. He doesn’t understand what could compel any leopard to want to step foot into a water. Parents are Hailstar and Rockwing, Littermate to Hazelfur, Moletail, and Troutwatcher. (Male)
Swiftrunner: White and golden female spotted leopard. fiery. opinionated. bitter. disdainful. intelligent. cold. blunt. truthful. sensitive. (Female)
Bluepetal: Sleek female snow leopard. Bluepetal is not what you'd normally call a "nice" leopard. She is very stubborn, and often doesn't listen to commands. She hates any leopard that dares insult her, although not many do, and is very conceited. She can't get enough of her own beauty, and is often cold-hearted. (Female)
Windpelt: Golden female leopard. Windpelt could be described in a 'nutshell' as the purely demonic beauty of ThornPride. She is secretive, even to her closest friends. She doesn't show mercy, instead enjoying to toy with her enemies before killing them. Windpelt also tends to be sarcastic, almost rudely so. She is manipulative, and mysterious, making her unpredictable. Windpelt is also dangerously ambitious, though she manages to hide it. She also uses her beauty to convince most males to do what she wants. Parents are Hailstar and Midnightcloud, Littermate to Archbird, Finchpelt, Shineleaf, and Ashflower.  (Female)
Archbird: Golden male leopard. Archbird has a taste for raven, enjoys toying with his enemies through both mental and physical methods. Parents are Hailstar and Midnightcloud, Littermate to Windpelt, Finchpelt, Shineleaf, and Ashflower. (Male)
Finchpelt: Golden female leopard. Finchpelt hates the other prides with a passion, as well as most other females. She also hates rats, dogs, and crows, under the impression that they're filthy creatures that need to be destroyed. Parents are Hailstar and Midnightcloud, Littermate to Windpelt, Archbird, Shineleaf, and Ashflower. (Female)
Shineleaf: Golden female leopard. Shineleaf is a fast leopard, with claws like thorns or razors, bringing much pain to those on the receiving end of her attacks. She has a tendency to avoid the attacks of her enemies quite well. Parents are Hailstar and Midnightcloud, Littermate to Windpelt, Archbird, Finchpelt, and Ashflower. (Female)
Ratnewt: Deep golden male leopard. Ratnewt isn't easily angered or annoyed. He's quite easygoing, and loves taking care of others. Parents are Hailstar and Mapletail. (Male)
Stumpyspots: Deep golden female leopard. Stumpyspots is extremely loyal to her pride, and puts her loyalty above all else. She loves to listen to the elders when they tell stories, and enjoys bringing fresh-kill to the them. Parents are Hailstar and Forestfall, Littermate to Grayflight. (Female)
Grayflight: Deep golden female leopard. The easiest way to describe her is as quiet and reserved. Which she is not. Parents are Hailstar and Forestfall, Littermate to Stumpyspots. (Female)
Halfsplash: Male snow leopard. Halfsplash is very friendly and much more down to earth then most other leopards. It is possible for him to befriend almost anyone, even the most cold and stoic leopards. Parents are Fawnstar and Iceheart, Littermate to Morningpaw. (Male)
Appledusk: Golden spotted female leopard. Now let's get one thing straight, Appledusk, by no means, is someone who you would actually want to be around for extended periods of time. She isn't a very good leopard, not really, She is rude, blunt - to the extent of being cruel. (Female)
Morningfur: Pale golden female leopard. Morningfur is a very kind leopard who likes to share her energy with others. Whether the energy is shared by playing games or just talking, she likes to brighten other pride members day. Parents are Fawnstar and Iceheart, Littermate to Halfsplash. (Female)
Shelldaisy: Female snow leopard. Tries to hold up a tough exterior to hide insecurities, superiority complex. Despite being generally thought of as friendly, she is mostly quiet and prefers to be alone or with one partner and most of the friends she has are friends of her friends of her close friends. Parents are Fawnstar and Bluepetal. (Female)


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