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Post  Birchstar on 2/13/2018, 4:10 pm

Scorchedtail: Red and white pit bull dog. Will start fights. (Dog)
Birdfang: Black chihuahua dog. Will end fights. (Dog)
Puddletail: Brindle and white pit bull dog. Angry. Very, very angry. (Dog)
Nightear: Black and white pit bull dog. Nightear is a great hunter, and is very good and talented when it comes to catching prey, as he can quickly deal the killing blow and can run at a fast speed. (Dog)
Witheredpelt: Tan shepherd dog. He's softer than gentle summer rain patting against broken concrete, gorgeous gaze of dying stars and dreamer's blue ever trusting. (Dog)
Roseflight: Brindle and white pit bull dog. Roseflight is actually borderline anorexic and forgets to eat or simply ignores the want for food more often than he should. (Dog)
Ripeye: Black and white pit bull she-dog. She despises being helpless and doesn't except aid from others easily. (She-Dog)
Silverdawn: Red and white shepherd she-dog. Scarcely reacts when others scream at her as Silverdawn has become numb to it. (She-Dog)
Brokentail: Brown and white pit bull she-dog. Tends to keep to herself, overthinks and is wrapped within her own thoughts, many of her packmates find her to be aloof. (She-Dog)
Vanillapelt: Tan and white pit bull dog. Extremely genuine, never lies and every thought or emotion he has is worn on his face. (Dog)
Strawberrypelt: Black and white shepherd dog. Strawberrypelt is your typical sweet, shy dog, soft-spoken and kind to all. He is not overly talkative, nor is he very outgoing, yet he is friendly in nature and genuinely likes being around others. Due to his less talkative persona, he tends to be a good listener and enjoys helping others with their troubles. (Dog)
Glowingtail: Black and white pit bull she-dog. Friendly, good listener, sweet, intelligent, optimistic. (She-Dog)
Glowingfur: Yellow pit bull she-dog. Shy, soft-spoken, quiet, curious, trusting. (She-Dog)


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