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Post  Birchstar on 2/22/2018, 3:57 pm

Apprentices of BirchPack XNSC6Q4

Goldenpaw: Black great dane she-dog. Sometimes antagonizes others | starts fights. Mentor is Puddletail. (She-Dog)
Silverpaw: Golden shepherd dog. INFP - THE IDEALIST | GRYFFINDOR | DIVERGENT | CHAOTIC NEUTRAL. Mentor is Nightear. (Dog)
Lakepaw: Black and tan rottweiler she-dog. Loyal | Devoted | Values close relationships | Passionate | Caring | Loving. Mentor is Witheredpelt. (She-Dog)
Lilacpaw: Blue and white pit bull dog. Prefers to work alone | Introverted | Sensitive to emotions | Skittish | Sarcastic | Secretive. Mentor is Roseflight. (Dog)

Apprentices of BirchPack Pbucket
StarClan: Birchflower
BirchPack: Birchstar

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