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Post  Sandystar on 2/6/2018, 4:08 pm

Warriors of SunClan D15QkLB

Senior Warriors:
Rabbitpelt: Brown tom with one black ear. Rabbitpelt is generally very calm, and collected. Mate to Larksong. (Tom)
Barkfoot: Gray tom with two dark paws. Barkfoot is very adventurous, and very outspoken. He never hesitates to add in his opinion, whether he was spoken to or not, and generally does things his way, which can result... Badly... Sometimes. However, he's very loyal to his friends. He won't stand for being treated like a kit, and will do anything to prove his worth. He has a good head on his shoulders; he just needs help using it... Mate to Lionwing. (Tom)
Sweetlight: Light brown tom. Sweetlight, as his name suggests, is very sweet. He is a very likable cat and is always there to help any cat in need. (Tom)
Raventail: Large pale gray tom. Raventail is a confusing cat. He uses different personalities to charm others. One second he can be sweet and kind, and the next gossiping on others expenses. (Tom)
Whispertail: Small white she-cat. Whispertail is a gentle she-cat. She isn't angered easily, and can usually find time for her friends. She does not consider herself at all pretty or attractive. In fact, finding that special some cat isn't on her wish list. She's a hard-working she-cat, always ready to leap to her Clan's defense, or go out on another patrol even after an exhausting day. Once she's set to a task, she's determined to do it, and do it right. Once she's focused on something, almost nothing can move her attention. (She-Cat)
Raincloud: Black she-cat. Raincloud is shy, quiet, and very independent, but can be very enthusiastic and funny once she gets to know you. She is also somewhat short-tempered, and quick to take offense, but when this happens, will not speak out or have a large outburst. Usually, she will keep to herself and go silent and cold to the offender for long periods of time, though her fury will fade, and she will forgive hopefully by the end of the day. But, most cats will never see this side of her. Raincloud is enthusiastic and generous, and not excluding, and always tries to make sure each cat has a taste of what is the best, and very thoughtful. (She-Cat)
Boneclaw: Black tom. Boneclaw has always been a rather shy and quiet tom. He would rather sit back and watch the things going on around him without having to be involved. This doesn't mean he wont jump into a fight to protect his family. He is nothing like other toms, meaning he isn't all that great with the she-cats. This is due in part to his shy nature. He is very kind and loyal cat once you get to know him. He goes from shy to talkative once you become his friend. Parents are Sunstar and Whispertail, Littermate to Mushroomfeather. (Tom)
Hollyfoot: Black tom. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Wolfwhisker and Sandystar, Littermate to Daysnow. (Tom)
Daysnow: Honey-gold tom. I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything, but I would never intentionally hurt another without a reason. Parents are Wolfwhisker and Sandystar, Littermate to Hollyfoot. (Tom)
Poppywhisker: Light brown tabby she-cat. She lives in constant fear of being hurt. Even so, she has a bright personality. Once you get to know her. When she meets someone new she acts nervous but rarely does she ever scratch or bite. She shows affection to those weaker than her. Mate to Ebonytail. (She-Cat)
Gorsewhisker: Gray tabby tom. Has no filter, will say whatever pops into his mind. (Tom)
Redtail: Dark gray she-cat. Now Redtail is quite shy, preferring to stay out of trouble of any kind. She's very sincere and would never tell a lie unless absolutely necessary or if the truth may hurt another's feelings (in which in this case the lie would most likely be a 'little white lie'). Mate to Mushroomfeather. (She-Cat)

Robinstrike: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Robinstrike is thoughtful, kind, and courteous. She is often very quiet, but when she speaks, cats tend to listen. Mate to Amberfur. (She-Cat)
Hawkfur: Dark brown she-cat. Gentle, kind-natured, loyal, calm under pressure. Parents are Ebonytail and Poppywhisker, Littermate to Lionwing and Ripplerye. Mate to Cherrytail. (She-Cat)
Ripplerye: Dark ginger and black she-cat. Prone to repressing emotions, also prone to overworking herself. Parents are Ebonytail and Poppywhisker, Littermate to Hawkfur and Lionwing. (She-Cat)

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Post  Littlestep on 6/11/2019, 8:27 am

Name: Littlestep

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Tom

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: Black and white tom.

Personality: Bisexual Biromantic


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